Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to make this the Ultimate Holiday Season

Hi Neighbors,

I am doing this post in response to a Twittermoms and Hasbro event about planning the Ultimate Holiday Season. Here are 10 tips to help your holiday season go well and to be special for everyone (including you).

1. Keep it simple. All too often we strive too hard to make things work out the way we would like it to. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect. Relax a little. Try to stay away from grand plans and ideas that will take too much time and energy.

2. Don't feel like you have to purchase gifts for everyone. Remember point one to keep it simple. Purchase the gifts for those close to you, like family and special friends. Don't feel like you have to give a gift to everyone who gives you a gift.

3. Don't go into debt. It may seem nice now, but when the bills start coming in you will regret it. This often causes stress after the holidays are over. Not to mention guilt for spending what you know you don't have.

4. Purchase some foods ready made. You will have enough to do, so purchase some foods for get togethers, etc. that are ready made. Don't spend so much time in the kitchen that you are tired by the time your guests arrive. You don't have to have a full buffet for the guests. Use simple finger foods.

5. Schedule! Make sure that you schedule your time. Include time for relaxing and time for family. This time of year although meant to draw families together, often has us running in different directions, and having so many activities scheduled that we don't take time for each other. Keep the family first!

6. Keep the whole family involved in activities, don't accept to many invitations to parties and events that are not for the entire family. Let the children help plan the menus, set the table, pick out a type of cookie or dessert to bake.

7. Think creatively for gifts. Offer services instead. Like babysitting, decorating a cake, making a special meal, mowing a lawn, etc. Perhaps something you made, like a scrapbook, knitting or crocheting an item, baking, etc.

8. Take loads of pictures. My children love looking back at pictures. You never know when you will catch that perfect one. It also makes a great activity to sit around and look at pictures and reminisce about fun times together. Make sure to get some of the silly ones!

9. Make it special. Remember simple, but special. Is there a certain food your family likes? A special friend they would like to invite over? Maybe dress up to help make it special. Is there a certain tradition you could start for your family. Bake together, light scented candles, sit around in the evenings and have hot cocoa and play games. Come up with some of your own ideas.

10. And of course check out what Hasbro has available. They have some really great toys available. Check out their Hasbro Ultimate Gifts. They have made it simple for you to view what they have available this holiday season.

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You could use most of these suggestions all year.