Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Get Out Get Active Make Sure You Read!

Hi Friends!

Starting this week we will be centering on Get Out Get Active. You know to encourage people to get outside with their families and get active. Birdwatching, gardening, walking, hiking, playing games, etc. You will really enjoy some of these reviews and giveaways, but I need some help here for a minute. Empower Fitness is Letting me review their Walking Vest and has asked what my readers would be interested in for a giveaway other than the vest. So, if you visit their website and leave a comment here letting me know what other product interests you, you may then use it as an extra entry when the Empower Fitness post goes up. So go check out their site and then leave a comment to let me know what you like. Thanks!


Charity said...

I like the Core Balls.

Hope said...

A core ball or weighted speed rope would be a great review/giveaway idea!
Can't wait to see your review!

Sara said...

i like the ankle weights, scented stress balls and kettlebells!

tannawings said...

OOOOoo the walking vest would have been perfect (I am a walker) but I have heard some great things about kettle balls & have been very curious- they look interesting!

Anonymous said...

I like the 15lb Kettlebell with DVD.

My email is billysundayfan[at]yahoo[dot]com