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Stop Those Inevitable Arguments In Your Shared Bathroom

A lot of couples and siblings share bathroom time, especially when it comes to the morning rituals of brushing, washing, and so on. If both partners in a couple are busy go-getters, then even the most loving mornings can turn into a battlefield when it comes time to get ready. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether it’s through simple communication or making a few changes, little and large, to the home bathrooms, you can restore harmony once more.

Be good to each other
Whether it’s a loving partner or a bunch of siblings or even a housemate you share your bathroom with, the first step to solving any problems is learning a little etiquette as highlighted at When it comes to taking the daily shower, deciding who gets it at night and who gets it in the morning can clear up a lot of problems immediately. Similarly, you should schedule cleaning in the bathroom, as well. Just set aside a half-an-hour every week on a weekend where you both go in and tackle all the essentials and no-one will be complaining about someone else not picking up their slack. Split duties fairly, too. Don’t let one person always be the one to clean the toilet. It’s essential to keep in mind a few of the ground rules of just good bathroom hygiene, as well. If someone uses all the toilet paper, they go to the store to replace it. If someone takes a shower, they always, always clean the drain after they’re done. And always keep a scented candle on hand in there, just to make sure that people feel comfortable about sharing the more personal side of the bathroom. While you should endeavor to stick to these essentials of sharing a bathroom, you should also remember to be kind to your partner/sibling/bathroom partner. Sometimes people are in a rush and don’t put the cap back on their toothpaste.
Make for more room
Having space in a bathroom to do your thing and keep your things is essential. Even if you’re sharing a box bathroom, you could find a lot more of that space. For instance, you can use elevated sinks to allow for separate wicker drawers beneath where each of you can store your toiletries. Separate storage spaces are a good idea for everyone sharing a bathroom, regardless of how close a couple you might be. That way it’s much easier to avoid arguments when you see that your favorite moisturizer is much less full than you know it should be. You can go for a combined shower and bath instead of separate so that you both have some space to carry out the morning ritual. Simple wall-hooks can give you all a place to keep your towels so that there aren’t soggy fabrics covering the floor and making things generally unpleasant. The illusion of space is just as important, too, if you don’t want to feel stuffed in there like a pair of sardines in a can. Big mirrors in a bathroom are more than just functional, they make things look a lot more spacious than they might really be. If one of you prefers sitting down to do their morning ritual, then consider adding in a stool that can easily be stored away underneath or beside the sink so that your preference isn’t getting in the way of your partner’s ability to move.

Share the space
If you’re elbowing each other to get some time in front of the mirror or you’re clashing toothbrushes over the sink, it’s going to cause some tension to build. Just like separating storage is a good idea, going with separate basins as shown in options like might just help you keep the peace. Things are a lot more harmonious when you can stand beside one another and do your thing without getting in each other’s way. Similarly, a second mirror might stop you from getting in one another’s way and distracting one another. After all, you might be keen to share the bathroom with your partner, but understandably less enthusiastic about watching every detail of them flossing in the mirror. Make your dual mirrors, mirror cabinets and you get the added benefit of keeping that separate storage, as well.
Find your ideal style together
Sharing a bathroom isn’t just about the practicalities of it all, either. Style matters in a bathroom, even if one of you seems less likely to admit it. For that reason, if you plan on creating a shared space, you should also find a shared style. The gallery at has some great examples of stylish, inoffensive bathrooms that keep things neutral without making them boring. Of course, if you both have some design elements that you share, then you can go a little more creative with your style. But otherwise, your personal preference might get in the way of someone else truly feeling comfortable in the bathroom.

Consider a second bathroom
This isn’t the most budget friendly idea even if you’re super frugal about it. However, if it’s less of a factor of two loving adults sharing a bathroom for happy morning rituals and more a madhouse of people scrambling for a shower, then you might need a second bathroom. Finding space in your home to fit it might be difficult, but has a few ideas on where to start looking. Even if it’s just another toilet and another sink, you can immediately reduce the number of bathroom-related arguments started in a busy household. A walk-in-closet, a laundry room, even the space under the stairs can all be good options for adding an extra bathroom. You also get the benefit of drastically improving the value of the home.

