Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some Little Switches That Made a Big Difference

Hey Neighbors
Social Moms and Cottonelle have given me the chance to share with you some little switches that make a difference. You know little things you change in your life to make it better.

One of the switches we made was to change from soda to water. My husband used to drink soda constantly and the children followed right along. My personal preference is Southern Sweet Tea. Anyway we have "switched" to drinking water a lot more. Not only is water healthier, but you cut out sugar, caffeine and carbonation. When we travel this unfortunately means we purchase bottled water to prevent any upset stomachs from various water sources. An added bonus is this is helping me lose weight!

Another little switch we made was having fruit available at all times. Apples and bananas, along with nuts, and whatever fruit is in season are allowed to be eaten throughout the day. Both my sons love to grab an apple before bedtime and that is much better than the chips or sweets.they used to have. We also do popcorn a lot as a snack, although with eight of us it is usually more than one microwave bag..

A big switch my husband made was instead of watching something together as a family, he turned Friday night into a family game night. We started having snacks (healthy ones of course) and then play board games for one to two hours. This means more family interaction and discussions.

Switching to activities that are free rather than thinking we always need to spend money to have quality time together. You know, instead of going out to eat, pack a lunch and go to a park. Take the children and a snack to the playground. Go camping instead of going to a hotel and spend extra time together hiking, biking, birdwatching, fishing, etc. We also put up bird feeders in ouryard and spend time with binoculars and taking pictures with a camera of the different birds we have attracted.

One other switch is to home schooling. This has given us much more time together. It allows me to know exactly what the children are learning. We have been able to take trips to museums, zoos, historical sites, etc. It has given us quality time together. I am able to work with each child individually. We love spending the time together.

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Sara said...

Not drinking so much soda is also a huge cost savings. We struggle with that one ALL the time! I also tend to drink a lot of watered down crystal light lemonade.