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TowelHoodies Review and Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors, Sorry there was no post yesterday. I have been trying to get all caught up, plan a few events and my husband was sick. Anyway I have a really great item to share. They are TowelHoodies . My daughter loves hers. To begin with the towels used are nice and thick. Soft too! They use 100%cotton terry towels to make the TowelHoodies and then add ribbon on the hood and the inside seams where the hoodie is attached. I chose a very feminine one for my daughter. It's the Blue Flower, but they do have many choices including ones that little boys would like. My daughter has already used her's several times. She loves to wrap up in it as soon as she steps out of the tub. Of course getting her out of the tub to begin with is hard enough! She loves to take baths andthen often soaks for 1/2 an hour to an hour. Nice and warm! It's hard to tell that she is in there! TowelHoodies also carries beach towels with hoods , Bathrobes (which you can add matching ribbon

4KO For Kids Only Review and Giveaway!

Hey Neighbors! Here's another great product to share! 4KO or For Kids Only does hair care products for children. My daughter has really enjoyed using their hair care products. I received 2 large bottles of Swept Away, one was the Rosemary and Chrysanthemum Shampoo and the other their Leave in Conditioning Spray. Both of these are said to help prevent reappearance of lice and ticks in the hair due to the special blend of Crysanthemum, Balm Mint, and Rosemary Oil. On top of that I received to sample packs. The first one (Hair Care Sampler) had samples of their Mild and Friendly Moisturizing Shampoo (Blueberry and Sage), Detangler Leave-in Conditioner (Blueberry and Sage), and Magic Balm (frizz free control and shine). The second sample pack Cool Styling Sampler contained Magic Hair Gel, Magic Hair Glue, Tear-free Shampoo (Chamomile and Lavender), and Blue Goo. We love the scent of the Mild and Friendly Moisturizing Shampoo Blueberry and Sage). My daughter has been using that

Jammy Pack Review!

Hey Neighbors, Hope you all are having a great day today. I thought I would take some time and write up a couple of reviews today. Have you ever heard Jammy Packs? Now, I know most of you are saying "Don't you mean heard of?" Nope! I mean heard. This is a really unique speaker system for an mp3 player, iPod, and the like. Remember Fanny Packs? This is a speaker system built into a Fanny Pack type carrier. Hence the name Jammy Pack. Although I know most people will use these to listen to music that I never would, it is still something I would use for my music and the preaching I like to listen to. The quality of sound and the volume you are able to put out is very good. It runs on 3 AA batteries. The actual packs come in several colors. Just pick your Jammy Pack, then put in the batteries, attach your player and you are good to go. There are extra pockets for other items like keys, wallet, etc. The Jammy Pack runs $50-$65 each. Actual Jammy Pack! Battery Pack

Food's-On Picnic Set Review!

Hey Neighbors, I really like this next product! It is from Food's On and it is a picnic set. I received their six pack, which is designed for six people. Before I start though I just need to tell you that we camp alot throughout the year, and nothing is more frustrating then having a plate of food or someone's drink to flip over while you are eating. I don't know how many times we have had to re-fill plates because the wind flipped one over. Now, with that being said Food's-On has created a way to cut down on this type of accident occurring. First you start out with the Food's-On table cloth and 12, yes 12, tablecloth clamps. The clamps are very sturdy. Then, here is the good part, you have 6 plate holders that velcro to the tablecloth. There are also 6 cup holders that velcro to the table. I think this is great! Included with the kit are 6 biodegradable 9" paper plates, 6 16 ounce biodegradable cups, and 6 Biodegradable utensil sets, which include

101 Short and Hilarious Jokes Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbors, Here is another Family Fun Night Activity! The actual Title of the book is 101 Short and Hilarious Jokes for Kids-Jokes They Will Tell Again and Again . The book title was too long to put in the title of the post! Anyway, this is a fun way to spend Family Fun Night, sit around and tell jokes with one another. You can use the 101 Short and Hilarious Jokes for Kids Book and make sure you sprinkle in some of your families own favorite jokes. All my children have gone through a stage of getting joke books and then hounding everyone in the family with jokes. This is the perfect way to give them the chance to share their jokes and everyone is willing to sit and listen. So, pull out your 101 Short and Hilarious Jokes for Kids, grab a snack, gather around the table and have fun sharing jokes! You can even have small prizes if someone gets an answer right. Or whoever answers right gets to tell the next joke. Another idea would be to set up the video camera and let them rec

Taste of the Wild Review and Giveaway!

