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Latest Winners!!

Hi Neighbors, Here is the list of the past few winners, At the Fence! Aimee G-$25 GC from Gifted Imaginations Leslie M-Personalized Keychain from Name your Gift Traci S-Soft Lips collection Congratulations Neighbors! The winner of the Bright Feet giveaway has been notified by email and will be announced later. Make sure you check out the giveaways going on At the Fence and enter a few! More to come this next week!


CLOSED Hi Again Neighbors, This time I have a really nice review from Clean Rest . I received a Mattress encasement, Boxspring encasement and 2 of their pillows. Boy, was I excited. I have allergies, so these will be great. They really helpcut down on dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores. I am already enjoying using mine! And I have to confess, I really like the pillows. I love my pillows to be soft and these definitely qualify, on top of cutting down on things I am allergic to. Mattress and Boxspring Encasement: "CleanRest® mattress covers and pillow covers are the first and most important control for those who have dust mite, pet dander, pollen, and mold spore allergies. These doctor recommended mattress covers are made with MicronOne® allergy blocking fabric technology which uses 100% micro denier polyester fabric that is so tightly woven that it has a maximum pore size of 1 micron. This zippered encasement provides the user with the healthiest

Seventh Generation Review and Giveaway!

CLOSED Hey Neighbors, I contacted Seventh Generation and they offered to send me their Living Home Starter Kit. Which includes: LIVING HOME STARTER KIT Glass Cleaner - Grapefruit All-Purpose Cleaner - Green Mandarin Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Emerald Shower Cleaner - Green Mandarin Tub & Tile Cleaner Kitchen Cleaner (2) Natural Paper Towels - 120 Count Reusable Tote All these great new Green cleaning products to try. I have to tell you not only do they work great, they smell great too. My son has the chore of cleaning the bathroom this month and even he (16 years old) was impressed. He said the Shower cleaner really removed some stains we had in there. We used the glass cleaner on the bathroom mirror and also on some windows. In the kitchen we used the all-purpose cleaner and the kitchen cleaner. I have to admit I really like their products. Several people in my family have allergies and we sometimes react to different cleaners. Not with these so far. I love t

Happy Green Bee Petal Dress Review and Giveaway!

CLOSED Hey Neighbors, I recently received from Happy Green Bee their Petal Dress in Pumpkin and Radish. Happy Green Bee carries Organic clothing. On their site they have an excellent article on why you should buy Organic. You can read that here. They carry clothing, socks and gifts. I had a friend's daughter try this dress on for me for pictures. Aren't they adorable? They also carry an A-line dress. The dress is very soft and comfortable feeling. The colors are bright and cheerful. They have socks that match the dress, which would make a really cute outfit. The dresses are available in small-extra large. Here is their description of this dress: "Petal Dress Expert twirlers agree that our petal-skirted dress is a dizzy delight! Roomy sleeves, scoop collar and soft rolled edges for fuss-free comfort in bold laugh-out-loud colors. Alone, or paired with leggings, our flirty hemline offers maximum flare for spinning, dancing and the perfect curtsy." " happyg

My Favorite Pal Father Son Tie Review and Giveaway

CLOSED Hi Neighbors, My Favorite Pal sent me 2 of the nicest ties to review. They are matching Father Son ties. The ones I received are the black with silver stripe. These are very well made, quality ties. My husband and son love them. They both wore them to church last night so I took pictures. Don't they look great! These would make a great g ift. I know Father's Day is not until June, but if you could hide them long enough... The youth tie I received is a zipper tie. Both my son and husband loved that. My husband even said he wished his was a zipper tie. Your next question might be: "What is a zipper tie? A zipper tie is a tie that is pre-tied with a zipper built into the knot. You simply unzip the tie to remove it and zip it up to wear it. When a zipper tie is on it looks like a normal tie." They are really handy because you don't have to tie them every time you use them, it's already done. And with 3 males in my fam

