Saturday, June 18, 2011

Murals Your Way

Hello Neighbors!

I just have to share this with my neighbors At the Fence. I wish I could invite everyone of you into my house to see this. I was approached by Murals Your Way and offered the chance to try one of their products. When you visit their site and see all the available choices you will be amazed! It took me awhile to decide. I chose one called Golden Times (EM4001), and I wanted it for my bedroom. I chose a 4x6 ($254) as it was going above a dresser and bookshelf. Well, after ordering there is a short wait. Approx. 8-10 business days.

The picture above is the full mural. I apologize for the items on the top of the dresser.

It came in while we were in Chicago and I injured my back. Anyway, while dealing with that and trying to lower my blood sugar it took a little time to actually get it up. So, one day this past week my two sons decided to help me apply this to the wall. First we made sure to remove any nails and make sure the wall was clean and dry. Because it was so high up we had to use a small step stool. My son was on the stool making sure we kept the top even. They tell you to measure and dry a line if needed, but mine ran right along the trim. Anyway, he did the top while I worked at the bottom. My daughter came in and held the roll (when it arrives it is rolled), while my other son slowly removed the backing for us. It went up pretty fast and easy once we all were co-ordinated. We did have to pull it up a little a couple of times when we noticed a wrinkle, but overall it was quick and easy to apply. It did run over a little, but we just wrapped it around the door frame. I wasn't able to take pictures of us putting it up as we were all working.

The color of the sun setting on the water is beautiful!

This is the cabin with the old truck parked beside it and a canoe. The line is where we wrapped it around the door frame.

This is the mother bear and one of the cubs.

Here are two cubs on the ground.

Here is another view of the lake.

It is gorgeous! Now every morning I wake up to a beautiful lake scene with a cabin and bears. It is very relaxing to look at. The mural itself is very well done. The picture is clear and sharp, and the colors are so beautiful! My pictures do not do it justice. I took a full picture and then some smaller pictures of different areas of the mural. My whole family was impressed with the finished product.

The murals by Murals Your Way are repositionable. So if you make a mistake you can peel it back and correct the problem.

Murals Your way has been in business for more than 40 years. They work with 3 different types of materials, mine was the Smart Stick. They even do customized work, and print your own picture, or even more amazing, they can add someone's name to a design, or add your dog on the sidewalk in front of the cafe. Their in-house designers can, within reason, handle a variety of customization requests.

Below are just a couple of pictures that they do as murals that I know other members of my family would enjoy. One son would love to have the helicopter and the other the horses. And anyone of my daughters would love the garden scene!

If you are looking for a way to change the way a room looks, or just add some color, you need to look into Murals Your Way. I definitely recommend them to my neighbors! Please take a minute to visit their site and see what they have available. If you do, leave a comment here telling me one of your favorites. See you At the Fence! Check back as I will be posting a discount here for my readers.


tannawings said...

very pretty-and having it wrapped round the door frame is actually kinda cool!

Unknown said... of these would look amazing in my daughter's room!

Unknown said...

I love Wall Murals!