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Scentsy Warmer and Scentsy Bar Review

All right neighbors,

Here is a review I am going to enjoy sharing. I received a Scentsy Warmer and Scentsy Bar to review. The Warmer I received was a full-size Satin Black Scentsy Warmer, part of the Classic Collection. ($30) It is two pieces, a base which holds a 25 watt light bulb and a warmer dish to hold the Scentsy Bar pieces. (Mind you there are over 80 wickless candle fragrances to choose from.) You will be able to find a fragrance that will fit any mood you happen to be in! I received the Luna Scentsy Bar.

Above is a picture of everything that came in my box.

I really like the Luna Scentsy Bar. ($5) They say, White Florals-Jasmine, Sweet Pea, and Freesia, Juicy Berries, and Sandalwood shimmer like moonlight. I am not quite as poetic as that, but the fragrance is floral and very pleasant.

The Scentsy Warmer is very easy to use to fragrance your home. Just find a safe place to put your Scentsy Warmer, you know where a small child can not grab it or knock it over. Place the 25 watt bulb inside the base, plug in the warmer and turn it on. Add a piece or two of your Scentsy Bar and you are ready to enjoy your Scentsy Warmer. The base does become warm to the touch, so do keep it out of the reach of children and animals. The warmer are flame-less.

This is the 25 watt light bulb inside the warmer base.

Here is how it looks completely set up.

I put in two Scentsy pieces.

I used the Scentsy Warmer in our dining area and it lightly scented quite a bit of the home. In the pictures you will be able to see the steps when I used the Warmer. I used 2 pieces of the Scentsy Bar which is already divided into 8 pieces. This was enough fragrance in the home. You can use more or less to scent your home the way you would like.

Here you can see the pieces melting.

After they are melted and sending their fragrance throughout my home.

Now, remember that you can purchase Scentsy products right on the website, but you can also host a party, or become a consultant yourself. Just click either of the links to find out more information.

Doesn't it look pretty with the lights off?

Please make sure you stop by the site and browse through to see what Scentsy has available. I personally like the Scentsy Buddies. By the way, if you leave a comment here telling me about a Scensy product you like, you may add an entry to one of my other giveaways, just mention Scentsy in your comment on the other giveaway.


Sara said…
aww i wish this was a givewaway. I just recently got scentsy. I love my apex warmer and I let my husband pick out some scents and one of the ones he picked is luna its what im using right now and i love it.!
Niecey said…
I recently won a scentsy warmer on another site, I can't wait to try it! I'm giddy.
My friend is a consultant too, her house always smells amazing.
Bernadette Meno said…
I love love love Scentsy! I was always buying it and then i thought "i can do this" so I signed up myself and I love it. I get free scentsy ALL the time. :) Sign up via my website and I will share all my tricks of the trade for you about how you can earn free scentsy all the time. ~~~ Bernadette

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