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10 Tips for Getting Away with the Best Family Deals

Hi Neighbors,

Social Moms teamed up with Alamo again to give me this great opportunity to share with you! Here are 10 travel tips to get the best travel deals available.

1. First of all I always shop around. Whether it is for plane tickets, hotel rates or car rental, I always check several places before making a decision.

2. Another thing I do is shop on the internet. I have many more choices when available when I use the internet.

3. Use coupons! I don't know how many times we have found a great rate by picking up the hotel and motel books at rest areas or restaurants. My sons have become quite adept at browsing these books.

4. Make your plans during down times. Instead of going to the beach during summer, try going in the late spring or early fall. For that matter you can visit Florida beaches in the winter and enjoy yourselves with great rate discounts. We love getting up early and scouring the beach for shells!

5. Make sure no events are happening when you plan your vacation as this often raises rates.

6. We are also willing to have our hotel further away and travel a little for our actual destination to help save. You know stay about an hour away and then travel in to your activity and then drive back to your hotel when you are done.

7. Another great option is to camp or stay in a rental cabin. Not to mention that camping makes for great family time! By the time you purchase a tent and use it a few times you will have saved money over staying in a hotel. Especially our family of 8 where many hotels now require us to take 2 rooms.

8.Look for package deals. Many times you can find a hotel that includes a pass to a nearby activity. Or for example in Chicago we were able to purchase one ticket that allowed admission to several museums at a discounted price. We really enjoyed ourselves there!

9. Look for low cost or free activities and museums. My children enjoy rabbit shows, (Yes, rabbit shows!) and they are usually free. Or we attend dog agility events which usually do not charge a fee to watch. One of their favorites was the Patton Museum which is free.

10. We also cut costs on trips by packing lunches. If we have breakfast at the hotel and then pack our lunch, we can often eat one meal a day out. Of course we look for specials and coupons even for eating out!

Most of our trips are taken by car and we tend to camp a lot. No matter what route we choose we always have fun!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Alamo blogging program, for a gift card worth $25. For more information on how you can participate, click here.”


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