Saturday, March 12, 2011

Allure Hugglehounds Knotties Review

Doggy Days Post #8

Hi Neighbors,

Today's Doggy Days post is about Aluure Pet Products also called Hugglehounds. Roxie and Shadow received 2 Knotties to try out. They are adorable. The first one is a moose and the second a racoon. Knotties are created with Tuffut Technology. The outside layer of the toy is a cotton material that looks a lot like corduroy. The middle layer is a rugged sport mesh. and the inner layer is a dense fiber material. Three layers for added strength. Stitched together with a heavy duty thread with up to 65% more stitches to form a tight seal. Then they add additional stitching at stress points for extra strength.

Knotties come in several shapes, but each one has a knot tied in each arm and leg. The body and tail have a crinkley sound when squeezed. There is a squeaker in each paw and one in the stomach. The one in the stomach is much louder! The eyes are stitched on, so your dog can not pull the eyes off. As with any toy that is much played with be sure to check for wear.

Roxie and Shadow actually fight over these. They each grab an end and try to run. They also play well with each other having their own. The Moose is my favorite. He is orange and has a brown furry mustache. The racoon is Gray, black and white. With a gray and black tail. These toys are ones that I could leave out for Shadow to play with, but would have to pick up if I was unable to watch Roxie as she would chew off an ear or paw.

Obviously Allure produces other toys than the Knotties. You can find retailers in your area by checking out their retailer page. You can find out more by liking Hugglehounds on Facebook.

About Hugglehounds:

HuggleHounds are snuggly, durable and fun! We created HuggleHounds to be your pet’s best friends. Whether a carrier or a toy, HuggleHounds are designed with attention to detail and durability.

HuggleHounds was started in 2009 by Bob Flynn and Julie Krauss. Combined we have over 40 years experience in the pet industry. We have two simple philosophies; we want our company to be easy to do business with and we want to bring unique, innovative and quality pet products to the marketplace. Every product is designed by us for us.

HuggleHounds are made for dogs who want to have fun. Like our pets, Buddy and Salem, we understand what makes them happy and strive to deliver products to enhance their life and your relationship with your pets.

Roxie and shadow both give Knotties a Paw up!
Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive 2 Knotties for review purposes. All quotes are from the Hugglehound/Allure website or email. All thoughts and opinions are mine.


jayedee said...

knotties! i even love the name! thanks for another great review!

Sara said...

these look like great toys, ive seen them online a few times but havent seen them in stores around me yet.