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EZ Soxs Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbors, I have a really neat pair of socks to share with you! I wish these were around for all my children. EZ Sox has designed a pair of socks with double reinforced little loops at the top of each sock (one on each side) to make it easy (EZ) for your child to put on their own socks. They are great! We received a pair with a puppy on them. Mind you the puppy on the top of their foot lets them know they have it on right. Another great help! Plus the bottoms have non skid sticky grip to make them safer on slippery floors. They are made seamless for those more sensitive feet. Boy, did I ever have one of those. She took soooooooo long to get her socks just the way she wanted them. No wrinkles. toe seam lined up just right, the heel had to be exactly where it belonged, and if it changed position while she was wearing it, we were expected to stop so she could fix it! The socks come with a choice of animals. There is a dog, bear, rabbit, frog, cat and pig. There has to be


Hey Neighbors, Here is a list of the recent winners! And a picture of one of the winners of the Kinder-Glo giveaway a few weeks back. If you want to send a picture of you or someone else using an item they won from this blog I will be more than happy to post it! Glee Gum Kit-Shelly L Easy Lunch Box-Shelly L Bee Hive Candles-Shelly L Kinder-glo-Susan Keep an eye out At the Fence! I will be out later today to add another giveaway, maybe two. I'll look for you At the Fence!

CSN $40 GC Giveaway

Hi Neighbors, I thought I would wander out At the Fence tonight to share another company with you. CSN Stores. CSN contacted me and thought my neighbors might be interested a $40 Gift Certificate, so of course I said yes. CSN has over 200 stores you can choose to shop in. You can shop for anything from a bathroom vanity to kitchen appliances. Maybe you could even find a gift for Father's Day! I am sure one of my neighbors would enjoy winning this. Here is some information from their website: "CSN Stores LLC is a fast-growing, privately-held company offering customers the best online shopping available for home and office goods. A $200 million company, CSN is made up of more than 200 online niche shops offering a huge selection of products ranging from barstools and bedroom sets to grills, greenhouses and gaming equipment. We have items for budget-minded shoppers, luxury seekers and everyone in between. CSN employs more than 400 of Boston's best and brightest worker

WAT-AAH Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbors, Hopefully it's not too hot out for you to stop by At the Fence to see what has been going on. I do have to say though if it has been as hot where you are, you will enjoy this next company. WAT-AAH , is a company that is encouraging children to "Don't drink _______! Drink Wat-ahh!" Now, in my family we do try to limit soda (pop or cola). We really try to incorporate water, juice and yes, iced tea throughout the week. So, when I heard about WAT-AAH and their compaign to encourage children to Drink WAT-AAH I wanted to support them. WAT-AHH encourages children to drink more water and cut back on those other drinks that are not good for them. WAT-AAH has a goal of trying to decrease childhood obesity by getting more children to drink water. When Rose Cameron's son told her that he knew water was good for him, but that it was boring, she decided to come up with a way to make water more exciting. Thus WAT-AAH got it's start. The first functio


Hi Neighbors, Had a wonderful day out at Yard Sales today, even made a new contact. So, now that I am back I thought I would take a minute to stop by At the Fence and share another great product. Journals Unlimited , sent me a Day Planner for Giveaway. It is part of their Write It Down Series . All these journals are available for under $20. These would make a great gift. They have them available for Birthdays, Sports, Vacation, Diary, Guest, Devotional, Contacts, Recipes, Baby, etc. There are many to choose from. The Day Planner : On the front of each page is a place to write the date at the top, and then there are lines for each hour of the day from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. The back of each pages is lined and is for notes, lists, priorities. Or anything else you might need to write down. The covers are a heavy cardboard. It is 7.5" x 9" and has 200 pages. The Journal is wire bound. Nicely put together. Here is how Journals Unlimited got it's start: "With


Hi neighbors, It's been awhile since I've been able to visit. I certainly have missed seeing everyone At the Fence. I have another product to share today. It is the Sodastream Soda Home Soda Maker. We were all excited when we heard about this item. Imagine being able to make your own soda at home. We received the Starter Kit; the Soda Maker, a CO2 cylinder, with several different bottles of syrup, Cola, Lemon Iced Tea, Diet Cola, Orange Mango, Diet Pink Grapefruit, Ginger Ale, etc. They also included Orange, Citrus and Berry to make flavored water. After opening the kit, we attached the CO2 cylinder. Once you have done this and closed the cover you can begin experimenting with the flavors. We decided to do Cola first. You fill one of your two re-usable bottles with water. Place in your refrigerator until cold. You place it in position with the little rubber hose inside the bottle and screw onto the soda machine. With the press of a button you add carbonation to you

More Winners At the Fence

Hey Neighbors, Here is my latest list of winners. Guidecraft Noah's Ark Table and Chairs Set-Merrie Green Mountain Coffee-Laura High Sierra Sport-Trisha Kinder-Glo-Sally and Andrea each won one. Emerson Creek Pottery-Shelly Simply Go-Gurt-Karen Congratulations ladies! I look forward to seeing all of you back here At the Fence. More giveaways will be posted this week so make sure you stop by At the Fence to see what is going on. Thank you to all who enter! Your Neighbor, Lori

Kinder-Glo Again!

