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Hello Neighbors, The next 2 weeks I am going to be adding several reviews and giveaways, so make sure you stop by here, At the Fence to see what's happening. I will be adding the Supermarket Smarty, Happy Green Bee, A personalized Keychain, just to name a few. Drop in to see what pops up!


CLOSED Hi Neighbors, Wait till you see this next review and giveaway. Poplicious Gourmet Popcorn, a gourmet popcorn store in Wesley Chapel, FL allowed me to try some of their Carmel Cashew Popcorn. Delicious! Popcorn and cashew pieces coated in carmel. And not only did I get to try their popcorn, but I was able to visit their store. My younger daughters 9 and 12 loved their chocolate covered marshmallows. They dip them in chocolate and then sprinkles. Poplicious carries many gourmet flavors of popcorn. You have several choices of packaging. You can purchase the flavored popcorn in cellophane bags, or in different tins. Great gift idea! They also had popcorn balls and popcorn done in a bundt cake shape. (decorated of course.) They are now carrying a new line of chocolate dipped treats. Yum! Poplicious offers these outstanding flavors Almond Biscotti Toffee Delight Caramel Cashew Zebra Bites Chocolate Mint Confetti Sour cream & Chives Ranch Firecr

2 More Winners!

Hi Neighbors, I apologize for getting a little behind on announcing winners. Both of these winners were already notified. The Let Me Charm U Bracelet was won by Debbie Jackson, and her item has already shipped. Madonna won the Sassafras Baking Kit. I contacted the company and her item should be on it's way. We have been very busy recently so I apologize. Congratulations ladies! Make sure you check out the other giveaways At the Fence!


CLOSED Howdy Neighbors, This is a review and giveaway you will love. Cowgirl Chocolates sent me a sample of their chocolates. They are wonderful! Before I tell you how great they are though, I have to tell you that they came in this cute little red box, tied with a black ribbon with a silver star attached. My children wanted to tear into it right away, but I managed to hold them off so I could get a couple of pictures. Everyone in the family was able to try at least 1 or 2 chocolates. We had to share of course! My husband loves anything dark chocolate so he tried the Spicy Double Dark Chocolate and liked it. My older daughters liked the Spicy Cappuccino flavored. I am the one in the family who is not quite as adventurous as the rest of my family, so at first I just tried the Mild Milk Chocolate. After some urging I tried the Spicy Hazelnut Milk Chocolate. Pretty good! My son 14 even tried the Habanero Carmel, only some of it. My 9 year old liked the Mild Ivory Orangeand


CLOSED Hi Neighbors! This is a really great review and giveaway. Wilton sent me the Puzzle Cakes Build-A-Cake Set. You can actually make a Bear with Balloons, a Fish with Bubbles, or a Turtle. You build them with shaped cupcakes. The set includes six round, six pie shape, six diamonds, and 6 half moon silicone cupcake cups. We waited to do this review because my oldest daughter C had her 25th birthday yesterday and my 12 year old, M, really wanted to use this set for her sister. Anyway, we made the bear with balloons. M mixed up the cake mix and filled the cups, after we placed them in the appropriate shape. When they were done baking and had cooled, we decorated with icing. We did use store bought, not the icing you make. All in all I believe it turned out very nice. It also works well because 1/2 my family likes chocolate icing and the other 1/2 vanilla. Everyone was happy! I think we are going to try the fish next, and make our icing. My grandmother used to bake

Loveable Lookalike Doll Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbors, I must tell you, my daughter (9) loves this! Lori (great name of course) allowed me to send her a picture of my daughters face and the back of her head to create this doll. Lori Reader is a mom who began this company when her children desired more time at bedtime after reading them a story. Needless to say, I don't think M has put it down for long. She did change it into a skirt, as we wear skirts and dresses. She was able to choose a saying for her doll's t-shirt and chose "Mommy's Girl". I really like the idea behind the doll also. It will help calm a child at bedtime, or perhaps on a trip. If dad has to travel a lot, you could do a doll with his face. I needed to share this At the Fence! Here is some information from the Loveable Lookalike website: "Loveable Look-a-Like Dolls Are Making A Difference Comfort, Security, Reassurance and Fun for Children and Adult Have you ever wished you could clone yourself and be th