The bathroom should be a comfortable space to do what you need to, first and foremost. If you’re arguing every time you’re in there, then it isn’t doing its job. Depending on your budget, what space is on offer, and how many people share the bathroom, hopefully, you can find your solution above.

Some Things To Know Before Heading To Hawaii


It is absolutely impossible to travel anywhere these days without knowing what your destination will look like. Ten years ago you could. You could take a trip to Bali and be surprised to see palm trees. Step into 2017, however, and even the most remote places on earth have a hundred-thousand image's splattered across Instagram, all using the same hashtag. With this insight available, it is absolutely no wonder why Hawaii is one of the most desired and sought after travel hotspots anywhere on the globe.

You’ve seen the photographs on Instagram; they’re the ones that don’t need editing because the weather is always magnificent, the surf is world renowned, and the beaches are enough to hold anyone voluntarily hostage. It’s amazing. But even though it is (technically) part of the US, it differs from it in almost every way possible, especially in terms of culture, language, tradition, and history.

So, if you’re looking at pulling your Coolibar on and visiting this Shangri La - this little piece of heaven on earth - before it potentially disappears under a high tide, we have come up with a little list of things you should be aware of before touching down on the tarmac. Basically, if you want to enjoy the best break you’ve ever had, ever imagined or ever dreamed about, you need to know about Hawaii’s major lifestyle differences… and here they are:

Their Concept Of Time Is Different
If you have ever dropped onto one of the Caribbean Islands before then you will know what we mean by Island Time and you will know that it is a legitimate thing. Seriously, it is. What’s more, island time is not just celebrated in Hawaii, it is championed. What does this mean for your stay? Don’t expect anyone to be on time. Period. Don’t expect your taxi driver to be on time, don’t expect to be at that restaurant on time and don’t expect shops to be open on time. Also, don’t expect anyone to be in a rush. They aren’t, which is part of what makes their culture so enviable. The fact they are so chilled out and relaxed is what makes this such a desirable destination. It’s probably why you are heading there. So accept it and enjoy it.


Every Beach Has Its Own Warning Signs
No one puts up warning signs because they think it will add to the beautiful view of a place. No one. Nor do they do it because digging a hole and putting up a sign is fun. Nope. They do it because there is a legitimate reason to take caution. So make sure you take a good few minutes to read the signs. Some may be for surfers, some may be for swimmers, some may be to do with rocks, some may be to do with protecting the wildlife. They are all different. But they are all there for a reason. So please don’t be that family that ignores a sign about Dangerous Undertow or Advanced Swimmers Only and allows their children to have a paddle.

There Are Certain Words You Should Know
One of the reasons so many people love going to Hawaii is because one of their official language is English. However, they also speak Hawaiian. Weird, right. So, just like you would any other foreign country, try and take some time to learn a few words in the local language, the most important of which you can find on the Not only will these make your vacation that much more enjoyable, they could also prevent you from getting into any embarrassing situations. So Aloha is a solid place to start, which means hello, goodbye and love. Another good word to know is thank you, which is Mahalo. The one which will keep you out of that embarrassing trouble we mentioned above, though, is Kapu. You’re going to see plenty of signs in Hawaii that say Kapu. This means sacred and forbidden. The reason we are telling you this is because we don’t want you to be that tourist who gets arrested for pitching a tent on an ancient burial ground. You wouldn’t like it if you found someone camping on top of your Grandma’s grave, so be sure to watch for signs.


Hawaiian Food Is Sooo Good
Like every country in the world, Hawaii has some local dishes that you absolutely must try... and some you should absolutely think twice about. We’ll start with the latter because it’s always good to get the bad news out the way first. There is a native Hawaiian dish called Poke made out of Ahi Tuna, which we urge you to visit for more information on. The reason for this is about 2500 pounds of it have been recalled due to Hepatitis A concerns. So just be careful. As for local dishes you absolutely must try, Laulau is at the top of the list. It is a pork dish cooked with taro root (they love using taro root out there). Kalua pig is another big favorite, as is their state fish, which you should order just to test your pronunciation skills. It is called humuhumunukunukuapuaa. Good luck.