200 Neighbors!! Check out this Giveaway!

CLOSED Hey Neighbors! Since I reached 200 Neighbors (Followers) recently I wanted to do something special. So I have 2 items from Yankee Candle that I will be giving away to one of my great neighbors. First in this set is a Butterfly Plate. It is really beautiful. The second piece is a Crackle Butterfly Cylinder Tealight Holder. Both of these pieces are gorgeous and with spring in the air they would be a great decoration or a gift if you decide to give it to someone else. I apologize for not getting this up yesterday, but our internet was really acting up. I tried posting twice and I kept losing the connection. I think I spent more time trying to re-connect than anything else I accomplished. CLOSED All you have to do to to enter is become a Neighbor (Follower). Leave a comment letting me know that you now follow or are already following. That simple! This Giveaway will end 4/9 at 11:59 pm CST. I will choose a winner using and will notify the winner by email. The

Winners At the Fence!

Hi Neighbors, I am going to list the last few winners. Loveable Lookalike Doll:Aileen Charm Factory Bracelet:Mary Wilton Puzzle Cake:Shelly Cowgirl Chocolates:Jennifer Poplicious Carmel Cashew Popcorn:Stephanie This brings us up to date on all the most recently ended giveaways. Congratulations Ladies! Please stop back by At the Fence as we there are several more going on with more coming up. I will also be listing a special giveaway Monday for Neighbors only, as At the Fence has now reached 200 Neighbors. (Followers)! Yeah!!

NOVICA $75 GC Giveaway

CLOSED Hey Neighbors, I contacted Novica and they are allowing me to give away a $75 GC to You would not believe this site! It was tempting to just do a review, but I decided to pass this on to one of my Neighbors (Followers). Check out the gifts for mom . They have clothing, handbags, shawls etc. These items are made by artists and artisans from all over the world. They carry handmade jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, pendants, brooches etc. Their Unique Gifts include dinnerware, sculpture, vases and home decor. One of my favorites is the Glass Pitcher "Cobalt Charm" for $28.99. Here is their description: " Mesmerizing with its cobalt translucency, this pitcher offers the allure of Mexico's blown glass artistry. Javier and Efrén join forces in the creation of this singular piece, which is crafted with traditional blown glass techniques. The pitcher's design is elegant, voluminous and makes pouring easy. Because each item is

Lip CLear Lysine+ Review and $2 Coupon

Neighbors, I was offered the chance to review the Lip Clear Lysine+. It couldn't have come at a better time. My nine year old gets cold sores when she is sick, and wouldn't you know, she has been sick recently. The Lip Clear Lysine+ really helped. She is even asking to apply it through out the day. Her cold sore is already drying out and clearing up. And one of the best things is it is all natural. Another product to share At the Fence. "Cold sores are painful, unsightly blisters that form on the lips or just outside the mouth as a result of the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV1). While many people may carry this virus (it lies dormant in some), upwards of 60 million people get cold sores annually as a result. Cold sores can last for up to two weeks, in some cases, and are very contagious. The virus can be spread through kissing, touching, sharing cups and utensils, towels, etc. Cold sores can be triggered by sunlight, arginine rich

Bright Feet Review and Giveaway

CLOSED Hey Neighbors, I was given the chance to review Bright Feet. Slippers with lights that illuminate where you are going! This is great for my family. As you know we travel full-time, so we are often in a travel trailer or hotel room. These are really handy when you don't want to bother anyone else who is sleeping, but you also don't want to bang your toes or shins on furniture or suitcases sitting in the room. My daughters love these. They go in a dark room just to play with them. I received the navy blue Bright Feet. These would also be great to slip into a sleeping baby's room to check on them without disturbing their sleep. "BrightFeet™ Slippers are nightlights fo r your feet. Wherever you go, the lights go with you™. Checking on kids, midnight snacks, trips to the bathroom, whatever the task, BrightFeet™ Slippers are the right li ght for you at night™. No need to wake up others by turning on lights in a dark room. Convenient and easy

