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Verizon FIOS

Hey Neighbors! How many of you have ever heard of Verizon FIOS? I had heard it mentioned, but was not sure exactly what it was. So, I took some time to check it out when I was offered this opportunity. Verizon FIOS is Americas top rated high speed internet service. It also allows fast upload speeds and has amazingly clear streaming video. FIOS internet is 100% fiber optic. Now I don't know about you, but I get frustrated when I am uploading or trying to stream video and it takes forever, or stops and glitches. This would be a great benefit to me. FIOS can upload a 50 MB photo album in 20 seconds and can download 10 songs in 8 seconds. To me that is amazing! Ten 1 MB attachments in 4 seconds. I don't know how many times I have had to sit waiting for attachments. FIOS comes with Verizon email, WiFi access, and it includes a personal web space to build your own blog or website. You can backup your pictures, records, videos, etc, from accidental damage, power surges, ha

Get Out! Book Review and Giveaway!

Hey neighbors, Here is a really unique book for our Get Out, Get Active Event. Get Out! 150 Easy Ways for Kids and Grown-Ups to Get Into Nature and Build a Greener Future . With summer coming on, how many of you are looking for ways to encourage your children to get outside? This book by Judy Molland has over 150 ways to encourage each other to get out and not only to get out but to build a greener future. This book would be great for any parent, grand-parent or home-schooling family! Nowadays children spend more time inside in front of the television, computer or playing video games and we are creating an overweight generation that no longer plays outside. I am sure most of you remember spending your summers outside playing in mud puddles, flying kites, riding bikes and playing games with the neighbors. This book will help your children experience that! The Get Started section has ideas like Collecting Stones, Playing Camoflauge Tag, Identify Bird Songs and Bird Calls, Listen to Singi

At the Fence Update

Hi Neighbors! Sorry for the delay in posts. Wed. evening I went to the ER for my back pain. They did a Cat Scan and said I apparently had some problems with a disc. So they gave me medication and sent me home (hotel). Thursday the medication was not working so we went to another ER, who ordered an MRI. And yes there is a bulging disc. They were considering steroid shots when another problem arose. I am diabetic, and steroids raise your blood sugar. So I am presently in a hospital bed, trying to lower my blood sugar while trying to find the right medications to control the pain. I will try to post as I am able. Prayers are appreciated. See you At the Fence, Lori

Heartrate Monitors USA Camelbak Waterbottle Review

Hi Neighbors! Heartrate Monitors USA sent me this really great Camelbak Bottle for review and it fits right in with the theme of Get Out Get Active. Camelbak bottles are really very handy. You can use them gardening, bird watching, walking, jogging, while playing sports, etc. There are just so many uses for a Camelbak. I love the one I received ! The top of the Camelbak water bottle has a flip up drinking straw. The tip is a soft rubber with a slit in the top that you lightly bite down on. With this design and the straw inside you do not have to tilt the bottle to drink. The bottle is spill poof. There is also a loop built onto the lid that you can attach a sports clip to or just carry it with the crook of your finger. The Camelbak is sturdy, well-made, BPA Free. The Camelbak bottle is safe to clean in the top rack of your dishwasher . This bottle is 16 oz. but Camelbaks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Once I can get up and going again, I will be using mine for walk

The Joy of Birding Book Review and Giveaway

Hey Neighbors! It is simply gorgeous out today in Chicago. The bad news is that I can't enjoy it. As you may have noticed I did not post at all Saturday and now I am posting from bed. I pinched a nerve in my back and I am trying to stay off my feet. Not easy to do! So while I am reclining in my bed I thought I would enjoy a book and do a post. The book is The Joy of Birding A Beginners Guide by Kate Rowinski. In some of my previous posts I included pictures of the birds that are showing up at our bird feeders. The whole family enjoys watching them, but my 14 year old daughter really loves birds. She has taken hundreds, literally hundreds of pictures of the birds in our yard. Good thing it is a digital camera. I would hate to be paying for developing all her pictures. Anyway, this is a great book for us as we start our birdwatching ventures. The introduction asks if you are a birder or a bird-watcher. I would say I am a bird-watcher, but my daughter will most likely beco

5 Unforgettable Summer Getaways for Children

Hey Neighbors, with summer vacation fast approaching here are 5 great getaways that children would enjoy. With 6 children we have many different interests in our family, so we have been able to experiment with different types of getaways. One of our favorites would be the Grand Canyon. There are some nice hotels right outside the Grand Canyon, or you can travel about 1 hour away for lodging. We stayed an hour away. The Grand Canyon obviously is large enough that you can spend several days exploring. There are paths and viewing points all along the rim of the canyon. The views are tremendous. You can see so far away. The view seems never ending! There is also a variety of wildlife. There are some very friendly squirrels, we saw one snake and then the best was the Elk. They were all along the road. We were able to get some really nice pictures. Another favorite was our trip to St Augustine FL. Here there is a State Campground right on the water. You do need to make your res

Thorlos Socks Review and Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors! We are still in Chicago and having a great time! Yesterday we actually managed to visit some of the thrift stores in the area! I love thrift stores and yard sales! As a general rule though, I do not purchase used socks. Which brings me to the subject of my next Get Out Get Active post. I recently received some socks from Thorlos for review and I am excited about these socks. They are so comfortable. As you know I am walking a lot lately. So I was very interested in trying a pair of their Walking Socks (Unisex) White Mini Crew. I love the way they are designed. There is extra cushioning in the heel and ball of your foot areas in the sock. Extra cushioning for all the extra work you are putting on your foot. The exclusive Thor Lon construction is designed to wick moisture better. There is thin cushioning at the instep for lace pad protection and then Spandex in the arch for better fit. The specific socks I received are for use on the treadmill, local track o

