Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coby Pocket Camcorder CAM4505 New Extra Entry

Hi neighbors,
Still enjoying the new Coby Pocket Camcorder CAM4505! We are presently in another state, and the extra entry will be based on where we presently are. I am going to give you some information about the state and you get to guess where we are. Leave a comment, on the original post, with the name of the state we are in. Here goes:

1. State Bird is the Eastern Goldfinch

2. One of the border states is Missouri

3. Agriculture is:Soy Beans, Hogs, Corn, Oats Cattle, Dairy Products

4. State Flower-Wild Rose

5. 29th State in the Union

Be sure to leave a comment as an extra entry on the original post. See you soon!


rubynreba said...

I know where you are! Since I live in Iowa I'm thinking maybe you were near my house!!! Should have stopped by!!

Eileen said...

I didnt know it was 29th but this state also borders us! We have visited there a LOT! Hope you had fun there!