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Tomato Cutting Board and Nylon Knife From Curious Chef

CLOSED Neighbors, This is a really nice one! Curious Chef sent me the most adorable little Tomato shaped cutting board and one of their medium nylon knives. My daughters could not wait to use them. We were not really doing anything that night to use the cutting board, so they decided to slice cookie dough and make cookies. Not a big test for the knife, but they enjoyed themselves anyway. They did get to use the cutting board and knife later in the week on potatoes that I had already sliced up. It worked well and I did not have to worry about them slipping and cutting themselves. Thank you Curious Chef!! Here is a little information about the company from their site: "Welcome to Curious Chef ® , a brand dedicated to real kitchen tools for small hands. When adult size cooking utensils are too big and toy utensils too small, Curious Chef® comes to the rescue with utensils and gadgets that are just right for kids to cook up all their favorite recipes. We invite you to lear


Neighbors, We have a new winner At the Fence! Rebecca (Buttons and Bows), is the winner of the $25 gift certificate to Modest Apparel USA and she has already responded to the email. Congratulations Rebecca!! Everyone keep an eye out, 2 new giveaways will be posted by tomorrow evening!! Meet me At the Fence to find out what they are!!!

Tropical Traditions Review

HI Neighbors, Tropical Traditions recently sent me a sample (32 fl. oz) of their Virgin Coconut Oil. Here is some information from their website: "When I first read about the wonderful benefits of coconut oil, I asked my wife Marianita, who grew up on a coconut plantation in the Philippines, if there was a more natural way to extract the oil from the coconut, so that we didn’t have to buy the refined coconut oils found in all the stores in the Philippines. She said there was a method the older generation used to extract the oil by grating the fresh coconut, extracting the coconut milk, and then letting the coconut milk stand in a covered container for about 24 hours. After about 24 hours, the oil naturally separates from the water producing a crystal clear oil that retains the full scent and taste of coconuts. So we started making our coconut oil that way and using it for our cooking needs with our three children. We couldn’t believe how wonderful it tasted, and how

Schoolhouse Planner E-book Giveaway

CLOSED Neighbors, Here is a spectacular giveaway. First, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has a website here . They Are one of the best magazines around for home-schoolers. I read the magazines over again and again. I really enjoy this magazine. Old School House is full of articles, information, and products to help the home school parent. They give ideas for study, writing assignments, and projects. They visit homeschoolers in different places and tell you what they are doing. This is a magazine every homeschooling parent will love. You really need to look into this magazine. I noticed today you can get a subscription to their magazine for $7.95. This is normally $25. What a bargain. It is a limited time offer so hurry over and get yourself a subscription. Now, they have offered one E-book: The Schoolhouse Planner with the December Module for a giveaway. This is really nice! Here is the description from their site: "The Schoolh ouse Planner with E-Book: Dec 09 Module

U*neaks Winner!!

Hello neighbors, The winner of the U*neaks shoes and 2 pair of socks is Heidi! Congratulations Heidi! I have sent your information in already. And to the rest of my neighbors please check out the other giveaways and the new one I am posting today. Your neighbor, Lori

The Cream Perfume Review and Giveaway

CLOSED Welcome Neighbors! I recently had the opportunity to try the Perfumed Body Moisturizer (Rose) from The Cream Perfume Company. I liked it and decided to write them and ask if I could host a review and giveaway. They have graciously responded. Not only do I have some more product to review I also have some to giveaway! First I would like to share some information about this company. "100% Healthy Natural And Organic Ingredients. No Harsh Chemicals. No Animal Testing. Effective And Safe. We Use Only Premium French-Made Perfumes From The Fragrance Capital Of The World, Grasse. " "We work exclusively with internationally renowned perfumers and the local artisans of Grasse to develop premium nature identical oil blends, ECOCERT certified organic essentials, absolutes and pure plant and fruit extracts. Our perfumes are all phthalate free and contain no sulfates, petro-chemicals, synthetic dyes, triclosan, GMO, PPG, MEA, DEA, TEA or formaldehyde donors. Our prod


The winner of the Answers in Genesis $25 Gift Certificate was Steph. Steph said: I would get Dinosaurs for Kids! (We actually have been to the Creation Museum--it's amazing!) The winner of the Vision Forum $25 Passport is .....Sally, Greg, and Hannah!!! Sally said: I am following both you and Vision Forum on Twitter and I "tweeted" about the giveaway as well. Congratulations neighbors!! I have already sent you an email. Please respond within 48 hours with your mailing information. If I do not receive the response within 48 hours I will choose another winner.