The Cost Of Living Is Pretty High
Most people head over there and gape at the cost of pineapples, guava and dragon fruit. Those are always the three that get cited the most, which is possibly because they are so hard to stop eating out there. They’re so fresh and delicious. However, it isn’t just the fruit that will make your eyes widen slightly. Food, fuel, and accommodation are all substantially higher than they are on mainland America. The reason for this is precaution not cost of transport like many think. You see, Hawaii is an island, and that means they need to stock more of everything just in case there is an emergency to deal with. That’s why they do it. So just be aware that you could need to take out a little bit more cash before you stop eating like a king, sleeping on a fine feather bed and drive to all four corners of this beautiful island.

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Down But Not Out: How To Deal With A Period Of Unemployment

There are few things more difficult to deal with than finding yourself unemployed. It doesn't matter if you're made redundant or if you're fired, it can make you feel totally unwanted and useless. This is especially true if the job that you had been doing was something that meant a lot to you. It's enough to make you feel as though there's no real point in doing anything! However, the most important thing to remember is that you might be down, but you're not out. Dealing with unemployment can be truly horrible, but that doesn't mean that there aren't ways in which you can weather this horrible situation and come out even stronger on the other side. Here are just a few things that you can do in order to make the best of a period of unemployment.

Be prepared

The first thing to do is one that you should be thinking about before this period of unemployment even happens. If you start to feel as though there's any sense of uncertainty and danger in your job, then you should start planning for the worst. Of course, this doesn't mean that you should panic, but rather that now would be the time to start updating your resume and looking, even if only vaguely, at other positions. That way you're not going to end up caught completely off guard when you find yourself out of work. If you're prepared, then you're in a much better position to hit the ground running.

Take care of your finances

One of the biggest worries that a lot of people deal with when they find themselves unemployed is the fact that they are suddenly left without a source of income. This is made even worse if you're not sure how long that period is going to go on for. However, that doesn't mean that your finances are completely doomed. If it seems like you're only going to be out of work for a short time, then a payday cash advance might be able to bridge that gap rather nicely. However, if it starts to look like this period of unemployment is going to last for longer than you thought, then it might be worth thinking about whether or not there are ways in which you can reduce the amount of money that you're spending. This could be anything from cutting down on luxuries to downsizing your home. What you need to do will entirely depend on how much your income is reduced by, as well as your current living situation.

Get back on the horse

adult, blur, boss

One of the toughest things about being unemployed is just how much of a knock it can be to your self-esteem. If it was a job that you were truly passionate about and put a lot of yourself into, then it's going to feel awful when you're suddenly left without it. However, the longer you spend wallowing, the harder things will be when you eventually decide to start over. The best thing that you can do is to get back on the horse straight away. That way you're not only going to reduce the amount of time you spend without an income, but you're going to find it that much easier to put in the work necessary to find a new job.

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Life in a Narrow Home

With house prices on the rise all over the world, more and more designers are playing with small spaces in order to create functional family homes for an affordable price. This has been helped greatly by the growing trend of minimalist interior design. Doing more with less space has become an important mantra for home designers, property developers and budding homeowners, and it’s easy to see why when you take a look at narrow homes.

Source: Pixabay

There are some common misconceptions about narrow houses. First of all, it is usually possible to completely stretch out your arms without touching either wall. Narrow homes aren’t narrow enough to make you feel completely confined, although there are some properties that really play on the narrow aspect and give you barely any space to stretch. There’s also the idea that a narrow home is small and cramped. Although it’s true in some regard, it’s important to remember that although the house lacks width, it makes up for it in depth. Narrow homes can be extremely long which ultimately makes up for any perceived lack of space. They usually have multiple floors as well to add to this, yet still retaining a slim profile.

So what exactly is life like in a narrow home? We’ve put together some ideas that could convince you to trade in your existing home for a narrow one.

It can be a lot cheaper to build

Specialist narrow lot builders will fully understand build and block constraints, giving them the professional experience they need to make the most of your budget and space. If you want to build a home, then building a narrow home is perhaps going to be the best value for your money due to how cost-effective it is. You utilise a lot less space overall and you learn to compact things into smaller areas. You make do with what you have without any regret for things you don’t have, and the builders understand how to efficiently use all the space you have.

