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Idiots Guide The Best Family Destinations Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbors!

For our road trip I received the book The Complete Idiot's Guide to The Best Family Destinations. This guide covers great family destinations throughout the USA. The book covers each area of the US divided up into City Style, Cultural Appeal, Living History, and Amusement Parks and Outdoor Fun.

We went to Roswell, NM and one of the sites mentioned in the book is the International UFO Museum and Research Center. We did not visit here, but we did pass by the location. We were extremely busy when we were in Roswell.

We did visit the Alamo, in San Antonio Texas, which they cover on page 165. We enjoyed our time and the children thought it was great to visit a site they had read so much about. It was odd to see it in the center of downtown. Businesses and hotels were all around.

Each entry gives you information on what to expect. There is a warning included for those destinations that include large amounts of walking or stair climbing. They include the occasional comment from a traveler who has visited the site. The Fun Facts make interesting reading. Like:Having a hard time imagining how big the Mall of America (Minnesota) is? Consider that 258 Statues of Liberty could lie down inside the massive mall.

Overall this is a very informative book and will help you find places to visit with your family on a vacation or road trip. Make sure you keep one on your bookshelf so when you travel you can just grab it and look up information.

About the Authors: has served the community of those who Have Kids, Still Travel with print and online guides, custom trip-planning advice, and exclusive vacation discounts since 1996. Online resources include a wealth of family destination research, first-hand reviews of tropical and ski resorts, cruises, reunion ideas, vacation packages, health and safety tips, and more. The site's expert reviews and community blogs about global family vacations have been seen on dozens of sites, including Disney's, in the guidebook "Amazing Places to Take Your Kids in North America," in e-newsletters, and by millions of traveling families.

Kyle McCarthy (New York City, N.Y.) has taken her family across four continents to complete 12 guidebooks on Greece, Turkey and Southeast Asia for the Frommer’s series, as well as stories for Child, Condé Nast Traveler, Departures, Wired, Backpacker, and Cosmopolitan. In addition to being co-founder and editor of Family Travel Forum's vacation websites, and, she's been an online family travel expert for the Discovery Channel,, and Netscape; a podcast producer; radio and TV guest; consultant to the travel industry; and a speaker at travel and trade shows.

Three winners will receive a copy of The Complete Idiot's Guide to The Best Family Destinations.

Mandatory Entry:Visit the Complete Idiot's Guide Website and then in a comment let me know if you have ever read any of their other books. You do not have to be a blogger to enter, but you must leave a valid email where you can be reached should you win. This giveaway will end 5/3 at 11:59 pm CST. The winners will be chosen using and will be notified by email. The winner will have 48 hours to respond. (USA Only)

Extra Entries:

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Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post. I received The Complete Idiot's Guide to The Best Family Destinations for review purposes. All quotes are taken from the Complete Idiot's Guide website or email. All thoughts and opinions are mine.


rubynreba said…
I have not read any of the books. (I probably should read a lot of them!
rubynreba said…
I follow
Angie Bailey said…
I have never read any of their books but we'd all love them.
Angie Bailey said…
Follow you on Twitter @theladya.
andrea v said…
I haven't read any of them, they sure have alot to pick from
vickers at comcast dot net
andrea v said…
just made reservations for fathers day, heading to amana colonies in IA
andrea v said…!/vickers2622/status/60867796355121152
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Haydensmommy05 said…
I have not read any of them!
Haydensmommy05 said…
I am a neighbor!
Haydensmommy05 said…
I subscribe by e mail!
Haydensmommy05 said…
I follow on twitter!
andrea v said…!/vickers2622/status/63553703608729600
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Niecey said…
I've read their guide to baby sign language
Niecey said…
I follow your blog via google friend connect - Niecey

Niecey said…
I subscribe to your emails

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