Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ecogear Ecozoo Backpack Review

Hi Neighbors,

Today I want to share with my neighbors At the Fence a really nice child's Backpack from Ecogear. It is part of their Ecozoo collection for children. I received the Puppy to review. My daughters love the bag. He really looks cute. The top closes with a drawstring type closure and the flap secures at the bottom with a loop and wooden button to latch it shut. It is made with natural cotton (PVC-free fabric) and toxic free dyes. It has padded shoulder straps for your child's comfort.

The Ecozoo collection also includes a Panda, Pig and Elephant. And they are producing rolling backpacks too! (these are not yet available.) The Backpacks are $29.99 plus shipping. If you are interested in a a really cute backpack that also helps preserve the environment, this backpack is for you.

Ecogear carries items for older children and adults. You can check those out here.

Here is their story:

"Told by Jimmy, Ecogear founder
My inspiration for creating eco-friendly bags came while I was on vacation with my family. In the summer of 2006, watched my kids play on the beach. Realizing how special these moments were and thinking about how fast my kids were growing up, I was struck by a thought. What can I do to help to ensure my children have a clean and healthy planet to enjoy?
Months later, our company started developing a new line of bags, designed with the environment in mind.
Our statement is in the bag."
Instead of commonly used and chemical-emitting PVC, we-ve created bags coated with EPO, a healthy alternative. Ecogear uses this patented system called Ecoweave (EPO), which creates virtually no risk to the environment or to human health. The benefits of Ecoweave include:
• Toxic-free
• PVC-free
• Chlorine-free
• No dioxin, phthalates or heavy metals
• Carries no ozone-depleting chemicals
• Clean to recycle—creates natural occuring emissions when burned
• Safe in manufacturing and consumer use"
So stop by Ecogear and see what they have available. This is another item to share At the Fence.
DISCLOSURE: I received no monetary compensation for doing this review. I did receive the Puppy Backpack for review. All quotes are taken directly from the Ecogear website. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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