Thursday, June 30, 2011

Home Office Chairs

Hello Neighbors!

You may have noticed we have done some changing around in the home. From re-decorating to removing clutter and re-organizing. Well, with my back injury, that is definitely improving, some chairs are not quite comfortable. If the chair is too hard, or does not give enough back support, I can not sit real long. So, I visited Cymax and began looking at home office chairs. I do spend a lot of time in front of my computer, so I need a comfortable chair.

They do carry ergonomic office chairs which might be a good option as these are designed to give lower back support. Most of them look quite comfortable. I would definitely choose a padded one though as the nerve down the back of my leg acts up when too much pressure is on it. Cymax also carries the ergonomic kneeling stool. I have never tried one of these, and I am not sure how comfortable they would be. Have any of my neighbors tried one? I am open to advice here.

I also need a chair that sits relatively low as I want my feet to comfortably touch the floor. So, what do my neighbors have to say? Which one would you choose? Thanks for your help!


tannawings said...

I like the looks of the top one.
Absolutely no help as far as brands or anything- I wouldnt get a real cheap one though- I did, and regret it!

Unknown said...

I have the same dilemma now. I need a new chair but dont want arms to be marring up my writing desk. I actually have sore elbows from leaning on my desk though. So for now, I would say go with a great cushy chair with padded arms. And one that swivels easily and has several ways of adjusting to your needs. For me, I am also short and have to consider where my noggin hits the back, as sometimes even with desk chairs (like easy chairs) there is soft head cushion that hits WAY too high and makes my neck jut out and hurt after time. Didnt know buying a chair would be so complicated but if you DO spend a "shift" of about 8 hours a day in it, then you have to shop for something ergonomic. Good luck!

Unknown said...
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Sara said...

I have the same problem Im short so I need a low chair to be comfortable! Never cheap out on a chair because it wont last and wont be comfortable!

Unknown said...

They have some great looking furniture!! That ergonomic chair looks great...although I would probably kill myself on it. LOL! :)