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Half Price Books Review and Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors! If your family reads books, the way my family reads books, I want to introduce you to this super, great store we know about. It is called Half Price Books . We look for them wherever we go, and since every thing is bigger and better in Texas, guess what we found! Loads of Half Price Books! The first Half Price Books was opened in 1972 by Ken Gjemre and Pat Anderson with 2,000 books from their own collections in a converted laundromat in Dallas, Texas. Their idea was to offer a great product at a great price. Believe me when I tell you it caught on! There are now Half Price Stores in 16 states. They carry anything printed or recorded, except as they say, yesterdays newspaper. They have records, cds, cassette tapes, video tapes, dvds, books (both hardcover and paperback), booklets, pamphlets, magazines, etc. They do have an online store where you can browse and order, but if you are like me, it is more fun going to the store and browsing through the books. You k

Road Trip Day 2

Hi Neighbors! We made it to Texas! Much better weather here. After a quick drive from our hotel to Dallas, we started visiting some of our favorite stores. They are called Half Price Books. (Read tomorrows post for more information on Half Price and a giveaway! I think we went to 8-9 stores. My family reads alot. We brought 6 bins of books with us to trade in. Everyone went through their books before leaving on the trip and actually found some we were willing to part with. Of course we plan to get more! Above is the vehicle we are traveling in, along with the pull behind cargo trailer. We managed a quick lunch in between bookstores. On the way to our hotel for the evening we stopped at a grocery store to get subs for dinner, along with some flavored waters. It was a long day. We arrived at the hotel around 9:00 pm and then my husband and older daughter ran out to get ice cream while the rest of us cleaned up and got the room ready for the evening. Rising early this morning

How I Keep My Family Happy on a Road Trip!

Since I am having a road trip right now, I thought I would include ideas in this post about keeping my family happy on a road trip! You all know what I mean. We will be on this trip for a few weeks and I am sure you know what happens when 6 people spend the majority of the day in a vehicle several days in a row. Some of the simple things I do, is remember to pack snacks and drinks, that help during the times that we are almost ready to stop to eat, but it might be....a little longer. I make the snacks simple and easy, fruit, cheese chunks, pepperoni (one of my family's favorites), crackers, and then bottled water, and juice. For the juice the small individual bottles work best. We don't want alot, just enough to tide us over. We also sing together in the vehicle. Each one takes a turn picking a song, and everyone has to join in. Most of the songs are Christian, but we also include some silly, just for fun songs! Another thing to help keep the family, my husband, happy on

1 DAY ACUVUE MOIST Contacts Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors! Here is the first Road Trip post. Before traveling make sure you have everything packed that you need. From clothing, to toothbrushes, to medicine and don't forget your contact lenses. Imagine you head out, travel all day, and forgot to pack your disposable lenses. ACUVUE is working with At the Fence for our road trip! First let me tell you, although three people in my family wear glasses, none have tried contacts yet. My husband grew up wearing glasses and I am not sure he will ever change, my youngest only uses glasses for reading, but my oldest daughter has considered trying them. 1 DAY ACUVUE MOIST would be a great choice for her! She has problems with allergies, mainly during the summer, and I think these lenses would help. ACUVUE is going to send the winner of this giveaway a months supply of their 1-Day ACUVUE MOIST. Exam and fitting fee are not included. Winner must present a current, valid prescription for ACUVUE brand contact lenses. T

Road Trip Day 1

Well neighbors, I hope you enjoy the updates and reviews that will be included with our Road Trip. We started out and the weather was beautiful. Everyone had a great time just watching the scenery. We started at about 5:00 pm as we decided to leave one day early and travel some at night. We didn't realize that by the time we stopped for the evening we would be driving in snow! We headed south! Weren't we supposed to leave all that behind? Anyway, by the time we stopped we were in Missouri just outside of Springfield. I do have to admit, the Dogwoods in bloom looked gorgeous with the snow. Sorry, but at 2:00 in the morning I did not feel like taking pictures, and by morning the snow had melted. After dropping rather quickly into bed at 2:00 am, we slept in the next morning, and instead of breakfast we headed out for lunch. We went to Lamberts, near Branson Missouri. For those of you who have not heard of Lamberts, it is terrific and you can not leave still hungry! Lam

Furry & Fabulous Review and Giveaway!