I Want to Put Bunkbeds on My Enclosed Back Patio

Hi Neighbors! I am seriously wanting to turn our enclosed back patio into a spare bedroom. Sort of a dream right now, but you never know. I personally think Bunk beds would work best. When we have company I would probably move my 2 boys out there so someone could have their room and bathroom. Anyway, I checked, one of the Cymax Store, for a bunkbed clearance . While searching I found the Canwood Alpine II Twin over Full Bunk Bed in Espresso. I like the design of this one, along with the price! It would fit in well and has the wood drawers for under the bed. More storage! I also considered the option of a futon bunk . Both of my boys are getting old enough that they just might prefer sharing the larger futon and allowing someone else to sleep on the top bunk. You just never know for sure with boys. One minute they love a bunk bed and the next they are outgrowing it. You know they stop liking sleeping on the top bunk. I like the Atlantic Furniture Columbia Tw

SimulTalk Headset Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbors! How are you doing today? I hope you are having as great a week as I am! We so enjoy visiting Chicago. Now, back to Get Out and Get Active! SimulTalk sent me the Dangle Sports Headset. Before I even tell you any more about this headset, I have to tell you I am sold on it! The Dangle Sports Headset is designed to keep the earbuds from being ripped from your ears. Has that ever happened to you? You are listening to music while exercising, or perhaps doing housework, and your wire catches on something and rips out of your ear. That is not fun, nor does it feel good. The Dangle headset is formed in a circle that you place around your neck and the earbuds are on each side for you to place in your ears. The wire hangs down the front to attach to your mp3 player, iPod, cell phone, laptop, etc. There is a retractable wire that connects between the headset and whatever device you are using. The headset is designed like a necklace with earbuds. It also has a mic and a

Puppy Party Place Review and Giveaway!

Neighbors! I am having a wonderful time in Chicago visiting with friends here at the Church where my husband is preaching! I wanted to share another item with you that I think you will enjoy! My daughter put me in contact with Puppy Party Place . A unique website that features products for of all things...Puppy Parties! We received a muffin pan (the muffins are bone shaped), along with a Puppy Cake Mix (Peanut Butter flavored) with icing ($6). This all came packaged in a cute pawprint bag. And right now if you purchase 2 cake mixes, you will receive a 1oz box of Organic Sprinklez free! My daughters made the muffins. I took pictures of the whole process. They are quick and easy to make. You add one egg, the measured amount of water. Mix them up well. Spoon them into a muffin pan and bake. My husband did not know they were for the dogs, and he thought they smelled delicious. Next you add a measured amount of water to the icing mix, stir it together, and ice your muffins. Don&#

Weighted Walking Vest from Empower Fitness Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbors! Glad to see you out At the Fence today! We are visiting Chicago again and it is chilly, damp, and windy out. Empower Fitness sent me this great item to Get Out and Get Active. It is a Weighted Walking Vest . You can adjust the weight from 4-8 lbs. It is really quite comfortable to wear whether you are walking, jogging, or just working around the house. I am starting to walk and my 24 year old daughter walks every morning. She has also enjoyed using my new vest. To begin with, although not very important, I like the color! The weighted vest is not so large as to be an inconvenience. It was designed with simplicity. There is a built in weight of 4 lbs. and then there are an additional 4 lbs. that you can add as desired. There are pockets that velcro shut to hold the extra weights. This is the back view. There is a reflective strip for safety purposes. Here is the view from the front. There are 4 small reflective strips. The vest has a belt that clips in the f

Please Read! Missing posts and comments.

Hi Neighbors! With Blogger going down, some comments have been lost on the Newman's Own Organics posts. At least they found my posts. If you previously commented please re-comment. I apologize for the inconvenience. Just mark as a re-post so you won't lose any tweets or comments. Thank you! Also I will add an extra day to each giveaway from the Pet Cakes to the Newman's Own Organics! So comment, comment, comment! See you At the Fence!

Thinking of Re-doing Your Bedroom?

Hi Neighbors! Great to see you out today! Have any of you been considering changing your bedroom around? I have, and I wanted to share with you a really great site I found! It is called a Cymax store. They carry so many different styles of modern bedroom furniture . You know how sometimes you just want a change? My husband used to know I was expecting when I decided to change the house around! He better keep his eye on me after browsing this site. I could really enjoy shopping here! One of my favorite style of beds are the sleigh beds . I think that is the one I would choose if I had unlimited funds and the ability to choose whatever I wanted. There is just something about that design. My favorite on their site is the American Drew Cherry Grove Sleigh Bed in Antique Cherry. Love it! I much prefer dark wood over light. The 8 drawer Chest on Chest is gorgeous! The wood just shines. With all the different types of beds available at Bedroomfurniture

Newman's Own Organics Dog Treats Review and Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors, I couldn't just cover the people food! Newman's Own Organics also has dog treats, which Roxie and Shadow were able to try! Now, I have to admit, I am not as particular about our dogs having healthy organic food, but I was extremely happy to try Newman's Own Organics Dog Treats. Remember that when you Get Out and Get Active that your dog should too! What a great snack to take with you (for your dog!) when you take your dog on a walk, or for training, or just plain old fun outside! Roxie and Shadow both enjoyed the Newman's Own Organics Dog Treats. They were able to try several different flavors. They both enjoyed all the meat flavored, but I think, my opinion only, that they enjoyed the Peanut Butter most! They are presently working on the Beef and Barley. Newman's Own Organics Dog Treats are made with organic barley, no wheat, no corn. They are USDA Organic. How do you know that these are at least 95% organic? The USDA\'s National Organic Program