Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rite Aid Personalized Photo Gift Review and Offer

Hi Neighbors,

Rite Aid contacted me regarding their Personalized Photo Gifts. I received a sweatshirt and a mug. I am using these as gifts! I had the sweatshirt personalized with a picture of my husband at the Grand Canyon. We went there in October. I was able to add lettering on the picture and I think it came out great. The sweatshirt is a hoodie and has a large pocket on the front for your hands. I believe it only comes in white. I was able to go online and place my order online. You can preview it before ordering. I am sure my husband will like it. Especially with the wintry weather we are having! The second item I received was a mug. I used a picture of my two younger daughters sitting on a wagon at Fort Bridger, which we also visited in October. I think it came out really well. The only problem with this one is it will be shared.

I was very happy with the whole experience. I placed the order online, and they ship it to a Rite Aid located near you. Unfortunately I didn't have one, but with a little help from PR it worked out anyway. They keep you updated by letting you know when the item shipped. My was very quick, even though it had to take an extra shipping. This was very easy to design.

Now Rite Aid is offering my readers a chance to try their Personalized Photo Gift service. You can purchase a Personalized Sweatshirt or Personalized Mug and get a second one free! They have many other personalized items available and they would make great gifts.

· Personalized Photo Clothing Items

o Adult and Youth T-Shirts - $14.99

o Adult and Youth Hooded Sweatshirts - $24.99

o Boxer Shorts - $26.99

o Neckties - $32.99

o Baby Onesie’s - $17.99

· Digital Art and Photo Canvases – Go beyond posters and create a textured work of art from virtually any image! Multiple sizes included:

o 8” x 10” - $79.99

o 11” x 14” - $89.99

o 16” x 20” - $99.99

o 20” x 24” - $129.99

· Personalized Jewelry, Home Furnishings and Ceramics

o Personalized Crystal Heart of Glass necklace - $42.99

o Crystal Glass Photo Frame with Lit Base

§ 4” x 6” - $79.99

§ 5” x 7” Photo Frame with Lit Base - $99.99

o Photo Tin - $19.99

o Photo Wall Clock - $34.99

o Picture Plate (ceramic white) - $21.99

o Photo Cutting Board - $29.99

o Mug, 11 oz - $13.99

All you have to do to get your Buy One Get One, is to enter the codes below. I am sure you will like the results. I did!


· Adult sweatshirt – AVIPASSTBG

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this review. I did receive two personalized items from Rite Aid. All quotes are taken from the Rite Aid website or email. All thoughts and opinions are mine.


bamalynn said...

I had no idea that Rite Aid did all this! How exciting to know I can get some great personalized items for Christmas!

Mama needs a nap said...

A personalized shirt like this would be great for family reunions. We always get silk screen tee shirts, but this would make a lot of folks happy. Thanks for the idea!