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Wolfkeeper Review and Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors, Here is a really interesting book on dog training. It is called Wolfkeeper , a Wolfkeepers guide to Training a Dog, by Master Dog Trainer Toriano Antoine Samzone. This book is a guide and journal to help you on your way to training your dog. "If you want to learn how to train a dog, go train a thousand dogs. If you want to learn how to train your own dog, go train somebody else's." Toriano was raised with a family that loved dogs. He believes that raising and training a dog is an art, like any other discipline. The original manuscript for this book was written while he was lying in a hospital bed for 68 days recovering from a car accident. Some of the chapter titles include:Dog Addiction, What Truly is a Wolfkeeper, Old School Training, Teaching Commands, Various Levels of Training, Should Dog Training be Mandatory, etc. In the Appendices, you have Training Questions, Nutrition Questions, Health Questions, Behaviour Fact Sheet, and 14 Day Training

PetCakes Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbors! I was sent 4 new Pet Cakes for review and decided I would share them with one of my readers.So, I am going to keep 3 and giveaway 1. Pet Cakes are so cute. It is a cute stuffed animal with a frosting hat with a cherry on top, that sits in a cupcake wrapper. They make a nice little travel companion on Road Trips. Small enough to be a convenient travel toy, and adorable enough that your children will want to play with them. Pet Cakes are designed for ages three and up. I received Roco Coco a masked racoon, with a purple frosting top. This little bandit will steal your heart. Next is Honey Cakes, a honey colored bear with a sweet face and her tongue sticking out. Orange frosted hat covered with tiny honeybees. Then we have Nutty Nicky. An adorable gray nut collector. He even has an acorn in his paws. His bushy tail really adds to his character! He has a yellow frosting hat with different colored spots. Last but not least is Bamboo Berry. A cute little pan

Check out this Starbucks $10 GC Giveaway

Hi Neighbors, My son is starting his own giveaway blog called Josiah's Judgments. To get his blog going and to get some followers he is giving away a $10 Starbucks gift card. So, if you would like to help him out and in the process maybe win a $10 gift card to Starbucks stop by Josiah's Judgments . Thanks to all who follow.

Jose Ole $2 off Coupon

Jose Ole is offering a $2 off coupon starting at 3:00pm EST Thursday 4/28. Only a limited number available, then the coupon goes back to $1. Make José Olé® part of your Cinco de Mayo party plans this year!   With José Olé® Frozen Mexican Food, every day is a party, especially during Cinco de Mayo. José Olé® uses only the finest ingredients and authentic seasonings to bring you a fiesta of flavor. All José Olé® products - Mini-Tacos, Taquitos, Quesadillas, Chimichangas, Breakfast Burritos, and more - are great tasting, easy to prepare, and are sure to get smiles from the entire family.   Whether you’re partying with two, four or twenty-four, we’ve got the products and recipes for all your needs. Taste the Fiesta® with José Olé®!     Instructions to download coupon:   To get your coupon and big savings on José Olé® products:   1. Click on the link and go to the José Olé® Facebook Page:   2. Click on the tab called “Cinco de Mayo Coupon

New Entry for Coby Pocket Camcorder CAM4505

Hi Neighbors! Here is another chance to earn an extra entry in the Coby Pocket Camcorder CAM4505. In the picture below, can you tell me which city/town we were in when the picture was taken? Remember to post your entry on the original post . If you are having trouble figuring out where we were, take a glance at past Road Trip posts. I am sure you will figure it out if you look there! Have fun!

Critter Universe Cage Top Transporter Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbors, Here is a unique road trip product. Do you own a small critter that you need to take with you? Then Critter Universe Cage Top Transporter is what you need. We have Dwarf Hamsters that on long trips must go with us. So, what better than this tiny carrier? It is all plastic with wire in the top for ventilation. It is hinged and has a sliding lock on the front. It has a handle to make carrying easy. There is a cap you can remove from the bottom to attach it to other critter universe products, like the Critter Universe 3 which we also have. Both my daughters love to take these little hamsters with us. They are easy to bring along in their Critter Universe Cage Top Transporter. And of course in hotels they like to turn them loose on the floor in their balls. We have a couple so they can run around and bang into each other as they explore. Since some of hamsters don't get along, the individual carrier like the Critter Universe Cage Top Transporter is a g

Coby Pocket Camcorder CAM4505 New Extra Entry

Hi neighbors, Still enjoying the new Coby Pocket Camcorder CAM4505! We are presently in another state, and the extra entry will be based on where we presently are. I am going to give you some information about the state and you get to guess where we are. Leave a comment, on the original post , with the name of the state we are in. Here goes: 1. State Bird is the Eastern Goldfinch 2. One of the border states is Missouri 3. Agriculture is:Soy Beans, Hogs, Corn, Oats Cattle, Dairy Products 4. State Flower-Wild Rose 5. 29th State in the Union Be sure to leave a comment as an extra entry on the original post . See you soon!