Soft Lips and more Soft Lips Review and Giveaway

CLOSED Oh Neighbors! Here's a really great review and giveaway! Soft Lips sent me both their Limited Winter Collection and their New Pure Collection. The Winter Collection comes in Sugar Plum Berry and Cherry, Cherry and Sugar Cookie, and Sugar and Spice and Vanilla. I've often used their Cherry, but the Sugar Cookie and the Sugar and Spice are really nice. Don't get me wrong, all of them are nice, but these are my favorites in the winter collection. For some reason I have needed them more this winter than ever before. Also, with allergies in the family, some of us have a tendency to mouth breathe a lot so our lips are staying dry longer and Soft Lips really helps. "The seasonal flavors help protect lips from the sun with SPF 20 and have the same great moisturizing properties as Softlips’ other popular flavors. Each winter flavor comes paired with a complimentary Softlips ® favo

Gifted Imaginations Review and $25 GC Giveaway

Hi Ladies, Here's another fun review and giveaway At the Fence. Gifted Imaginations is a company that carries Fun, Festive, Unique. Imaginative Toys and Children's Clothing. They carry items from HABA, Melissa and Doug, Kathy Kruse, Plasma Cars, etc. You really need to visit the site and view all they have available. A great site for children's gifts. We received the Citiblocs 100 count. It is for ages 3+. There are other sets available with different amounts of blocks. My children were really excited when these came in and couldn't wait to start building something. I have attached some pictures of what they built. The only bad thing? My son wanted to build the designs that needed more blocks! Another nice thing about these blocks is they are green! No I do not mean the color. They are free of chemicals. Something very important to consider, especially when buying for children. My children are really going to enjoy being creative with these. &q

Keychain from Name Your Gift Review and Giveaway

Hey Neighbors, Here's our newest review and giveaway. Name Your Gift sent me the nicest Keychain. It is even engraved with my husband's name, a rose, and my name. It is blue, my favorite color! It has a mirrored blue surface on the front and a regular mirrored surface on the back. I really like mine and these would make a cute friendship gift. This company carries many shapes and sizes of keychains which can then be personalized with a name or phrase. Name Your Gift also carries many other gift items such as, Personalized Magnets, Pet Tags, Customized License Plates, Hanging Mobiles, and Personalized Ornaments. Check them out. If you are looking for a unique personalized gift f or a relative or friend you need to stop by their website. I was impressed by how quickly they were able to get my keychain done and shipped. I'm excited to be able to share Name Your Gift At the Fence. Here is some information from their website: "Explore the awesome select

Winner of the Zero Water Pitcher

Neighbors, We have another winner. Shelly won the Zero Water Pitcher giveaway! Congratulations Shelly! Your daily tweet won you this giveaway. Make sure you check out the other giveaways going on At the Fence and stop back this week to see the new giveaways that will be added. I will also be announcing the winners of the Loveable Lookalike Doll and the Charm Factory Bracelet. These winners have already been emailed and I am awaiting a response. Meet you later At the Fence!

Supermarket Smarty Review and Giveaway

Hey Neighbors, Here is the first in a group of giveaways that I will be listing this week. Supermarket Smarty is a great help for grocery shopping. I was given a Supermarket Smarty to do a review and I will also be holding a giveaway for one. Let me tell you, with a family of eight, this is wonderful. We travel full-time and are constantly having to run back out for something we forgot to purchase. Now, with this list placed on the refrigerator or above the stove, whenever we find an item we have run out of, someone can mark it down on the list and when we run out, we just take the list with us. Here is some information on how the Supermarket Smarty was started: "My name is Patricia and I created Supermarket Smarty. Like many moms, I do most of the grocery shopping for my family, so it’s up to me to make sure we eat healthy while staying within our budget. A couple of years ago I was having some health issues and I consulted many books and websites to adjust my die