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Snoedel Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbors, I've been under the weather lately so, I haven't made it out At the Fence. Today I wanted to tell you about a really neat little item for bonding with your baby. It is called a Snoedel. The Dutch word Snoedel means to snuggle. I received a cute blue one! It is so soft! Snoedels are designed to absorb the parents scent and then when you allow your child to hold or cuddle with the Snoedel it slowly releases the parents scent. Snoedels recommends the parent sleep with the Snoedel couple of nights before giving the Snoedel to your child. This will also need done again after washing.The Snoedel looks like a little handkerchief doll with a sleeping cap on., except it is made out of 100% flannel. Here are just a few of the names peope call their S noedel: Doll, Blanket, Lovey,Blankie, Woobie and Snoody. Visit this page, to see a few of the suggested uses of the Snoedel. Not only do they carry the Snoedels, but they also carry matching blankets! If you order

Taututina Bookends Review

Hi Neighbors, I would like to share another company with you. It is Taututina , (Happy painted gifts for a happy lifestyle.). Tatutina carries many different kinds of painted wood products, but I was able to review a set of bookends. They are adorable! We received the Yellow Dog Bookends . ($32.00) My daughters love them. They are sturdy and durable. They should last for years. This set would be appropriate for either boys or girls. The dogs are yellow with a bone in their mouth. The bookend frame is blue and on the front they say "Woof" with 2 little paw prints. Since I received my bookends Taututina has come out with several other new bookends, so you are sure to find one that matches the decor of your child's bedroom. The Baby Teddy Bear Bookends come in either blue or pink . Perhaps you would be interested in their Crayon Caddy on their Art page ! They have some really cute recipe boxes ($25) too. I know that my daughter who

Abbe Designs Lunch Tote R and G

Hey Neighbors, This little item I have to share is just too cute! Abbe Designs is a website where you can find some of the most adorable hairbands, totes, dresses, backpacks etc. and they are all monogrammed or embroidered. There are many designs to choose from for each item. I love the Lunch Tote that we were sent and I am having a hard time hiding it until my daughters birthday! So she won't be in the pictures with this one! The lunch tote ($16.95) that we received is a hot pink with her name embroidered on the front pocket in dark purple, with a gold, purple and pink crown right above her name. It also has a purple bow with white dots tied around the base of one of the handles. The Lunch Tote is insulated. I know my daughter will love hers when she finally gets to see it. They also carry matching items, like backpacks. Abbe Designs has many beautiful items to browse through, and they are not all girl! They have many designs for boys in their backpacks,

Winners and I need some feedback. Please help.

Hi Neighbors, Here are some of the most recent winners: Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger-Beth Level 8 Cases-Andrea Cutie Clothes $25 GC-Aleksandra Thank you to all who entered. Now I have a few questions and would appreciate if you could give me some feedback. At the Fence has been up for almost a year now and I wanted to see if you feel there are some improvements needed. Too many giveaways? Not enough information? Another way to list the giveaways? Other modes of entry? A different format? More advertising? Add other blogger buttons? Give me your opinion by leaving a comment. I would love some feedback. Thanks! Your neighbor At the Fence Lori

Zoodles Review/Giveaway

Hi Neighbors, I had the opportunity recently to sample Zoodles . It is a browser that can insure extra safety for your children while they are on the internet. The basic Zoodles is free and your children can explore to their hearts content. They also send you a weekly email telling you what games, videos, activities etc. that your child has participated in. Each report informs you of the amount of time spent on each activity. Zoodles : "Through our Premium Membership, we give parents smart tools to guide their child’s online experience. Parents can further customize Zoodles by shaping the content and subjects, setting play time limits, selecting the right violence level, and more, all through an easy Parent Dashboard. We keep parents up‐to‐date on their child’s activities through frequent email progress reports. Developed by a father of two and a talented team of software and educational experts, Palo Alto, California‐based Zoodles soft‐launched in April 2009. By gath

New Winners!

Hi All, A quick update to list the most recent winners At the Fence! Gold Canyon Personal Diffuser-Debbie Flings Bins-Jennifer K-Nex-Kari Congratulations Ladies! Make sure you enter some of the newest giveaways, like TeaGschwendner Teas, Hasbro Card Games, Socks n' Boots Share, etc. And then make sure you entered some of the giveaways ending soon like: Cutie Clothes $25 GC ending tonight, Level 8 Apple case of your choice 8/26, Crane Humidifier 8/27 and Kitty Wood Designs Necklace 8/30. A big thank you to all who visit At the Fence regularly.

Fracture Photo Ideas

Hi neighbors, I just recently learned about a company called Fracture . They make one piece photos so you have no need of a frame! These are very interesting and I think many of you would like to learn more about this company. If I am one of the first 100 in this opportunity, I will be posting pictures of what my product looks like and I will tell you how I like it. It seems like a pretty neat idea though. I wrote this blog post in response to a TwitterMoms RAMBO alert, making me eligible to get a Fracture picture frame for review. You can learn more about Fracture at .

