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My Trainer Fitness Six 30 Minute Workouts Review and Special Offer

Hi Neighbors,

I am starting to feel so much better. Began very slow treadmill workouts. Between that and the change in diet, I am beginning to lose some weight. Yeah! Anyway, here is a great way to interest your children in working out, and there is a program for you too! My Trainer Fitness is a program that has exercises laid out for you on laminated cards. It is like receiving training from your own personal instructor. The cards can be placed in a 3 ring binder or attached together with a Carabiner. The My Trainer Fitness For Kids is recommended for ages 9-14.The workouts were created by Le Aura Alderson and Robyn Holland. The first cards introduce you to some different terms such as drills, cardio, endurance, plyometrics, etc.

Location:You need an area approx. 25 meters or 25 paces in length. You should if possible have a timer or stopwatch, however you can do these workouts without one. As far as food and water go, remember to drink lots of water before, during and after your workout. You should not workout on a full stomach, but a light snack might be recommended. When you are finished your body needs good fuel from healthy foods. Make sure to read the Run and Rest; Work and Rest section before starting a workout and as always consult a physician before beginning an exercise program.

The workout starts with drills to help your body warm up for exercise. Then each day for 6 days you have 1 card to complete with the exercises listed, how many, and pictures showing how the exercise is done. At the back of the 6 cards is a list of stretches to be done. You can really turn the workouts into fun by doing them with your child/children. With the way children today are becoming couch potatoes, either in front of the TV or computer, this is a wake up call to parents to encourage their children to be active.

The other set of workout cards I received are My Trainer Fitness For At Home. These were created by Le Aura Alderson and Jill Coleman. This set includes six 30 minute workouts. These workouts are considered intermediate, but you can adjust them to your own level, by lowering weights, decreasing intensity, reduce the pace, etc. As stated earlier consult a physician before starting an exercise program. These workouts are "circuit training" style, which is a system of exercising that maximizes fat burning and cardiovascular training by keeping the heart rate and breathing up throughout the workout. You should warm up 5 minutes before each workout.

My Trainer Fitness for At Home requires 2 sets of dumbbells: 1 heavy and 1 light. For most women heavy would be between 8-15 lbs. Light for most women would be between 3-10 lbs.

Day 1 focuses on Lower Body and Cardio. There are squats, squat jumps, hip lift, just to name a few. Day 2 centers on Upper Body and Cardio, with chest press, chest fly,
dip, etc. Day 3-Core and Cardio including ab crunch, alternating leg drop, high knees, bicycle etc. Day 4 is back to Lower Body and Cardio, but with different exercises. Day 5 is Upper Body and Cardio and Day 6 is back to Core and Cardio.

Now, I am going to be totally upfront with everyone here. My youngest daughter has done some of the My Trainer Fitness for Kids, as you will see from the pictures, but I have been unable to do the At Home because of my back injury. Wouldn't you know that just as I am setting out to do more exercise, I would injure myself before even beginning. From looking through the six 30 minute workout cards though it looks like you get a good workout.

There are a few other My Trainer Fitness 6 packs available. They are:100 Calorie Workouts, for Outdoors, for Guys at the Gym, and for at Work. And here is what My Trainer Fitness is willing to do for neighbors At the Fence: If you order from their site you will receive one free 6-pack.
1. Order something from the MTF website (not Amazon as we cannot monitor referrals and giveaways from there).
2. At the shopping cart where it asks 'How You Heard of Us' they need to enter both of these:
- Your blog's name
- The free 6-pack they want sent with their order

Disclaimer:I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive 2 My Trainer Fitness 6-packs. All quotes are taken from the My Trainer Fitness website or email. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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