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Emerson Creek Pottery Review and Giveaway

CLOSED Oh Neighbors, Here is another really nice company to share At the Fence. Pull up a chair while I tell you a little bit about Emerson Creek Pottery . First off, they are handcrafted and lead free. Isn't that a great start! They are made right in Bedford, VA. The company was founded in 1977 by Priscilla Palmer and Jim Leavitt. They carry, dinnerware, bakeware, kitchenware, Ceramic Pitchers, Tea Pots, Tea Sets and Servingware. The designs on them are beautiful. I received the Ceramic Iced Tea Pitcher with the Iris design. I really had a hard time choosing a design. Of course you can purchase matching items in each design. All the Ceramic pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe, and ovenproof. They even carry baby dishes. Now, you won't have to worry about all the toxins in plastic. (You can even personalize them!) The Baby Dishes come in Goldfish, Ladybug, and Shamrock. They even carry lamps , clocks, candlesticks and other home decor that matches t

BuzzMug Giveaway!

Hello Neighbors, If you win this new giveaway you can visit At the Fence and have a cup of coffee or hot tea. According to BuzzMug they are the premier coffee travel mug site on the web. They carry over 150 different types of mugs from ceramic to Stainless steel . Many are dishwasher safe and/or microwavable. They also carry some that are guaranteed to be leak-proof . Not only do they carry all these mugs, they also carry, grinders, tea infusers, expresso machines, etc. Here is a description of the mug they are offering in this giveaway: "12 oz. Microwavable Stoneware Travel Mug white At last, a coffee travel mug that you can put in the microwave as well as the dishwasher! The sleek tapered design also easily fits in your car''s cup holder. This is the original, and many say, the best design for people with cars who would not dream of drinking from cardboard, plastic or tin cups. Mug handle is easy to grab and hold for the purity of stoneware. It looks like a mu

Just a Quick Update!

Hi Neighbors, So glad to have you stop by and visit for awhile At the Fence. Make sure you have entered the Eden Home $25 GC Giveaway that ends tonight. Also check out the other giveaways in the sidebar. I will be adding another 1-2 between today and tomorrow. There are some really nice ones going on right now. I am enjoying hosting these giveaways and getting to know so many through this blog. Thank you to each and every one of you that help make this blog a success. I would like to post a blog with some winner's responses to the items you've won. If you have won something on At the Fence, would you be willing to email me a line or two about how you liked what you won? You can email me Thanks in advance! Also if you have any ideas of other types of products you would like to see, leave a comment to let me know. I am more than willing to try other ideas. Thanks for visiting. Until next time!

Kinder-glo Review and Giveaway

CLOSED Hi Neighbors, Join me At the Fence so I can share something with you. One of my favorite companies contacted me regarding a new design they have out. Kinder-glo now has a Quarter Moon nightlight. I love it! It is a little larger than their previous designs, and because of it's shape is probably a little easier for young children to hold. Remember Kinder-glo nightlights never get hot! So, little ones can carry them around, or even take them to bed with them. (They could also carry them to light their way to the bathroom if needed.) Each nightlight comes with it's own base where you recharge it. You can choose to let it cycle through colors, or choose just one color (Red, Blue, Green) Leave it on all night long, or you can have it fade out after 30 minutes. You choose! Best of all they are BPA and lead free. I highly recommend these nightlights. My children use them every night! The Quarter Moon is sort of donut shaped, except one side is thinner than

Snaptotes Follow-up Review

Hey Neighbors, I received my Snaptotes Bag I wrote about in a previous post. Wait until you see the pictures. It is gorgeous! To begin with it I love the leather smell. The pictures were done on both side of my bag. They look great! The pictures are nice, well-defined, and very clear. (I was concerned that they would have a fuzzy appearance.) This would make a great gift for a mom, sister, daughter, secret friend, etc. I really enjoyed using their design program. It was quick, easy, and fun! I was impressed by how quickly they were able to complete the project and get it into my hands. Now, I can show off my family everywhere I go! I received the Luxury Leather Grand Bucket Bag. It has a cell phone and mirror pocket, along with a small zippered pocket inside. There is so much room inside this bag. Snaptotes has product that I enjoy sharing At the Fence. And Snaptotes has given a code for my neighbors to get 15% off any Snaptotes purchase. Just enter the code:fenc