Doggy Days Post #16 Hi Neighbors! Here is one more post from Doggy Days! This is from Furry & Fabulous ! They sent us some of their Organic Animal Collection! My children thought they were cute! Roxie and Shadow both enjoy playing with them, but this is a toy that we have to watch Roxie with. They have a Chicken, Cow Pig, Horse and a Sheep. They are made of Organic Linen made with pesticide free cotton. Natural cotton stuffing inside along with a squeaker, Roxie's favorite part! They are approx. 7 inches. They have embroidered features so you don't have to worry about your pet chewing off small pieces. For some reason Roxie has taken a liking to the sheep . She is really funny that way. She chooses which toy she wants and then she will ONLY play with THAT toy. She actually digs through her toy box looking for the one item she wants. It just so happens that the sheep was her choice for the day. I am serious about this. If she is playing ball and it gets out of

Road Trip Reviews!

Hi neighbors! I wanted to give everyone a heads up! At the Fence is taking a road trip, and will be doing reviews and giveaways with items to do with a road trip. I will be doing posts about the trip, places we visit, and products we use on the trip. We are actually on the road now and I will be doing posts every couple of days to update you. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! I will still be doing some regular posts and finishing up the Doggy Days Event, so make sure you stop by At the Fence to see what is going on! Keep an eye out for posts on Jiffy Lube, Coby Camcorder, Go Picnic, The Texas Rangers Museum just to name a few. See you At the Fence!

Hoohobbers Review and $50 GC Giveaway!

Hey Neighbors! Beautiful day out At the Fence and I wanted to take some time to share this really nice diaper bag I received from Hoohobbers . If any of you is expecting, have a young child, or need a gift for someone who is expecting, you need to visit Hoohobber's website! I was able to choose which bag I wanted. It was really hard to decide which style and color I wanted. They are all so beautiful. I finally chose one of the messenger style bags in Bella Blue Stripe, Deep Brown and Classic Brown. Then I was even able to have the initials embroidered on the front. There is a changing pad inside. Ladies, this is a really nice bag! Hoohobbers: Our personalized Diaper Bag is longer lasting because of the strength and toughness of denier nylon. nylon reinforced bottom nylon lined inside nylon reinforced pockets nylon changing pad zippered top closure four inside pockets 1 zippered fully across one side 3 open bottle pockets across the other side machine washable 12 1/2"H x

Planet Dog Review and Giveaway!

Doggy Days Post #15 Hi Neighbors! Another Doggy Days Post! This has been so much fun! Planet Dog sent Roxie and Shadow several different balls, one a Wood Chuck. We received a Glow for Good Ball, an Orbee Tuff Recycle Ball and an Orbee Tuff Fetch Ball, along with the Wood Chuck. The balls are a 5 on their Chew O Meter. A 5 is for the most aggressive chewers. This is just what our dogs needed. You can stick treats inside the balls for even more fun. The Wood Chuck is a really neat dog toy. For those of you who have dogs that love to play fetch as aggressively as Roxie this is a perfect choice from Planet Dog. The Wood Chuck is made of sustainable Bamboo and re-used cork scraps. You use it to throw the balls. There is a wooden 4-pronged claw at the end that you place the ball into and then chuck the ball. Wait till you see the video clip! I love these balls! So far none have been destroyed! Roxie has been playing with them and they are still in one piece. About Planet Dog

Glasses USA

Hi Neighbors, Glasses USA is a really nice eyeglass company where you can order prescription eyeglasses online. Now, with six children, two of whom need glasses, we are on the look out for cheap glasses . My husband also wears glasses so that makes three total in our family in need of eyeglasses at various times. With a family of 8 we are always looking for a way to save some money and not lose in quality. Glasses USA could be a big help in this area. Glasses USA carries cheap designer glasses. Looking for that special frame, check out what they have available. The only complaint I have is I didn't see any children's glasses. I found several pairs of glasses that would work for my husband and older daughter. You just get an exam done and then you can go in and choose the frame of your choice. They even have a program where you can see how certain eyeglasses look on your face. You can upload a picture, use your webcam to take a picture, or use one of their photos. I