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Fall Festival October 1-31

Hi Neighbors! Fall Festival At the Fence starts tomorrow.  The Fall Festival centers around products that you can do inside on a chilly fall day or products that make you feel warm and snuggly.  You need to keep an eye out for the reviews and giveaways the whole month of October.  I will not be doing posts on Sunday, but any other day of the week be sure to stop by and see what is going on At the Fence.  There are some really neat products lined up.  Looking forward to seeing you At the Fence this month! Your Neighbor, Lori

Baby Go Go Review and Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors! We are traveling again so I am doing this post late at night in a hotel.  I thought I would stop by At the Fence and share Baby Go Go with you.  She is adorable.  She (because that is what my daughter chose) could actually be either a boy or girl, depending on your child's preference.  Little Sib wanted a doll that could just be a baby (Boy or Girl). You could use this for a young boy or girl that is soon going to become a big brother or sister to help prepare them for the big event.  Baby Go Go is dressed in a colorful sleeper with a cute little cap, and comes with a very soft white blanket and a small book entitled Baby Go Go Goes Home.  Baby Go Go comes in a beautiful box and my daughter used the box to bring her on this trip with us.  I also received the diaper bag with 1 re-usable cloth diaper.  That also came on the trip with us!  She likes Baby Go Go!  Baby Go Go is a soft bodied doll with plastic head, hands and feet.  She is the perfect size for lit

Ayala's Herbal Water Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbor! It is so beautiful today out At the Fence that I just had to stop by and share another product with you.  Ayala's Herbal Water sent me a sample pack to try.  I received 1 of each of the flavors.  This included: Lemongrass Mint Vanilla, Lavender Mint, Lemon Verbena Geranium, Cloves Cardamon Cinnamon, Cinnamon Orange Peel, and Ginger Lemon Peel.  Not only do they taste good, they are good for you!  I refrigerated mine before tasting, so they were nice and cold.  And they came with little cups for sampling.  Ayala's Herbal Water contains Zero calories, Zero artificial additives, and Zero preservatives. You and I both know that drinking water is good for us, but sometimes you just want something with some flavor.  Now you can have flavor without a bunch of additives and sweeteners.  Ayala's uses culinary herbs to flavor their waters, and you have six different flavors to choose from.  Not to mention the health benefits. Ayala's Herbal ingredients:

Fracture Photo Frame

Neighbor, do I have a neat company to share with you.  Not to long ago I did a short post about Fracture, and I have since been able to receive a Fracture Photo Frame with my personal picture on it.  In case you have forgotten, a Fracture Photo Frame is a one piece picture and frame made from printed glass that mounts directly on your wall.  One of the really neat things about them is they stand out because of their unique look and beautiful colors.  And the prices are reasonable too!  An 8 x 10 is $12.00.  No sharp edges, more shatter-proof than regular glass, and not only do you not have to go shopping for a frame, you don't even have to find the screw, it comes with it.  Once it arrives you just place the screw in the wall where you want it and hang your Fracture Photo Frame.  It's that easy!  I love mine.  I used a picture from our anniversary.  Can you tell I really enjoyed the anniversary this year?  The colors are so bright!  You could decorate your home this way! 

Laser Xpressions Giveaway!

Outside Lawry's Prime Rib Chicago, IL Hey Neighbors, Remember the review I recently did on Laser Xpressions ?  The really nice Heart Shaped Dog Tag Pendant with my anniversary picture on it!  They just emailed and are going to sponsor a giveaway of either the same Heart Shaped Gog Tag Pendant or a Standard Dog Tag with a picture on the front and engraving on the back.  Are you interested yet?  You can read my previous post by clicking here . I encourage you to read it, so you will know more about the company.  I am really impressed by the quality of my Pendant and I believe you would enjoy one too.  You could even have it done as a gift. I am so happy with mine I am considering ordering from them again.  I have worn my pendant quite a bit since I received it.  See you At the Fence again soon! Your Neighbor, Lori Mandatory Entry:Visit Laser Xpressions and in a comment tell me what you found interesting on their site.  Perhaps another item you like or something you

This Place is a Zoo Review and Giveaway!

