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The Pet Loo Review

Doggy Days Post #5

Hi neighbors!

Out here At the Fence to share another Doggy Days product! This one is called the Pet Loo. Now before I start, I should tell you that a few months back I had considered purchasing a plastic container of some sort and a piece of sod to place inside for our dogs. My only problem, keeping it from smelling too much and how often would I need to buy new sod! I wasn't really sure it would work. Then I heard about The Pet Loo from my daughter who found it searching online. What a great invention!

The Pet Loo is 83cm by 83cm and stands 14cm high. This is the standard size Loo for medium to large dogs. There is a Mini Wee for small dogs and even a Kitty Kat for your feline friends. The Pet Loo base is a hard black plastic which is designed to help the urine run down into the collection jug. If you have more than one med. to large size dog that would be using The Pet Loo you can place two side by side. The Pet Loo comes with synthetic grass that covers the base. There are perforations at the bottom to allow urine to drain through. The grass is easily removed for cleaning. Just take it out, hose it down, let it dry and replace. The "jug" is made of a material that is resistant to urine acidity and smell. Anytime it needs emptied, just remove, dump in the toilet or a specified area outside rinse if necessary and return to it's position.

Oh! There are also the Pee Pods. These are biodegradable containers that fit inside the collection jug. When you purchase them, they come 7 to a pack and include a powder called Wee Sponge that you sprinkle in the Pee Pod the urine that comes into contact with the powder turns into a gel. Thus your container can hold more urine. The Pods last 2-3 days before needing disposed of. Odors are noticeably reduced when you use the Pee Pods with Wee Sponge.

Roxie, does not like going outside if it is raining or snowing. She hates to get wet! Shadow on the other hand, does not mind the weather, but will go outside, run around and then come in to do her business. So, I thought this would be a great product to try with our dogs, but this is just one reason you might want to invest in The Pet Loo. Here are some other examples:An RV owner and their pet, an apartment or condo dweller, a boater, maybe you have a grassless yard, if your pet is susceptible to cold or heat extremes, a nursing home resident, the elderly who can not walk a dog due to health, perhaps your pet must sometimes be left alone for longer periods of time, The Pet Loo will help you in each of these situations. Is there an investment? Yes. But if The Pet Loo works for you, it is worth it! Imagine no more getting up early to walk your dog while it is raining. Or perhaps you have to run down a flight of stairs, or use an elevator. Now your pet can be trained to use The Pet Loo. Place it on a balcony, the patio, or porch, or just a spare area in your home.

From The Pet Loo:

"This new and innovative lawn toilet will contain your pet's waste in one designated area and will ensure your peace of mind on those extended stays out of the home. Should you live in an apartment or a house, take your dog to the office or simply want to leave those toilet training headaches behind, The Pet Loo is a hygienic, convenient, simple and an environmentally friendly way to allow your pet the freedom to do its business without relying on you for an opportunity.

The Pet Loo has a urine draining system and is effective for animals, young and old. It is easy to use and easy to clean and the synthetic grass will ensure a long lasting product which will solve your animal problems time and time again."

Does it work? Well, I haven't yet convinced Roxie that it is ok, but Shadow is another story. She will use The Pet Loo and that is a great victory in our home.

I almost forgot, if you have a male dog that lifts his leg you could place a potted plant or an object in the center of the Loo for him to use until he is comfortable without it. Would I recommend The Pet Loo? Yes!

The Pet Loo is even offering my readers a discount of 15% if they use this link and code by March 18th. Coupon Code: WBLD201103 EXP 18 MAR

Shadow gives the Pet Loo a Paws up!

Disclaimer:I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive The Pet Loo and accompanying products. All quotes are taken from the Pet Loo website. All thoughts and opinions are mine.


Sara said…
I ordered a different brand but similiar item ive now had it for over a year. I actually use it outside on my patio and it has built in sprinklers. I hooked up the hose and a timer, it now risnes itself twice a day and I have the drain running down the drain for my downspout works great!
Nancy said…
What a clever invention for pet lovers! I loved your review.

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com
What a great review! This is a wonderful product, especially for people who don't own yards. Nice to know products like this exist out there!
Anonymous said…
really enjoyed reading this article. great review and very informative.
Unknown said…
I am researching this product right now for my new fur baby. The more positive reviews I seen n read makes me more sure I wanna buy this for her.

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