Barska X-Trail Binoculars Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbors, This next item is standard equipment for a road trip and always keeps my children busy and entertained. I received a set of Barska X-Trail Binoculars from Wind and Weather . My husband loves them! This set is great because it comes with a carry bag, neck strap, tripod and tripod adapter. I was surprised at how large these binoculars are! Here is some technical information: 1.Magnification 15x 2. Objective Lens 70mm 3. Field of View 231ft @ 1000yds 77m @ 10000m 4. Close Focus 49.2ft/15m 5. Prism Glass BAK-4 6. Exit Pupil 4.7mm My children enjoy looking at birds and other wildlife, along with the clouds, mountains, and anything else they want to get a better look at on the road trip. They take turns using the binoculars and spotting different things. When we stop at rest areas or other sites they can set the binoculars up on the tripod on a table, or other flat surface. Makes the binoculars more steady and they can then find something to

Pambra Review and Giveaway

Warning:This post covers Pambra Bra Liners, if you are uncomfortable with this subject. Hello Neighbors Hope you are having a beautiful day today! I have a really great product for road trips and for daily use. It is called Pambra , and is designed to prevent chaffing and irritation, extends the use of your bra, effectively absorbs perspiration under and between breasts, proven to eliminate rashes, and provides Post Surgical options. Now, I don't know about you, but traveling hours on end in a vehicle, with a husband who thinks he is freezing and needs the heat on can get uncomfortable. Yes, I am one of those who need these due to sweating and rashes appearing. I have even considered that I might be allergic to the elastic, and I can't stand wires in my bras. So, when I heard about Pambra, I was real excited. I mainly wear jumper dresses, and I have actually made a fold in the t-shirt I was wearing to tuck under the band of my bra. It helped, but I felt silly! Why

Idiots Guide The Best Family Destinations Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbors! For our road trip I received the book The Complete Idiot's Guide to The Best Family Destinations . This guide covers great family destinations throughout the USA. The book covers each area of the US divided up into City Style, Cultural Appeal, Living History, and Amusement Parks and Outdoor Fun. We went to Roswell, NM and one of the sites mentioned in the book is the International UFO Museum and Research Center. We did not visit here, but we did pass by the location. We were extremely busy when we were in Roswell. We did visit the Alamo, in San Antonio Texas, which they cover on page 165. We enjoyed our time and the children thought it was great to visit a site they had read so much about. It was odd to see it in the center of downtown. Businesses and hotels were all around. Each entry gives you information on what to expect. There is a warning included for those destinations that include large amounts of walking or stair climbing. They include the oc

Baroque Bath and Body Review and Giveaway

Hi everyone! I have another great Road Trip product. Baroque Bath and Body sent me 3 solid perfumes to try. These are so neat because they are the size of a thin chapstick. Makes it easy for traveling, you don't have to worry about a glass bottle leaking or breaking. The designer of the solid perfume sticks was frustrated over losing perfume bottles to air port security, so she came up with a great way of solving her problem. The Baroque and Bath solid perfume sticks are available in over 40 original and designer inspired scents. Do you travel a lot? Perhaps you would like to carry your favorite fragrance in your purse without any accidents. You need to try Baroque Bath and Body Solid Perfume Sticks. I received Oak Moss, sort of a sporty almost masculine scent. Clean Cotton, which is unfortunately for me, smells like freshly washed clothing. (I am allergic to some of those type fragrances). And last but not least, my favorite, Mountain Freesia, a light, sweet, flora

Bendini Clip Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbors! Here is a really handy hair clip to have on your trip! It is called a Bendini Clip by Scunci . I received one large one and 2 smaller ones. The small ones were really convenient for my daughter to use to pull back the sides of her hair each morning. They are really easy to use. You bend the comb out so it will open, and then after placing it in the hair the way you want it, you bend the beaded piece back down to help hold the comb in place. It is really nice by bending the beaded section down it secures the comb and prevents it from slipping. I am including a video from the company to show how you use the Bendini. The Bendini is available in 3 different sizes, and many different styles, including colorful beads, jeweled crystals and metallic. It will work on almost any hair type or length. For casual or dressy wear! Out to dinner, to the park, on a road trip! There is also a Facebook page where you can win Scunci products. Or perhaps you might want

Voice Quilt Review and Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors! I discovered a really neat gift. It is called Voice Quilt . And as you can guess by the name, just like you put a quilt together with different pieces of material, with this "quilt" you use different people's messages. Or you can record many short messages from one person. Sharing memories, private jokes.... Let me describe it in detail for you. First, you pick someone special! I chose my husband as his birthday is fast approaching. Then you visit the Voice Quilt website and purchase time (phone time). They will give you an 800 number, and a security code. You then email, call, message, everyone you want to participate this special number and code. They will call the code and leave a message, greeting, memory, song, poem, etc. You then are able to go in and arrange them in the order you want. I received 7 days. I emailed, called messaged, begged etc, everyone I could to call in for my husband's birthday Voice Quilt. You can also add music

