Thursday, December 16, 2010

Word on the Street Review/Giveaway

Hi Neighbors!

Here is the promised second Out of the Box games review. Word on the Street, is a fun, exciting game that also encourages spelling. Once again this a game where you divide into two teams. Open the game board on the table between the two teams. Place each Letter Tile on the corresponding letter on the "Median Strip" (middle lane) of the game board. Decide whether to use the green side (easier) or the blue side (harder). Place the timer and card tray on the table within reach of both teams. Decide which team will go first. Now, I am going to try and describe how to play Word on the Street, but it is a lot easier to see it played. The goal is to capture eight tiles. As the first team draws their card and places it face up on the table, a member of the opposing team flips over the timer. Players on the first team then brainstorm to come up with a word that fits. There is a list that describes allowable words and words that are not allowable. They must decide on the word they will use, say it out loud and then move the letters before time runs out. The "Letter Tiles" are moved one space toward the team for each time it is used in the word. You can only use real one word answers. When time runs out a player from the opposing team yells "Stop!" and the team must immediately stop moving tiles. The teams then trade and the other team becomes the team on the street. Play moves back and forth until one team has collected 8 tiles.

Now, I am going to tell you why Word on the Street can be very noisy. While your opponents are trying to come up with a word, you get to yell suggestions at them. So while they are trying to decide which word best fits, say "Part of an apple" you are yelling out "Buffalo, refrigerator, snowball..." Anything that might hinder them.

From Out of the Box:

Games should be fun. They provide delightful diversions to our lives. Most importantly, games bring us together – for real entertainment with real people.

Out of the Box Publishing creates innovative party, card and board games that provide fresh, fun and engaging ways to enjoy time with friends and family. Games that:

  • can be learned in minutes.
  • are colorfully illustrated and fun to play.
  • can easily be played in less than an hour.
  • are efficiently designed in smart packaging.
  • feature dynamic player interaction from start to finish.

Since 1998 Out of the Box Publishing has become a leading American game company. We are the proud recipients of the most prestigious awards in the game world.

From party to strategy games, we produce a gamut of games to please virtually any game enthusiast. Because our games are carefully designed and crafted, you can be confident that your game playing experience will always be enjoyable – right out of the box!

Thank you for your confidence in Out of the Box Publishing."

Now, this is a combined giveaway with last nights post of Backseat Drawing. The winner will win their choice of either Backseat Drawing or Word on the Street, both Out of the Box games. All entries will be on the Backseat Drawing post. But, I promised a special entry on this post, so only someone who reads this post will get the extra entry. To get the extra entry, leave a comment on the Backseat Drawing post telling me one of the Awards Word on the Street has won. Please actually find it for yourself.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this review. I did receive a copy of Backseat Drawing and Word on the Street. All quotes are taken from the Out of the Box Games website or email. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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