Saturday, December 8, 2018

Gramma In A Box

Hi Neighbors!!

No, it's not a new game.  Wait until you see this subscription box I just became aware of!!  It is called Gramma in a Box, and it is just like receiving a special gift box in the mail from Gramma each month!  Each month you will receive cookies with frosting and sprinkles to decorate, along with supplies to make 2 candy crafts.  Almost everything you need will arrive in the box, except for a few minor common items you should find in your kitchen.  You can easily do all three projects in a small amount of time, or you can spread the activities out over a day or two.

If you live close enough, you could get this each month and complete the activities together with your grandchildren.  If you live too far away to visit often, what a great idea for sharing in some fun.  Today, with all the technology available, you could even do a video call and enjoy the project time together!  This is also a perfect subscription box for moms who just don't have all the time to get creative, as everything is pretty much ready in this box that arrives at your front door, and rather than making 2 dozen cookies at a time to decorate, you can just complete a small project.  A subscription to Gramma in a Box would make a great gift idea!!

Just look what came in our box.

And wait until you see what we made!! All I needed to add to complete this kit were the bowls to melt the chocolate in and a spoon, knife, scissors to cut the tip of the icing bags and I used a straw.  Obviously, with younger children, mom will need to supervise, but I know my daughters at 10-12 years of age could have easily done this on their own.  Each activity comes with its own instruction card to walk you through each step.  I also like that on the back of each card is a list of the ingredients just in case your child is allergic to something.

So, we began with the first project, which was Hot Chocolate Treats.  You do need to microwave the melting chocolate discs in this, so this is where parental supervision is needed.  I am not going to give away all the steps, but these were very easy to make and my daughter loved her's with her hot cocoa later in the evening.

The second project was Holly Wreaths.  This project also required melting the chocolate discs in a microwave.  The only thing I changed in this one was, I used a straw to make the center hole instead of the suggested handle of the spoon or a butter knife.

Our third and final project was Winter Cookies!!  We received 2 trees, 2 gingerbread people (we made one girl and one boy), and 4 snowflakes!!  The hard work of baking was already done for us, so all we had to do was decorate the cookies with icing and sprinkles. One of the cookies disappeared right after being decorated because someone could not wait to try one.

Our Gingerbread people were having a snowball fight.

I am so glad we discovered Gramma in a Box!!  Everything was ready to complete the projects other than a few kitchen supplies.

We really enjoyed completing the projects included in the Gramma in a Box.  I really believe this is special way to show your love to your grandchildren.  Each month they can receive a box of love from gramma!!

A Gramma in a Box subscription is basically $20 the first time.  If you sign up with a recurring debit or credit, your first month will be $10.  They also have a 3 month - $55, a 6 month - $110, or a 12 month - $220.  The box is shipped the first week of each month.

This is such a unique subscription gift box idea.  Now the best news is, one neighbor can win a 3 month subscription to Gramma in a Box (US only).  So go visit the Gramma in a Box website and follow them on their social media.  Then be sure to enter this giveaway!!
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Rusthawk said...

What a wonderful idea! I like the name, too.

Leela said...

It would be nice for the kids to be able to do something involving Gramma this Christmas.