Hey All! I just had to share this site with you.  It is called This Place is a Zoo and they carry all sorts of stuffed animals.  They specialize in jumbo and exotic animals.  If you have a stuffed animal lover in your family, this is the place to go to look for a gift.  As you have noticed in previous posts, we own a Yorkie mix, so I fell in love with the 10" Breathing Yorkie.  It is adorable.  The Yorkie I received came in the cutest live animal box, and included was the red Pet Tote Carrying Case, a little padded blanket type bed the dog lays on, a brush, a certificate of adoption and a care manual.  After unpacking the little one, I removed the red tag from the battery area and she started breathing.  It actually sounds like she is snoring lightly as she breathes.  My 9 and 13 year old have been brushing him just for fun! She is wearing a brown collar with a silver tag that says "Perfect Pets" and she has a red bow in her topknot. They have this type of dog availa

250 Die Cut Business Cards U-Printing Giveaway

 Hey Neighbors! U-Printing is offering a giveaway to one winner of 250 Die Cut Business Cards.  The winner will be able to choose from Rounded Corners, Leaf, Rounded One Corner, Half-Circle Side, or Circle.  I have looked at the site and they have plenty of really nice looking cards.  These could be used for your business, blog, or even a personal card. If you need some business cards make sure you enter!  Use these cards to increase your business visibility.  Send them in mailings, carry them with you where ever you go. The winner will receive 250 Die Cut Business Cards.  2 x 3.5", 2 x 2" Square Card, or 1.75 x 3.5" Slim Card.  Paper Type-14 pt Cardstock Gloss, Matte, or High Gloss; 13 pt Cardstock Uncoated Color-4 Color Front, Blank Back; 4 Color Front, Black Back; 4 Color Both Sides Limited to US residents only 18 years old and above. Make sure you visit U-Printing to see the business cards that they have available. And remember they print much more than

Only Bandanas Review $15 GC Giveaway

Hi Neighbors, Another neat product I have been offered is Only Bandanas.  I now have 1 pink paisley bandana, 1 yellow paisley bandana headband, and 1 Hawaiin Orange Flower Bandana.  This is the perfect time of year to use bandanas because Fall is approaching and it is getting windier.  At least around here it is.  So the bandana will help keep your hair from getting all wind blown.  Also, this is the time of year I love to ride with all the windows down. Not real good for my hair though!  Yellow Paisley Headband As you can guess by the name Only Bandanas carries a huge assortment of Bandanas.  With the type of bandanas mentioned above, they also have the triangle bandanas.  I have to admit I was surprised at the amount of choices they have.   Both my younger daughters have baby fine hair that tangles easily so these are great for them to wear.  Not to mention, my 9 year old loves to wear anything she considers dress-up.  She wore a scarf around her neck and white gloves this

Pure Pearls Bracelet Review and Earring Giveaway

Hi Neighbors! I recently received a beautiful freshwater pearl bracelet from Pure Pearls . Wait until you see the pictures! Pure Pearls carries a variety of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. I chose mine in Pink. I love it! So do my daughters. My oldest daughter has already borrowed it once. I like that you can use it with just about any outfit, casual or dressy. Pearls go with just about anything. My bracelet arrived with a GIA Graduate Prepared Certificate of Appraisal, and the bracelet is in a Signature Little Black Gift Box, Black velvet covering and creamy silk lining. Gorgeous! These I will be using for special dates with my husband. From Pure Pearls: "Freshwater Pearls are a sweet, smaller, and often more irregularly shaped type of pearl that can be grown in a number of different species of freshwater mussels. A Freshwater pearl is produced when twenty or more tiny tissue grafts are implanted into the thick mantle of a living mussel. Depending on the s

BOO BOO ZOO Review and Giveaway!

Hey Neighbors! I found another really great Etsy Shop! It is called Boo Boo Zoo . She makes cute little warm and cold packs, for aches and pains. She makes them for both children and adults. I love the shapes and material she uses. I received a Cowboy Boot, which my daughter has used. And then several pairs of hand warmers which we are taking on a trip out west soon. Her Boo Boo Bags come in an assortment of animal shapes, Owl, Butterfly, Hippo, and Kitty just to name a few. There are bugs, cupcakes, popsicles, trains, rocket ships, etc. To top it all off they are priced very reasonably. ($5-$6) The Hand Warmers called Happy Hands Warmers run $3-$5. They are perfect for those cool days when you can warm them and stick them in your child's pockets. Or when they come in from playing and want to warm their hands. Any of these can be chilled for a child running a temperature, or when they come in and want to cool down. The Wrist Wraps are great for someone with a sprain,

Laser Xpressions Review

Hi Neighbors, This is presently one of my favorite necklaces and it was done by Laser Xpressions . I received a heart-shaped dog tag with a picture of my husband and I from our 28th wedding anniversary this year on the front. On the back it is engraved with our names, 28th Wedding Anniversary and the date. I love it. The picture is actually very clear. I was surprised how clear. The Dog Tag is not flimsy it is well made. Believe me I know about cheap ones because I ordered one before. The chain is also very sturdy. You choose your photo, decide if you want the back engraved, pick the font style, and then sit back and wait for it to arrive. The heart shape that I received is $35.00. They do have other shapes and and sizes to choose from. Laser Xpressions does much more than just the Dog Tag Pendants. Award Plaques, Granite Photos, Hand Etched Photos, and Marble Photos are just a few of the items they carry. You really need to visit Laser Xpressions to see all they have avail