Saturday, April 2, 2011

Roswell New Mexico on Our Road Trip

Hi Neighbors!

We left Abilene and traveled through some pretty barren land on our way to Roswell, NM. We saw plently of oil wells, wind mills and cattle. Other than that the land was flat with nothing to watch, but the occasional antelope or two. We still enjoyed watching for antelope and of course some homeschooling was done. These trips are great for reports and extra study. The Texas Ranger Museum is coming up next week!

We even managed some homeschool video on American Heritage.

We stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel.

We are visiting Roswell New Mexico so my husband can preach at a church here. Great to visit with friends, but I have never seen a town so dedicated to aliens. Yes, I said aliens. They have little green men in almost every shop on Main Street. The McDonalds play area is shaped like a flying saucer.

Even KFC has an alien out front.

Arby's has a sign out front welcoming aliens. Our hotel has two aliens out front. Now, I don't believe in aliens. Personally as a Christian I believe people who claim to see aliens have probably seen demons. Even one of the local credit unions has a saucer on their sign. Take care neighbors, I will have more to share on Monday.


Sara said...

haha that sounds like a fun place to visit! Have a safe trip!

Niecey said...

I'd love to go there. I don't believe in Aliens either, but if they do exist, I believe God made them too. :) And no doubt showers his love and grace on them too, because that's his nature. But I doubt there are any. It wouldn't shake my faith if there were though.

rubynreba said...

Never been to that part of the US. That's funny about the aliens! I've never been anywhere with anything like that!