High Sierra Sport Review and Giveaway

CLOSED Hi Neighbors, I thought while we were At the Fence this time, maybe we could play a little game with this one. We are doing a Scavenger Hunt! High Sierra Sport sent me this really great backpack for review. It is called a Swerve, and has sooooo many pockets. It has mesh pockets on the side to hold a water bottle. Inside the first zippered compartment on the front there are several varying sized pockets to carry pens, change, etc. There is also a detachable key fob. Then there are 2 zippered compartments where you could carry books, notebooks, gym clothes, etc. The first of these 2 has a smaller pocket where you could put an Ipod or MP3 player, as there is access to the outside for your headphones or earbud wire. Next is a small zippered pocket that would hold a wallet or change purse. There is one more large divided compartment that once again could hold books, notebooks, etc. The very last zippered compartment is padded to hold a laptop. This backpack is very well

Green Mountain Coffee Review and Giveaway

Hey Neighbors, It's great to see you back At the Fence. I have another great product to share with you today. Green Mountain Coffee offered me the opportunity to review one of their coffees. I chose the 12 oz. bag of Caramel Vanilla was an excellent choice! I have never had a better tasting coffee! This is one of the smoothest, richest coffees you'll ever find. It is a delicious mix of caramel, vanilla and brown sugar...very good! My older daughters love it! If you like coffee, especially flavored coffee, I recommend you try Green Mountain Coffee. They sell ground coffee, k-cups, and whole bean coffee. And, if you don't want coffee, they also offer teas and hot cocoas! As well, you can purchase brewers, mugs, and even gift sets! What a great idea for Mother's Day coming up! You would not believe the amount of flavors they have and how hard it was to choose one. Check out the other flavors they have to offer here. Even my husband liked it!

Air-O-Swiss Travel Humidifier Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbors, I thought I would take a moment and visit with you At the Fence and share another really nice company. Air-O-Swiss carries Ultrasonic Humidifiers, Air Washers, Evaporators, and Air Cleaners. I received the AOS 7146 Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier. (Click on the link and see their description!) Now, I believe I've mentioned previously that we travel, so this makes it a perfect size for us. We are presently visiting a friend and we have it hooked up in the children's room. Two of my daughters have allergies and have a tendency to have coughing fits and very dry lips over night. This is helping! My 12 year old has been keeping track of filling the bottle and we are using approx. 3 bottles of water a day. She loves that she is in charge of running the humidifier. The convenience of this humidifier is, you can use a water bottle (we used a .5L bottle) where ever you are. The humidifier is small, and comes with a cloth bag to carry it in, along with a small c

LOOK! Guidecraft Noah's Ark Table and Chairs Set Review and Giveaway!

CLOSED Good morning Neighbors, Beautiful day here to meet At the Fence! I have a company to share today that is simply wonderful. Guidecraft has been around for years, providing quality educational toys and furnishings. Guidecraft was started in 1964, with 10 products in a small woodshop. Now, I have to admit, they have been around as long as I have. Mainly used by schools and such in the past, they are available to individuals now. Guidecraft sent me a Noah's Ark Table and Chair Set. Shipping was quick and the set was well packaged. Now, as far as assembly goes, my 2 daughters 9 and 13 put it together so I could take pictures. Everything is labeled well, and it was easy to put together. I watched and instructed, and they did the work. All went well except we did put one chair leg on wrong and had to change it. (Our fault, not the directions) So yes, this is easy to assemble. It only required a philips head screwdriver. The finished project is beautiful. The c

Taste of the Wild Review and Giveaway!

CLOSED Hi Neighbors, What a beautiful spring day to meet At the Fence! I was given several samples of Taste of the Wild dog food, both the dry and canned varieties. Taste of the Wild is a no grain dog food. For the meat source in their foods they use smoked salmon, smoked fowl (duck, chicken, quail and turkey), as well as bison, venison and lamb. They also include vegetables and fruit. You can check their formulas page to find out what is in each type of food. They have a page that describes the different ingredients and what they are used for. So if you want a dog food without all those nasty fillers, you might be interested in trying Taste of the Wild. Here's just one of the questions from their FAQ's page: "Isn't the protein in these foods too high for my dog? Absolutely not! There is not any reason to be fearful of higher protein levels in pet foods unless your pet is suffering from very specific kidney or liver diseases. Quality protein actually