Saturday, April 9, 2011

Road Trip Update

Hi neighbors!

Here is an update on some of the fun we have had on this Road trip. We actually ended up with half a day at a hotel and my husband and children had a chance to enjoy the pool. They really had a lot of fun! I managed to catch all three of them jumping in! Of course there was the usual horseplay too.

As you can see by the posts we were able to visit some more Half Price Bookstores. My 17 year old son searches them out and tries to maneuver our driving so we can hit more of them! His sister actually told him there is more to this trip than book stores!

We passed several cotton fields that had already been harvested.

We ate at California Pizza yesterday. They are a really great place to eat, although a little expensive. everyone orders their own pizza. My husband chose the loaded pizza with everything. Three of the children had the Hawaiian, my oldest son got the five cheese and tomato. I was the only one to go with pepperoni and extra cheese. We also add a Caesar Salad with grilled chicken. It is enough for all of us to share.

In the above pictures we were able to visit the Alamo. That was pretty exciting! Being in downtown San Antonio it looks a little out of place. They also do not allow pictures inside, which was sort of disappointing. We all still enjoyed being there!

Today we are going to the Texas Ranger Museum. I will do a post on them Monday. I will take plenty of pictures!

You can also see a couple of pictures of my daughter with one of our dwarf hamsters! Yes, we were actually insane enough to bring two of them on the trip with us! They do make good entertainment while traveling and in the hotel room in their little ball.

I will update more next week! hope you are having as nice a weekend as I am!


Dulceamor21 said...

Wow those are some amazing jumps @ the pool there...Looks so Refreshing! :)
awww and your daughter's hamster is so cute!

jayedee said...

do you have any idea how much good it did my heart when i saw the picture of your family jumping into the pool? an entire family dressed modestly! it made me smile!

Eileen said...

LOVE the Alamo pictures. I have not vacationed much but was able to visit my dad when he was staying in Corpus Christi one year and he and my little brother and I visited San Antonio and the Alamo. It is a great memory, especially now that Dad is gone. He was a great History buff and I have a teen son who follows that love. Would love to take the kids there someday!