Charm Factory Bracelet Review and Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors, Here is another really nice review and giveaway. Charm Factory allowed me to chose 8 charms and sent me a bracelet. They are going to allow one neighbor to win a bracelet with 8 charms also. This was really nice for me as there are 8 people in my family so we each chose one. I chose the Teacup with Saucer and Spoon. I collect teacups so I thought this was really cute. My husband chose a sword to represent the Bible, as he preaches. My daughter C wanted Faith, where they spell the word out as this is her middle name. My daughter H picked the open Bible. Son, J liked the Six-shooter, and son, E wanted the Confederate Flag. My two youngest daughters chose the Hummingbird and the Kitten. (They are both M's.) I will add pictures in an hour or so, as the last person to use my camera did not re-charge the battery. I am really impressed with the quality and how quick they were able to ship this. Also they were more than willing to work with me on this g


Hi Neighbors, The winner of the Money Savvy Pig Bank at the Fence was Annie. Congratulations Annie! Your bank is on it's way. Remember two giveaways end this evening, the Let Me Charm U Bracelet and the Sassafras Baking Kit. Make sure to enter if you haven't already! Tomorrow I will be listing 2 or 3 new giveaways, so make sure you stop by At the Fence throughout the day to see what is coming up!

Zero Water Pitcher Review and Giveaway

CLOSED Neighbors, Today I was given the opportunity to review the Zero Water Pitcher. Now, I need to give you a little bit of information regarding our family. We have 6 children ranging in ages from 9-25. Who all still live with us. We travel full-time doing evangelism in the states. My husband also preaches in churches and the children sing. We have an RV (travel trailer) we pull behind our bus. We are often hooked up to churches, or at campgrounds to a water spigot. Needless to say, we purchase bottled water, which becomes expensive. So, I was excited to get one of these pitchers for review. It comes with a TDS Tester to check levels of dissolved solids in your water. First, I tested the bottled water we drink. The tester came up with 071. Then I tested the water from the tap. 256 was the result, which I thought was high, and it made me glad we do not drink that water. Next I filled the pitcher, my first reading was 018. I decided to try again. This time it was

3 Neighbors Win!

Hi All, 3 neighbors won At the Fence. Ally was the 1st winner in the Kinder glo giveaway. She chose the Owl. 2nd was Tiffani and she chose the Brontosaurus. And our third winner was Lori, who will be receiving the T-rex. Congratulations neighbors!! Thank you to all who entered this giveaway. Please remember that I do have a code available for a discount if you want to purchase a Kinder-glo yourself. Just send me a quick email, and I will respond with the code. Also check out the other present and upcoming giveaways. I will be posting later today a review and giveaway of a Zero Water Pitcher. See you all At the Fence!

Dinosaurs for Kids By Ken Ham Book Review

Hey Neighbors, New Leaf Publishing sent me the book Dinosaurs for Kids by Ken Ham for review. This book is great! It is also by one of our favorite speakers on Creation. Ken Ham is the founder of the Creation Museum in Hebron, Kentucky. Dinosaurs for Kids is a book to teach children the truth of Creation by using dinosaurs. In this book Ken Ham points out that there are 7 F's of dinosaur history, Formed, Fearless, Fallen, Flood, Faded, Found, and Fiction. Every couple of pages has four fast facts to think on. There is all sorts of information to interest your child in dinosaurs and creation. The illustrations by Bill Looney are fascinating. They give you an idea of what some of the dinosaurs might have looked like. This book is a must have for homeschoolers, or anyone who has a child with an interest in dinosaurs. You can order the book through New Leaf Publishing Group. The book is just $14.99. New Leaf carries many other interesting Christian books. Make sure

Ecogear Ecozoo Backpack Review

Hi Neighbors, Today I want to share with my neighbors At the Fence a really nice child's Backpack from Ecogear. It is part of their Ecozoo collection for children. I received the Puppy to review. My daughters love the bag. He really looks cute. The top closes with a drawstring type closure and the flap secures at the bottom with a loop and wooden button to latch it shut. It is made with natural cotton (PVC-free fabric) and toxic free dyes. It has padded shoulder straps for your child's comfort. The Ecozoo collection also includes a Panda, Pig and Elephant. And they are producing rolling backpacks too! (these are not yet available.) The Backpacks are $29.99 plus shipping. If you are interested in a a really cute backpack that also helps preserve the environment, this backpack is for you. Ecogear carries items for older children and adults. You can check those out here. Here is their story: OUR STORY "Told by Jimmy, Ecogear founder My inspirati

We have a Neighbor who Won

Hi All, Our neighbor Jennifer won the Torchlighter's DVD Jim Elliot. Congratulations Jennifer. I hope to see you back At the Fence. I also have to mention the other giveaways going on right now. Kinder-glo, which will have 3 winners ends on the 5th. Money Savvy Pig Bank 2/10, Sassafras Children's Baking Set 2/12, and Let Me Charm U Bracelet 2/12. Make sure you enter soon! I have some new giveaways coming up, so make sure you stop by At the Fence.