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Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Tints Review and Giveaway

Neighbors, Long day here today. We even had a few little snow flurries. I love weather like this! I have my newest Carmex product to share with you. I really like the Carmex Sheer Peach and Sheer Pink Tints . They are still a hydrating lip balm, but they have a hint of color to them. Both contain 12149 Helmar Rd, Newark, IL 60541itamin E and Aloe, SPF 15 Sunscreen and they come with a slant tip. They smell good too! Both my daughters older daughters like them. My Carmex has a tendency to disappear from time to time. I usually know where to find it though. Personal preference, I like the Pink Tint, but both are equally nice to use. I have especially dry lips and have been carrying Carmex with me lately. It lasts, and I like the way it goes on. I personally do not use lipstick, and I like that I can use this lip balm with just a hint of color and shine. And the best part is it keeps my lips hydrated. I love that Carmex started out as a family business and is still owned a

5 Tips for Holiday Tech Shopping

Hi Neighbors, I just saw this opportunity on TwitterMoms where they are teaming up with Staples to get tips out on Holiday Tech Shopping. And, they have offered us a chance to get in on the fun by writing about our tips:) So, I will be giving you my five tips on Holiday Tech shopping. 1.Do your research. I am very big about looking around to see what I can find out about a product or a brand. I want the best I can get for the cheapest amount of money. Make sure you get the facts about what you want to buy. Does it do everything you want it to, will it last long enough, are you going to be spending more money on upkeep than you paid for it? These are just some questions I would ask myself when buying tech products. 2.Look for reviews. Yes I am a blogger so this hits me as one of the first things to look for. But it should be pretty easy to figure out for anyone. Check the internet for reviews by people who already have tried the item out. Whether someone who did a product review for a c

Cover Your Hair Review and Giveaway! $25 Surprise Gift Box

Neighbors, Here's another great gift Basket Bonanza idea! Cover Your Hair sent me two of the cutest Hairbands. My daughters love them and I think they look great. We received a black Dashing Headband with Tails . It is 100% cotton, 10 inch tails, with a bead design on top. Really cute! The second one is a dark brown Fabulous Flower Suede Headband . This one is 100% Suede with a really pretty pink and pale green flower and leaf design. My daughters have worn them to church already. They sure help keep their hair neater looking. Especially with the wind we have been experiencing in Chicago. Cover Your Hair has so many nice hair accessories and head-coverings. We personally do not wear head-coverings, but know many women who do. My daughters wear something in their hair almost everyday. The older two have a tendency to pull the sides back and the younger two either use headbands, or pull their hair back in a ponytail or a braid. And of course, we have the occasional bu

Super Sipperz Review and Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors! Beautiful crisp day out here At the Fence! I have a really neat product to share today. They are called Super Sipperz. I received two sets of Super Sipperz. We had so much fun playing with these. Super Sipperz comes with 80 parts. Both straws and connectors. Also included was a section of tubing and a set of glasses (made of a tube of course!). You can build all sorts of twists and turns into your straw design and then enjoy. We started out small and then decided to get very creative. A couple of times we had a leak where the connector had not been put on tight, but otherwise it worked great. And you can always replace the straws when needed. And you can buy the set for $9.95 and if you purchase a second set at the same time it is only $5.00 plus shipping. She had so much fun. Doesn't she look like her mommy down below? Not only can your children build and drink through the straws, they can also just design things for play. Adults have fun with them too!

LIbre Loose Leaf Tea Glass Review!

Hello, Here is a great item for my neighbors who love their loose leaf tea. It is from Libre and is a glass 'n poly Loose Leaf Tea Glass . I love the design. It is not only functional, it is pretty too! It holds 9 oz. It is double walled. The inside being glass and the outside the poly. When you remove the lid, you will see the stainless steel filter that is built in side the second lid. This is really nice for carrying your tea around with you throughout the day. You remove the lid and filter and fill your glass with hot water to just below the rim of the glass. Screw on the filter and place 2-3 grams of loose leaf tea in the filter. Place lid on and tighten. (Be sure to allow to cool a little so steam does not cause leaks.) To steep the tea turn the glass upside down. When it is the color and strength you like, remove the lid and filter together and enjoy your tea. The leaves can be saved inside the filter to use again if desired. Now you can make some tea throug

My Pillow Pets Review and Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors, I am including this one in the Gift Basket Bonanza, but I don't think it will actually fit. I received the sweetest brown puppy from My Pillow Pets . He is soooooo soft! He is a tan with dark brown ears, dark brown spot on his tail, and a dark brown embroidered nose. My Pillow Pets are so great because they are a stuffed animal and a pillow all in one. My children are constantly pointing them out at stores and telling me which one is their favorite. Of course I am saving this one as a gift. My Pillow Pets are great for trips as they are an animal to play with and then become the pillow for nap time. I am sure there are some adults hooked on the My Pillow Pet's softness. I am! You can purchase the larger My Pillow Pets 18 inch for $24.99 and the smaller My Pillow Pets 11 inch for $14.99. You can purchase them online, or check your local stores or mall kiosks as I have seen them several places this year. Another thing, make sure you are getting a real My

Gourmet Gift Baskets Review and Giveaway!

