Monday, May 9, 2011

New Posts for Get Out Get Active

Hi Neighbors,

Once again I have to apologize for the delay in posting. We went to a campground on the border of Kentucky and Indiana for a week, and I thought I had planned for everything. I was sure there was no wireless so I brought my iPad. Guess what? No cell phone service either! You actually had to travel approx. 6 miles toward town to have service. Made a very nice vacation, but it did make it hard to get posts up. We really enjoyed ourselves while there. We left yesterday after church and lunch and then pulled into a hotel late last night. I chose and wrote to winners and responded to other emails. We are now 4 hours from home, which traveling with our family means more like 6 hours. Anyway I will put a new post up tonight and then everything will be running as usual. Next time we go to that camp, I will be prepared and schedule posts in advance. Thanks to all who visit regular and participate in the giveaways. I hop you all had a great Mother's Day! See you soon, At the Fence!

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