ECO STORE REVIEW/Citrus Based Spray Cleaner

Hi Neighbor, The Eco Store recently sent me 2 products for review. The first being their Citrus Based Spray Cleaner. They also sent me their Herbal Fresh All Natural Shampoo for Dogs. Unfortunately I have been unable to use the second product yet as it has been so cold here lately, so I will do a second review later. "Eco Store has no nasty chemicals. No toxic petrochemicals No phosphates No benzene No bleach No nitrates No ammonia No chlorine No EDTA No synthetic dyes or perfumes" I personally love the citrus smell, and that there are no harmful chemicals in this product. My 9 year old was excited, because she was able to use this product. She loves to help clean, but there are products I will not let her touch. She thought it was great to be given charge for the day of clean up in the kitchen. My bottle is almost empty. Here is their own description of their Citrus Spray Cleaner-"Ecomommas can go room to room with this product. Simple to use yet high performanc


CLOSED Hey neighbors, I have a new giveaway. It is a $25 gift certificate to Modest Apparel USA . This company/ministry is dedicated to modest apparel for ladies. They carry clothing for both girls and ladies. I was impressed by the variety they carry. Anything from skirts, dresses, and jumpers, to school uniforms, and sleepwear. They even carry maternity clothing. The main goal of Modest Apparel USA is: " We are a family owned hom e-based business. Our desire is to offer women an alternative to the promiscuous fash ions that are prevalent in clothing stores today. We have spoken to many different women about shopping for clothing for thems elves and their daughters. Time and time again we were told how difficult it is to fin d clothing that w asn't skin tight or that didn't reveal more of th eir body than they wanted too. Simply put, modest clothing is hard to find. So we decided to have clothing made tha t we knew was modest, and it's a


CLOSED Hi neighbors, CLOSED My daughter sure was surprised when she got to be the one to try these new shoes out! As I opened the box she was breathing down my neck waiting to see them. U*neaks sent us one pair of White Paris Lace sneakers along with 4 pairs of socks, her favorite being the Princess/Splatters Crew Socks. She immediately tried them on and wore them around the home only. She has decided she will not wear them out here as we are up north right now and there is snow and they might get dirty! She loves them! The only thing I don't like? They only go to child's size 3.5. I have another daughter who would love them, but they don't come in her size!! These shoes are well made, and my daughter thinks the socks feel great. She is wearing a pair to wander the house right now. This is definitely a thumbs up product. U*neaks has sneaker style shoes with clear plastic window to co-ordinate with their specia


CLOSED Hi Neighbors, I have another GREAT giveaway! Answers in Genesis has graciously given a $25 gift certificate for their store. Answers in Genesis or AIG is one of the VERY BEST at educating families about Creation versus Evolution. It all has to do with your world view. Ken Ham had a vision for this museum and what a vision it was! The Museum is in Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati. Information follows: 2800 Bullittsburg Church Rd. Petersburg, KY 41080 * Located seven miles west of the Cincinnati Airport We purchased a 5 year membership over a year ago and have returned there 14-15 times. They have many creation displays, a planetarium show that is magnificent, a petting zoo, and speakers that hold the interest of everyone in the family. My younger daughters of course love to see Buddy Davis. He sings about creation and often has a small show or craft activity for the children. I think they know most of his songs

At The Fence

Hello All, I have started this blog to review products and conduct giveaways. This blog will be family friendly. It will also be run under my Christian convictions which means, I will not review any products I do not believe appropriate for a Christian home. The title explains my idea behind this blog. I want this to be the type of information that women used to share over the fence as neighbors. You know, "I just tried this new recipe and my family loved it!", or "This new product really helped when the baby was teething." Just a friendly way to share information that might help each other. I will also list other blogs that might be of help. Do not take a listing as full endorsement of the blog. It just means I found something there of interest or that was useful. Perhaps a giveaway, is listed. Please be patient with me as I work through the first posts etc. and get the blog set up. Thank you. Your neighbor, Lori