Hey All, A great addition to the Gift Basket Bonanza, Gourmet Gift Baskets ! I received the Christmas Gift Basket Classic . This gift basket is gorgeous and my husband had a hard time waiting to open it. The items in the basket include:Almond Pecan-dy Crunch, Buttered Peanut Crunch, Brent and Sam's Gourmet Cookies (Chocolate Chip Pecan), Dipping Pretzels, Metropolitan Mix (Trail Mix), Roasted and Salted Large Cashews, Cheese Biscuits, Chocolate Cherries, Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate Bar, and Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip. Yummy! Doesn't that put you in the mood for a snack? My husband loves the dark chocolate bar. And his next favorite was the Almond Pecan-dy Crunch. The children really enjoyed the CHocolate Cherries and the Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies. And I have to tell you, as odd as Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip sounds, it tastes great! Gourmet Gift Baskets has so many different Holiday Baskets available, that if this one doesn't suit your needs a

Bearski Bath and BodyReview and Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors, I thought I'd do a quick review of Bearski Bath and Body products. They sent me a sample of their Goat Milk Lotion (with honey and shea butter), Velvet Lips lip balm with creamy cocoa butter, bees wax and vitamin e, and a Kidz Fizzy Bomb w/a surprise inside. The Goats Milk Lotion is whipped honey and almond. I really like the fragrance. It does not feel oily when you are done and may hands feel so soft. The Velvet Lips has a citrus fragrance and keeps your lips moisturized. My 10 year old love the Kidz Fizzy Bomb and was surprised to find a small plastic horse inside when it had dissolved. We received the Funky Fruit. You could smell the fruit scent throughout the bathroom. About Bearski: "Welcome to Bearski Bath & Body! We work hard to give you the yummiest, prettiest, skin-lovingest, handmade soaps, lotions and body products available. Give a gift of Bearski stuff, or keep it for yourself - our soap and lotions are good for every body. You're s

Travalo Review

Hi Neighbors, I received a Travalo for review. This is a really handy item and great for a gift basket. It is a mini refillable spray bottle for perfume. Mine is silver. It is aircraft grade aluminum body and no glass at all. It is aircraft approved. Safe in hand luggage. Empty weight is 13g. It holds 50 sprays and is so convenient for traveling. It is very easy to fill and refill. Use a bottle of perfume that has a removable nozzle. It was so simple to fill. You just remove the cap from the bottle of perfume you are using and then press the bottom of the Travalo down on the tube and press it up and down. You can see it filling in the window of the bottle. This is an easy way to carry some of your favorite scent with you throughout the day to freshen up with. It is small and convenient to carry in your purse. Travalo is the size of my index finger or a tube of lipstick. Light weight. Travalo comes in several color choices. I will be carrying mine around with me from no

Dot Girl Kit Review and Giveaway!

Neighbors, I am posting a small warning here in case someone does not want to read this post about a kit for a girl's first period, but I will tell you in advance, that I keep all the posts family friendly. This kit is actually one of the few I have seen that is not too much or too little information. It directs the girls to go to their parent for more information and explains this time in a girl's life in a friendly useful manner. I will be saving mine for my 10 year old. The Dot Girl Kit includes a small pink carrying case that can be put in a purse and not be obvious what it is in it. It has 5 pads, 2 moisturizing antibacterial wipes, 5 disposal bags, a small re-usable gel heating pad for cramps (it can also be used as a cold pack), and then a Dot Girl Period Answer Book. The Dot Girl Answer Book is a small booklet that answers questions like: 1. What is a period anyway? 2. How long is a cycle? 3. How much blood will there be? 4. How many days will I bleed? 5. When wil

NOVICA $35 GC Giveawy

Hi Neighbors, One more trip out At the Fence this evening. This would make a great addition to someone's gift basket. You could give them the code, or you could choose an item from Novica to put in the basket. Novica carries so much from Artisans all over the world. They have some simply stunning handmade jewelry . My daughters have ordered a couple of necklaces from Novica. Under their Unique Gifts I found a gorgeous shawl called Butterfly Bliss. Or maybe you would like the Amethyst Bracelet available. I could seriously spend hours browsing the Novica site. My daughters love to look around and see what is new. Come on men, this would be something great to win for your wife. Isn't there something she would like from Novica? Maybe you could look together and get some ideas of what she would like. Or you could check out the page they have of Gifts for Her . From Novica: "We want to give artists and artisans around the world a global platform to express their true