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5 Unforgettable Summer Getaways for Children

Hey Neighbors, with summer vacation fast approaching here are 5 great getaways that children would enjoy. With 6 children we have many different interests in our family, so we have been able to experiment with different types of getaways.

One of our favorites would be the Grand Canyon. There are some nice hotels right outside the Grand Canyon, or you can travel about 1 hour away for lodging. We stayed an hour away. The Grand Canyon obviously is large enough that you can spend several days exploring. There are paths and viewing points all along the rim of the canyon. The views are tremendous. You can see so far away. The view seems never ending! There is also a variety of wildlife. There are some very friendly squirrels, we saw one snake and then the best was the Elk. They were all along the road. We were able to get some really nice pictures.

Another favorite was our trip to St Augustine FL. Here there is a State Campground right on the water. You do need to make your reservations in advance! We were able to walk the beach early in the morning and select shells and the occasional starfish. We even found a sharks tooth. One of the afternoon trips we made to the beach a small group of whales were passing by and another visitor allowed us to use their binoculars to watch when they surfaced. That was a memory! My older daughters enjoyed walking the old stone streets in town and visiting the little shops. We purchased some small trinkets, along with a dish set I found. There is a small (and I mean small) shop that bakes bread that you can purchase. We bought one loaf and ate it while walking through town, by the time we decided to buy another they had closed for the day. It was super!

My 17 year old son loves to visit the home of Sgt. York. It is in the mountains of Tennessee. Not only is the scenery goreous the history is interesting. Sgt. York grew up near Pall Mall Tennessee. He became a hero in World War I by leading an attack on a German machine gun nest taking 32 machine guns, killing 28 German Soldiers and capturing 132 more. My son had read several books about him, so he was really excited to get to visit his home. And we were able to meet one of his sons who works with the park system at his home. Talk about nice!

We were able to visit the Alamo recently which is a major site of American history. It was a little disconcerting to see the Fort in the middle of downtown with the tall buildings all around, but after you enter and are in the actual fort area it is extremely interesting. They have many displays for you to see, there is a short video about the Alamo and the people who were in the fort at the time. This is one the whole family enjoyed. Remember the Alamo!

Niagara Falls would also be one of my choices for children to see. We have managed to visit there several times now and you can never get over seeing the Falls. Just the beauty surrounding it and then the huge falls. You can see across to the Canadian side in good weather. We strolled along the side and watched the view. There is also a boat trip you can take. We have been unable to do this so far. Some of my family did take a trip up in the Hot Air Balloon you can take up over the Falls. They said the view was breath taking!

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