Friday, November 12, 2010

Vapur Anti-Bottle Review

Hey Neighbors,

Out here At the Fence has been pretty wonderful all day today. A little wet this morning, but otherwise beautiful. Anyway I have as neat Vapur Water Bottle to share with you. I have to say this is a pretty clever invention. A re-usable water bottle, that after it is empty, can be folded to fit in your pocket or purse. Very handy! I don't know how many times as we have traveled we have to figure out how to dispose of our water bottles. Or when we changed to re-usable ones, what to do with them once they are empty. Vapur has a solution! Their bottle (anti-bottles) are made of 3 layers of ultra-durable plastic and are BPA free. Every bottle is designed to withstand daily use and it can be washed in a dishwasher. Just remove the cap and carabiner, blow a little air in to inflate and then place on the top dishwasher rack. There is a white strip on the back where you can write your name in permanent ink. You can also place your Vapur bottle in the freezer for cold water. Fill half way, freeze overnight, then in the morning finish filling and go! And, great news, they now carry a fun size!


"At Vapur®, we believe that clean tap water is the best drinking water for you, your community and the planet. We have set out to make tap water infinitely portable, readily available and ethically sustainable. But, toting a bulky reusable water bottle can be a hassle, especially when empty. We designed the reusable Anti-Bottle™ to “fold-and-go” anywhere – easily fitting into pockets, purses and packs. Plus, the flexible Anti-Bottle uses less energy to make and transport than rigid bottles. We hope this simple idea will help put an end to the use of bottled water."

The Vapur Bottle could easily be used in a gift basket. You could add some snacks, a book on hiking or walking, or you could make a travel basket for a child with the Vapur bottle, a couple of books to read, a small toy, or coloring book.

Disclaimer:I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a Vapur Bottle for review purposes. All quotes are taken from the Vapur website or email. All thoughts and opinions are mine.


rubynreba said...

I have never heard of a water bottle that could be folded up! What a clever idea.

Coolestmommy said...

This would be great while out running errands or on vacation. You'd still have the bottle, but it's compacted to fit in your purse or bag.

Thanks for sharing!

paulasue said...

These are great, very handy for all of the car rides. Paula Caudill

A Helicopter Mom said...

I love this idea! I drink a lot of water and would love to have one of these.