Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Mom the Toilet Won't go Down!" Who Needs a Plumber

Hey neighbors!

I am going to share one of those stories you usually don't share. As some of you know we travel quite a bit. We usually pull a 32 ft. trailer that we stay in for long periods of time. Normally we move each week to a new spot, but this one time we actually parked in one spot for 6 weeks. Well, about 4 weeks into the stay one of my children yelled out, "Mom the toilet won't go down!". Now anyone who knows anything about travel trailers knows that usually that means you need to use a long stick and push stuff down, or your tank is full and it needs drained. Who needs a plumber? I immediately tried using the pole and instead the bowl kept filling. Next stop, send one of the boys out to pull the drain so the tank will empty! Remember, who needs a plumber!

Next you here me calling out to the boys, "Did you pull the drain yet?" Of course they did, but nothing was happening. Try pulling the gray water too and maybe it will cause the other tank to drain also. No plumber yet! "Mom, it's not working!". Well, let's wait for dad to get home maybe he will have some ideas.

Dad gets home. "Honey, the toilet is not going down." His response was, "Did you try the pole and have the boys pull the drain?" Still no plumber! The next idea was to use a plumbing snake down the toilet. Nope! How about trying it up the drain from the outside. No, that didn't work either. NOW, it was time to call the plumber. They had a super, duper powerful snake that they ran up the drain. Problem solved!

We did figure out that it was from sitting in one place so long and having to drain the tank a certain way, but I sure was glad after the plumber came!

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tannawings said...

We only used a motor home once that we owned (bought cheap sold it higher) and it was fun but I always worried about it clogging- then when my husband emptied it I felt odd :)

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