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Top 10 Things My Children Would Miss Most If I Were Abducted By Aliens

Hey Neighbors!

Here is a unique opportunity brought to me by Social Moms and Mars Needs Moms. What would my children miss most if I were abducted by aliens. Here are some tings I think they would miss if mom suddenly disappeared without any explanation.

1. They would miss having someone short around to pick on. (And I am talking nice teasing, not being mean.) You know like, "Mom, do you need help reaching the counter?" They love to tease me about being short! Since all but two have outgrown me I get a lot of short jokes! I mean imagine if they suddenly became the shortest person in the house because mom was abducted. Maybe I would get the chance to be the tallest!

2. They would miss having me home school them. You know, when I have to enforce memory work, or that math problems must be done on time. Along with the great field trips that get planned, like zoos, museums, civil war sites, etc. And of course music lessons! They would really miss those! No more guitar or piano, or practice singing! We love to sing together as a family and often sing in the vehicle on trips. It would be awful quiet without me to egg them on!

3. They would definitely miss game night! We have game night every Friday and they love to stay up late and have snacks and play games. Especially the ones they win. Like my son almost always wins at Monopoly, but when it comes to Scrabble they may not miss me too much! No more mom telling them, that is not a real word and someone else would win.

4. Baking times! We love to bake together, and I think they might miss that a lot. They all love baking days! Cookies, cakes, muffins, and other special desserts. We work together in the kitchen, and then we all get to enjoy it together. I think they would miss this a lot.

5. They would also miss mom making them pick up their bedroom! I mean who doesn't want mom coming in right before they head out to play and telling them they have to clean their bedroom first. This is one I know they would miss.

6. They would also miss playing racquetball together. It has become quite a competition between us. You never know who will come out ahead. I may be short, but I can still whip some of them at racquetball!

7. Dinner time. They would definitely miss the meals! Especially the boys. They would have to survive on fast foods and microwave meals! Just kidding! They have all had lessons in the kitchen, but I still think they would miss mom there directing everything!

8. I think they would miss having to try new foods. You know the ones they look at and wrinkle their nose. They have to at least try them. And you have to chew and swallow. No putting it in your mouth taking a big gulp of drink and swallowing it whole. I want you to taste it.

9. They would miss mom reminding them to do things. You know, like; brush your teeth, close the door, get your elbows off the table, walk the dog, etc. I mean imagine how they would feel if I was not there to give them guidance throughout their day.

10. And of course they would miss mom using them as guinea pigs for her blog posts. Can you try this and tell me if you like the flavor? Would you let me take your picture wearing this new shirt? Did you like the new toothpaste?

They really are a blessing and I know i would miss them, so I hope they would miss me! Not just the funny things or difficult things, but the fun times. Reading at night, playing together, and just being a close knit family! Thanks Social Moms for this opportunity!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms blogging program, for a gift card worth $25.


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