Read with Max Blog Tour and $50 Visa Contest

Hi Neighbors! I was invited to participate in the Read with Max Blog Tour. Read with Max is trying to help raise funds for Leader Dogs for the Blind. You know service dogs who help people who are visually impaired or blind. What a great benefit it is for these individuals to have a dog who can help them get around and have some independence. Leader Dogs for the blind has trained over 13,500 clients from 39 countries to use a leader dog. (Even the person needs training!) I am sure most everyone has seen a service dog at one time or another and wanted to help. Well, this tour gives you that chance. Max's goal is to raise $40,000 which is approx. what it costs to raise and train one dog. Imagine if you or someone you loved needed a leader dog. You may make a contribution through Max's fundraising page. Leader Dogs for the Blind has so many programs going on that are helping people gain an independence they could not have without their leader dogs. They even have a we

Coby CAM4505 Update

Hi Neighbors! Here is an update on the Coby CAM4505. A few questions have been asked and I also said I would add other methods of entry. Remember to [pst your new entries on the original post . First off the Coby CAM 4505 measures approx. 2.2" x 4.3" x .5". Nice slender little camcorder. Now remember this is a small pocket camcorder, that takes pictures and can be used as a webcam when you download the programs from the included CD. I am once again going to share another picture and video taken using the Coby CAM 4505. I am only doing short videos for the Post because longer ones take so long to load, but you can take longer videos when you purchase the SDHD card. This one includes some pool shots: The lighting in the pool area was not good, yet the Coby CAM4505 still took a decent picture. Check out the video and see what you think. The sound was not good because of the enclosed pool, and some of the shaking was me laughing. Now here is the extra way to

My Memories of Coke

Hi Neighbors! Social Moms and Coca-Cola are giving me a chance to win a $25 Target Giftcard by sharing a favorite memory of Coca-Cola. Now I have to tell you, this is something I can write about. My husband LOVES Coca-Cola. My husband preaches and I could not tell you how many times he has mentioned Coca-Cola in a sermon. He always jokes that if you really love the Lord, you drink Coke and that the other companies are just watered down Coke. Fortunately everyone knows he is joking....I think. We were at a church for a revival meeting one year, and by the end of the week we had so many cans and bottles of Coke, I think I could have started a small store. One couple brought 2 twenty four packs. Another family brought a few 2 liters of Coke. He made the mistake of mentioning cheesecake that week also and we ended up with three cheesecakes. Talk about sweet overload! We had Coke to take with us when we left! The children know when Dad asks for a drink, he wants Coke. They hav

Galison Mudpuppy Butterfly Diary Review and Giveaway

Neighbors, Here is an idea for your children on a road trip. Be sure to pick up a Mudpuppy Diary for each of your children to journal their trip. We received the Butterflies Diary for my daughter and she has been keeping notes of where we have visited, where we ate, and just little interesting notes about her day! It is great for memories. Later we will be able to read through and remember this trip. Like the storm that came through the other night and damaged the hotel we were staying in. We woke up and went outside and saw a news team doing a report on the damage at the hotel. A good size piece came off the top front corner of the hotel. It was mainly a design piece, not actually a portion of someone's room. Still it was big and just missed the window on the bottom floor. There was a large piece of aluminum by our trailer. A table ended up in the pool and my daughter joked calling it a pool table. We were told there were winds with gusts up to 60 mph and hail larger

Coby Snapp Pocket Camcorder CAM 4505

Hi Neighbors, Here is an update on this neat little camcorder. I have already used it to take some pictures which I will include in this post. I also purchased the SD Card necessary to take longer videos and more pictures, so I will do another post in a couple of days. I have not had any problems with the CAM 4505. I have noticed that it does not take really great pictures in the dusk. You do need good lighting. The pictures as you can see are clear. The one below was taken in a hotel room. Remember I said that in other posts on the Coby CAM 4505 I would have additional ways to enter. The video above is of my children (3 of them) singing at a church in Roswell. My 13 year old had a cough and since she could not sing, she took the video. We ran out of time before they finished. Here is the deal, go to the original post on the Coby Cam 4505 and leave a comment with the name of the song they are singing. It is "I Saw It All". That will give you one more entry.

Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum Waco Texas

Hi Neighbors! If you have ever been through this part of Texas and skipped the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum you sure missed out on a very informational and interesting stop. My sons of course were interested in the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum, but so was the rest of my family. This museum includes the history of the Texas Rangers. From the very beginning in 1835 right up to modern day Texas Rangers. You will discover the tools of the trade, how things have changed through the years, and information on different well-known Texas Rangers. You will be able to find out about Rangers in the media, both written and television, movies and radio. Just a little tidbit here that we learned was for every opening in the Texas Rangers, they receive up to 200 applications. We arrived about 1:30 and it takes about 2 hours to go through the entire museum and to watch the 45 min video. The video is very informative and all my children sat through the entire viewing. It