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At The Fence

Hello All, I have started this blog to review products and conduct giveaways. This blog will be family friendly. It will also be run under my Christian convictions which means, I will not review any products I do not believe appropriate for a Christian home. The title explains my idea behind this blog. I want this to be the type of information that women used to share over the fence as neighbors. You know, "I just tried this new recipe and my family loved it!", or "This new product really helped when the baby was teething." Just a friendly way to share information that might help each other. I will also list other blogs that might be of help. Do not take a listing as full endorsement of the blog. It just means I found something there of interest or that was useful. Perhaps a giveaway, is listed. Please be patient with me as I work through the first posts etc. and get the blog set up. Thank you. Your neighbor, Lori