Source: Pixabay

You keep track of things more easily

Living in a narrow home typically means that you have a lot less storage space for your personal items. This means you carry less with you when you move around and you know where everything is. The thing with having a large home is that you have the luxury of space. You’ll store more things, you’ll keep more junk and you’ll be less inclined to throw trash away. With a narrow home, you don’t get that luxury and you’ll learn to throw away items that you don’t want and keep your home decluttered.

Less stressful living

Let’s be honest, no one likes cleaning the home because it takes so much time. Yet it’s something we’re forced to do because we have to worry about health hazards and problems such as insect or rodent infestations. In contrast, owning a narrow home is actually a lot less stress due to how easy it is to clean, tidy and ultimately live in. All of your belongings are within easy reach, you don’t need to clean as many surfaces and it’s a simple lifestyle that everyone can appreciate.

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Shhh The Kids Are Sleeping!


Parents already know just how hard it can be to get their kids back to sleep at night. As soon as bedtime rolls around, the kids will start to pull all the usual tactics to try and delay things for a bit longer. They may ask for a drink or a snack, or they could start and try to persuade you to let them watch just ten more minutes of TV. Some nights can be very testing for your patience indeed!

So, once the kids are fast asleep, you really do learn to relish that peace and quiet. And there is nothing worse than when the kids wake up to disturb you and your spouse’s evening together. Are you struggling with kids that just won’t stay asleep once you’ve put them to bed? Here are some suggestions that could be the answers to your problems!


Let Them Have A Bedtime Snack

If your kids do ask you for a quick snack before they go up to bed, it’s a good idea to give them one. That’s because they will stay full for longer throughout the night. If your kids go to bed hungry, then they will be very likely to wake up with hunger pangs. Plus, the body and mind will be able to relax and sleep much better with a full stomach. So, even if you do think that your kids are asking for a snack just to push bedtime back a bit, it is actually worth giving into their hungry demands! However, you shouldn’t give them anything sugary to eat as all the sugar will keep them wide awake. Snacks like cereal, nuts, and fruit are the best nibbles before bed. If this seems to help, just work it in to their regular bedtime routine.

Move Their Bedroom

There could be noises from outside your kids’ bedroom that are disturbing their sleep. Ideally, their bedrooms shouldn’t be in the room above a garage as the noise of getting a car in and out could drift up and wake them up. Ideally, you also shouldn’t make them sleep in rooms that face out onto the street. Passing pedestrians and cars might wake them up. When you are thinking of the best room for them, go with one that is at the back of the house and overlooks the garden as there will be very few noisy distractions out there.


Get Quieter Air Conditioning

If you have an old air conditioning system in your home, it might be very noisy whenever you have it on. That’s because old equipment can get noisier over time, even though they might be working perfectly fine. Though this might not bother you, all that excess noise might be a problem for your kids. They might struggle to fall asleep in the first place or could be woken up a few times through the night. If this does bother your children's sleep patterns, you should start looking for the best quiet air conditioners so that your children get some peace and quiet in their bedrooms. Lots of modern air conditioning systems are now built to be very quiet, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a suitable one.

Blackout Blinds

Another problem that your children might face is too much light in their room. This can be especially problematic throughout the summer months when there are lots of light nights. Unfortunately, you can’t make the sun set any earlier than what it does! Another source of pesky light could be an unfortunately positioned streetlamp. You can’t move those either sadly! But don’t worry, there is a way to prevent all that light from outside coming in. You just need to install some blackout blinds to your children’s windows. They are designed to completely block out all light from outside the window coming into the room, so you don’t have to worry about any natural light from waking up your sleeping kids!


Add A Nightlight

There could be one major downside to all that darkness in your kids’ bedrooms - they might end up scared of the dark! Thankfully, there is a very easy way around this. You just need to add a nightlight to their room. This is a small bulb that gets plugged directly into a socket. It then emits a very soft light throughout the room. This light won’t be so bright that it keeps the kids awake, but it will make the room a lot less scary than when it is in complete darkness! You can now find nightlights that come in lots of fun shapes. Some even project cute images onto the walls!

