Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Students and SAT Tests

Hey neighbors!

Many states require SAT tests for home schoolers, but I am sure many parents wonder if their child is really prepared for the test. SAT tutoring is an otion that could help.

Most of my children excel in a certain subject in school, but each one generally has a weakness also, an area where a little help could go a long way. Often SAT testing times are stressful for a child, but with the proper tutoring they can feel more confident for the test and thus less stressed. Tutoring would also be helpful for a parents state of mind when they are not quite sure exactly what will be required knowledge on the SAT Test. Having someone who is prepared and knowledgeable about the SAT to be able tutor your child would give the parent a peace of mind also. You would want to look for a company that has proven itself to be effective in this area. Don't jump at your first opportunity. Take some time to check out what is available.

Study Point is one of those companies. Study Point was founded in 1999 in Boston by Richard Enos and Gregory Zumas. These men focused on families needs who were desiring a higher level of customer service and convenience, along with students who would benefit from individualized, one to one instruction.


Aileen said...

Just went through all this with my son. We used a tutor and it was totally worth it since he was much more confident about the test. He ended up very happy with his test results. Good luck to all that have to go through the SATs. arobimom at gmail dot com

theladya said...

While I know this post is about the SATs, our local school district recently purchased an online ACT Study program for the high school students where they can prepare themselves for the ACT test by using this site, which is also accessible from home, as well as at school. The ACT program is part of the Study Island resources.