Hey Neighbors, I guess tonight is pet night At the Fence. I did a post awhile back on Taste of the Wild, but they recently launched new dog and cat food formulas and asked if I would do a new review. Plus a great giveaway! Sierra Mountain Canine-with roasted lamb and sweet potatoes, is a limited ingredient diet with lamb as the only protein source. It cont ains taurine to prot ect heart health and has lower protein and fat than the Taste of the Wild High Prairie and Wetlands formula, which may be a better option if d og owners are looking for a diet in lower fat or calories. Canyon River Feline contains only fish protein with trout, salmon and sweet potatoes f or a more limited ingredient profile, which may be a better choice for sensitive cats. Canyon R iver Feline is also a good choice for those cats who need a less-rich diet, as it has lower protein and fat than the Rocky Mountain Feline. We personally have two small dogs. One has a problem keeping weight on and the other has

Pup Light Review!

Hey Neighbors! Here is one great product! With it being darker earlier and still having to walk your dog, Pup Light is a great invention. Pup Light not only keeps you and your dog safer after dark, it helps to light your way on the walk. It also makes it easier to find your dog after dark if you have a fenced in yard where you turn them loose for awhile. And it fits almost any dog. It has an elastic adjustable band that fits 8" to 26" neck sizes. It has a removable section so you can adjust to the size you need. It is lightweight (2 1/2 ounces), runs on 3 AAA batteries, and has a tough water resistant casing. The three ultra-bright LEDs light up to 200 ft. ahead. This is really great for our dogs because we travel so much and unless we are home and have to walk them on leash when we are traveling. This is a benefit because we are always in new areas and it lights the path for us and generally makes evening walks easier. This is a must have for anyone who walks dogs

What Kids Would Tell You...If Only You'd Ask! Review and Giveaway!

Hey Neighbors! This is a neat one for Family Fun Night! Dr. Vicki Panaccione founder of the Better Parenting Institute, wrote a book called What Kids Would Tell You...If Only You'd Ask! This book is meant to be done together with your children. Each page has a question for you to ask your child and a blank area to record the answer. Some pages include a question for the parent to answer. First question is:What do you want to be when you grow up? The parents question is:When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Simple? Maybe, but when is the last time you really sat down and had a conversation with your child? How well do you really know each other? Some of the questions in this book are easy conversation openers, while others require more thought. This one takes a little more thought: What is the most important thing you have learned from your mom and dad? Each of your brothers and sister? Parents,What's the most important thing you've lear

Gaga Gougou Review and Giveaway!

Hi All, Here is a nice website for all of you to visit. It is called Gaga Gougou. It is a Canadian Baby and Toddler Boutique. I received a little sequinned hair clip in purple and white. Quite cute! They carry baby and toddler clothing, toys, feeding supplies, nursery items, gift ideas etc. And presently there is free shipping on orders over $100. If you have a young child or know someone who is expecting you might want to stop by Gaga Gougou. Angel Lily Hair Clips: "It's safe! The 2" metal clips are lead free; the bows cannot be chewed nor swall owed; and Angel Lily uses toxic free glue. It holds! T he clips a re fully covered (unlike many other brands out there that are only partially covered), so you don't see the metal parts. The v elvet fabric used is soft, so the clips will not pull on the delicate baby girl hair. The clips can hold on to h air for hours." Gaga Gougou: "I personally LOVE t hese hair clips, not only on my little girl, but on

Wholly Guacamole! Review!

Hi Neighbors! I wanted to share a great Family Fun Night Snack! Wholly Guacamole sent me a selection of their salsas, cheese dip, and of course guacamole! This makes for a fun Family Fun Night. Pull out your favorite games or activities, add some nacho chips, fill some dishes with your favorites from Wholly Guacamole, and let the fun begin. (Just make sure no one drips on the game board!) I received Wholly Salsa Medium and Mild (15 oz), Wholly Queso Classic and Blanco (14 oz), Wholly Guacamole 2-7 oz Classic, Wholly Guacamole 7 oz Spicy, and a Snack Pack of Wholly Salsa Mild (4 single serve cups). My younger children really love the mild! They are not so excited about the spicy, but when it comes to my older children and my husband spicy is what they like. My oldest daughter really likes Guacamole. So, this was a real treat! Wholly Guacamole is all natural. Here are some of the health benefits from the Wholly Guacamole site: "Avocados rank among the highest for magnesiu