Thursday, December 17, 2009

ECO STORE REVIEW/Citrus Based Spray Cleaner

Hi Neighbor,

The Eco Store recently sent me 2 products for review. The first being their Citrus Based Spray Cleaner. They also sent me their Herbal Fresh All Natural Shampoo for Dogs. Unfortunately I have been unable to use the second product yet as it has been so cold here lately, so I will do a second review later.

"Eco Store has no nasty chemicals. No toxic petrochemicals No phosphates No benzene No bleach No nitrates No ammonia No chlorine No EDTA No synthetic dyes or perfumes"

I personally love the citrus smell, and that there are no harmful chemicals in this product. My 9 year old was excited, because she was able to use this product. She loves to help clean, but there are products I will not let her touch. She thought it was great to be given charge for the day of clean up in the kitchen. My bottle is almost empty.

Here is their own description of their Citrus Spray Cleaner-"Ecomommas can go room to room with this product. Simple to use yet high performance, ecostore Lemon Spray Cleaner is the ideal alternative to conventional, toxic products. This citrus based solvent will work wonders on almost any household surface. Have black kitchen appliances? We've been told via many testimonials that it is just awesome. And, of course, if it’s an Ecostore product, it contains No nasty chemicals. For your health, for your family and for the planet. (17 fluid ounces)
  • D-Limonene (from citrus)
  • Palm and coconut based non-ionic and anionic surfactants
  • Fatty acid derivative
  • Ethanol
  • Filtered water"

Eco store carries many products for your home and personal use. They have bath and body products, cleaning supplies, baby care and pet products. Each item is eco friendly. And the best news is they are presently having a sale on many of their products. An added BONUS! Visit their website here.

This is definitely a product I would use again. I would like to recommend this product to you!

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