Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TKO Wrist/Ankle Weights Review and Offer

I am so excited neighbors! We are starting our Get Out Get Active event. All sorts of things to encourage us to get out of the house and start moving. First up are the TKO 5# Wrist/Ankle Weights ($44). I was so excited to receive these as I am starting a walking program. I have to tell you first off I usually have used "cheap" ankle weights and quickly tire of them. They fall off, or loosen easily. So...I am impressed. The TKO Wrist/Ankle Weights stay in place, don't slide around, and are adjustable in weight. The weight secures with a long strip of velcro, not just an inch or two. The ankle weights have ten little pockets with individual 1/2 lb. weights, so if you want to go lite one day, you can remove a few. There is also a small center pocket to hold keys or cash. Ultra-soft gel foam padding for extra comfort. One of my favorite features is the cotton terry lining. It is super soft! Love the feel.

These TKO Wrist/Ankle Weights are so easy to use. I strap them on for my walk, and head out the door. I can also wear them around the house while doing housework, especially sweeping and vacuuming. This is an easy way to start a weight loss, or exercise program. It is low impact.

My only problem is anytime I get something new like this, half my family wants to use them! I will just have to keep this hidden in my room!

And for my readers TKO has a special offer exclusive for visitors; they can offer 35% for the month of May on the 2 1/2 lb wrist and ankle weights that encourage us to "Get Out and Get Active". This will be done through their website where end-users would simply type in the promo-code "AtTheFence" on the checkout page to receive this exclusive offer.

So, why don't all my neighbors join me this month in Getting Out and Getting Active! I will add a small video tomorrow. I am at Panera Bread and keep timing out. Sorry! :(

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