Hey Neighbors, It's almost dark out here, so I hope you don't mind if I use Kinder-Glo's newest nightlight to light up the pathway to the fence. While you're here At the Fence let me share a little bit about Kinder-Glo's new nightlight. It is the quarter moon. He has a big smile on his face too! My children think it is great. Kinder-Glo is a nightlight your child can carry around with them. They stay cool to the touch. You put them on their base to charge during the day, and then your children can carry them to bed with them. It can light their way on night time bathroom trips. These are seriously a favorite item of mine. My daughters take them with us everywhere, including hotels, camping etc. If you check in my sidebar, you can read my previous posts for more information about the Kinder-Glo nightlights. They have several other characters available. We received some previously and they are still working great and holding their charge well. The other c

Bee Hive Candles Review and Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors, Nice to see you out At the Fence today. I wanted to share with you about Bee Hive Candles . Their candles are hand made from beeswax. The Beeswax candles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They have pillars, votives, tapers, tealights, and tins. Along with these they have Honeycomb candles and Aromatherapy. Accessories and gift packs are available also. These are the first Beeswax Candles I have ever tried, and quite honestly, I am impressed. I will be adding pictures later today. According to the company the Beeswax "is an all natural product with no additives or fillers. It is nontoxic, safe enough to eat, and often used in cosmetics. (No, I did not try eating mine:)!) Beeswax is hypo allergenic, great for people with allergies or other sensitivities, and for those of us who want a safe, clean burning candle in our home." Even the wick is a lead free cotton. If you have never burned a Beeswax candle before, make sure you check out their


Neighbors, This is just a note to let you know that I have signed up with Business 2 Blogger to try to get more offers for you my neighbors. They help Bloggers and Businesses connect. I am presently awaiting my first contact. If all go well, I should be able to offer more reviews and giveaways through this company. Your Neighbor, Lori

GUIDECRAFT Table and Chairs Set And KINDER-GLO end tonight!

Hi Neighbors, Just a quick stop At the Fence to remind you all that the Guidecraft Noah's Ark Table and Chairs Set and the Kinder-Glo Nightlights end tonight at 11:59 pm CST. Make sure you have entered. New winners: Green Mountain Coffee-Laura Sunglass Warehouse-Shelly High Sierra Sport Company-Trisha Thanks for stopping by At the Fence!

Eco-Friendly Lunch Box Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors, I thought I would try to catch you here At the Fence before I started dinner. I have a new product to share with you. It is Easy Lunch Boxes . I have to tell you these are really great. My lunch box is purple. My daughters, 9 and 12, both love that color. The insulated lunch box, or cooler bag is available in a variety of colors (Black, Dark Red, Olive, Purple and Aqua). They are vinyl free, pvc free, and lead free, with FDA compliant PEVA lining. They can even be washed in a washing machine (cold water, gentle cycle, air dry). Put together with the compartmentalized containers and you have a near perfect lunch box. The containers come in 4 to a pack with 4 different colored lids. So, assign each child a color for their food container. It has 3 compartments. One large enough for a sandwich and the other two for fruit, or snacks. The containers are of course made of BPA free plastic. They are safe for the refrigerator, freezer, microwave and dishwasher. You

Simply....Go-Gurt Review and Giveaway

CLOSED Hi Neighbors, I simply had to share with you about Simply...Go-Gurt and the prize pack I received from Yoplait through My Blog Spark. This is a really great pack and one of my neighbors has the chance to win one also. They also have a mini site you can go to Here to get coupons and other great information. We received a coupon for a free pack of Simply...Go-Gurt, a backseat organizer, one pocket Etch a Sketch, and a weekly planner. My children loved the Simply...Go-Gurts! Especially with traveling, because they didn't need a spoon, they just ate right out of the tube. Simply....Go Gurt is a healthy snack for your children, whether on the go, or simply at home. "New Simply... Go-Gurt is made from simple ingredients moms look for and contains no high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors or flavors. Each convenient portable yogurt tube contains a good source of calcium and vitamin D. Simply stated, Simply... Go-Gurt is a good-for-you, low fat yogurt snack that you