Friday, March 25, 2011

Glasses USA

Hi Neighbors,

Glasses USA is a really nice eyeglass company where you can order prescription eyeglasses online. Now, with six children, two of whom need glasses, we are on the look out for cheap glasses. My husband also wears glasses so that makes three total in our family in need of eyeglasses at various times. With a family of 8 we are always looking for a way to save some money and not lose in quality. Glasses USA could be a big help in this area.

Glasses USA carries cheap designer glasses. Looking for that special frame, check out what they have available. The only complaint I have is I didn't see any children's glasses. I found several pairs of glasses that would work for my husband and older daughter.

You just get an exam done and then you can go in and choose the frame of your choice. They even have a program where you can see how certain eyeglasses look on your face. You can upload a picture, use your webcam to take a picture, or use one of their photos. I tried it just for fun! It works really well.

Glasses USA is definitely a place where you can find discount glasses. Or maybe you need prescription sunglasses. That is something my husband has been considering because we spend a lot of time out in the sun over the summer. I really think this would be helpful. Right now he has the glasses that change in the sunlight.

Also with traveling we like to have an extra pair on hand for each person in case a pair gets broken. So, 3 people who wear glasses times 2 pair each, that makes six pairs of eyeglasses. When you purchase that many you definitely want discount eyeglasses! So if you are presently searching for new glasses visit and see if they have what you need. And they have given me a code for you to use to save 10% on your next order of glasses with the code: Mommy10.

March Specials:

- Take 30% off ANY pair of discount eyeglasses with the code: WinterSale

- 25% off any order of 3 or more pairs of eyeglasses with the code: 25FS

I think my neighbors will enjoy checking out Glasses USA!


rubynreba said...

Good review. I think we will look into getting some prescription sunglasses.

royalegacy said...

This sounds like a much better place to get my husband's next pair of glasses. Thanks so much for the review!