TeaGschwendner Review and giveaway

Hi Neighbors, Once again I get to share a tea company! TeaGgschwendner sent me two different samples of Cherry Tea! Just opening the bags and smelling them was a treat. I received the No. 992 Black Tea Aroma Edition Wild Cherry and the No. 1495 Fruit Tea Flavored Wild Cherry . I received 100g of loose leaf tea in both flavors. The cost-$9.35 per bag and $7.81 for the Fruit tea. I also received a book on teas, and a measuring spoon. I really enjoyed both teas. They each have a unique flavor. The cherry flavor is not as strong in the black tea, and my husband even liked it and he is not a big tea drinker. The fruit tea definitely has the stronger cherry, fruity flavor. My daughters and I liked. both of them. These would make a great addition to your tea cupboard, or as a gift for a friend. And if you prefer something other than Wild Cherry, I am sure you can find a flavor you like at TeaGschwendner. About Tea Gschwendner: "Our passion for tea began in the late se

K-NEX Kicks Off 2011 K-NEXpert Search

Hey Neighbors, My K-Nex giveaway ends tonight (See the sidebar to enter), but here is another reason to enter. K-Nex has a search going on for the a K-Nex expert. Check out the details below. K'NEX Kicks Off 2011 K'NEXpert Search Kids Can Win $10,000 Savings Bond for College! K’NEX is inviting kids to design a creative, original model made entirely from K’NEX parts. Three imaginative children – one from each of the three age groups: 5 to 6-year-olds; 7 to 8-year-olds; and, 9 to 12-year-olds - will each win a $10,000 savings bond for college. The models made entirely of K’NEX pieces are judged on creativity, uniqueness and detail. In addition to $10,000 for college, the three grand prize winners will also receive a trip for three to K'NEX headquarters near Philadelphia , PA for the K’NEXpert Award Ceremony, where they can meet each other and discover, through company designers and a factory tour, how K’NEX is made. Seven finalists will each

Sorry! Revenge, Yahtzee Hands Down, and Mille Bornes Card Game Review and Giveaway

Hi neighbors, I received 3 card games from Hasbro and wanted to share them with you At the Fence. We received Mille Bornes, Sorry! Revenge , and Yahtzee Hands Down. We try to play games at least one night a week, but lately we have had a lot more time to play games. So, when these new games arrived we had to try them out. My children have all played Mille Bornes before, so it was a great favorite. Then we tried Yahtzee Hands down . A little complicated at first until we all understood all the rules, so we played through the first time with everyone showing their cards. After that, the game really took off. But, I have to say the game that became our favorite was Sorry! Revenge. The children want to play it during lunch, when they have a break, and it has quickly become an evening favorite. The only problem with the game? There are 8 of us and only four players at a time in the game. Sometimes we play teams, or we take turns and rotate out. Either way the playing often becom

Sock n' Boots Review and Giveaway!

Hey Neighbors, I thought this would be a great day out here At the Fence to share the book Sock n' Boots Share by D. K. Smith and illustrated by Lorena Isabel. I have to be honest, I am so leery of new books. If you haven't noticed yet, I am not into being hip and cool. I really prefer basic and innocent for children. I was really impressed with Sock n' Boots. Many times to teach lessons the main character does something wrong, gets in trouble and then learns their lesson. How refreshing to have two cute, little characters, Sock a gym sock and Boots a combat boot, who are pleasantly learning a lesson together. Sock n' Boots teaches a lesson on sharing without being too cool or too preachy. They just teach by example and show the benefits of sharing. For the remainder of the month of August we will be hosting a 5 book giveaway. Tomorrow we will be posting a digital version of " Sock n Boots-Share" at . In order

Flings 1 more time! Giveaway

Hi Neighbors, Flings is allowing me to do, one more giveaway of their Fling Bins. This time we are discussing a Party on the Go. Here is some information: "Party Planning T ips from Jeanne Benedict and Flings Bins First priority fo r a party on-the-go is the cooler. Keep food fresh and guests refreshed while saving space. Pour ou t half the contents of individual size plastic water bottles and free ze them overnight. When packing up the cooler add filtered water to the bottles and replace the cap. These bottles will do double-duty by keeping food cold eliminatin g the need for ice, as well as serving as cold drinks for guests. · With the food, it’s all about simplicity – think about what’s easy to prepare o ver a grill or campfire. Mix up a favorite burger blend at home and form patties. Place wax paper between e ach patty and stack them in a coffee can. They’ll be ready to slap on the grill as soon as it’s fired up! ·

Posh Blankets by The Polka Dot Tot Giveaway

Hi Neighbors, This is a really neat company that does custom made Blankets and Loveys. It is called Posh Blankets by The Polka Dot Tot. Now since this is not a review, I am going to have to take a lot of information from their site, but I think you will really like them. So to start off, here is a little bit about them from their About page: " "It all started with a burp cloth. Then we designed blankets,… then bibs… then towels… then hats… then pillows… then T-shirts… then blankets for adults… and children…and teens… and thus, we became The Polka Dot Tot. It was so much fun to design that we didn’t know where to stop! We loved being a one-stop-shop for baby items but what our customers really loved were our blankets. We heard time and time again stories of children who couldn’t sleep without their lovey or a child who could only be soothed by their blank