Set A Wind-Down Hour Before Bed

It is important that you don’t let your kids watch TV or play on a computer or games console in the hour before they go to bed. That is because these kinds of tech devices can help to wake up the brain and will get lots of energy rushing through their bodies. And that is not going to make bedtime easy at all! So, it’s necessary to switch off all forms of tech in the hour just before bed. This gives their mind and body the chance to unwind and relax, which can then make it easier for them to get to sleep. Why not encourage them to draw or read a book?!


Find Your Routine And Stick To It

Routines are very important for kids as they help them prepare for sleep. Plus, they minimize the chance of surprises which could be upsetting for them. So, it’s a good idea to spend a few weeks figuring out the best bedtime routine for your kids. This will help them settle more, which can encourage them to sleep continually through the night. Try to stick to this routine as much as possible, even when you are away on vacation for instance. That way, your children will sleep much better no matter where they may be sleeping!

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do to encourage your children to sleep well through the night!

What To Buy The Man Who Has Everything

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At some point in our lives, we have all faced the dilemma of what to buy the man who has everything. A great gift is one that doesn’t necessarily satisfy an existing need or desire, but one that catches the recipient unaware, and both creates and satisfies a ‘want’ all at the same time.

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for at any time. Christmas, birthdays, Fathers Day, you name it, it brings with it moments of frustration and indecision which normally results in a ‘useful’ gift or yet another pair of socks.

It is, therefore, time to forget the lame presents that appear year after year and to think outside the box and come up with something that he will love, and make him instantly forget what everyone else bought him too.

If your man is active, enjoys a challenge and likes to step out of his comfort zone, then a gift experience could be a great choice. Ideal for adrenaline junkies, options include off road driving, powerboating, and even indoor skydiving. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to join him, but if you want to go along why not take some great photos for the album. This is one gift he is sure to want to remember.

Sporting events

If your husband or partner spends every Saturday afternoon watching the sports channels, then tickets to the main event could be an ideal choice. You will certainly command favour if you come up trumps and manage to score something big, for example, Ashes Cricket tickets for 2017. If you can afford to, buy a pair so that he can take a friend. It will be something they will remember for years to come.

Spa days

Why not send him on relaxing pamper break at a local health club or spa. Here he will be able to take full advantage of the facilities and treatments of offer, have some good healthy food or just enjoy chilling out, away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. You will probably be keen to join him on this one, and why not. Some down time away from the kids could be just what the doctor ordered.


If your man is addicted to travelling, you could offer to take him away on vacation. It doesn’t have to be too far, and it is something that you could both enjoy together. Let him take part in the planning process and identify places of interest that he might like to visit along the way. This will be a treat for both of you and something that you can enjoy and make memories together.

Hopefully, these suggestions have given you food for thought in your quest to find the perfect gift, and the next time somebody asks what they can get the man in their life, you will know what to say won’t you.

Breathe New Life Into Your Windows Using These 4 Easy Steps


The windows of your home do not have to just be classic double glazing with white PVC fascias and maybe a curtain or two. Just like every other aspect of the exterior of your home, you can explore your creativity and show off your personality through your windows. Front doors can now be composite, classic wood or futuristic steel. Gardens can now be adorned with rockeries, water features, subtle lighting and architectural pieces. Your windows are no different. Use these ideas to inspire you to give your windows that well earned facelift.

1. Window Boxes

If you have relatively plain windows that need a little injection of color and vitality, try and utilize simple window boxes. Window boxes come in all shapes and sizes, from the ornate and highly decorative, to the minimalist and simple. Select which type of window box would best suit your home and install these at the front of your property. If you are particularly green fingered, select colorful plants to create a beautiful new fascia to you home. If you're more into the sculptural aspect of horticulture, opt for bamboos and miniature trees. With window boxes adorning your house, your home will enjoy some new found curb appeal.

2. Films

Sometimes you will want to have a little bit of added privacy for your home. This is especially true if you live on a busy main street or have a lot of people walking past your property and having a sneaky look inside as they saunter past. By utilizing decorative window films, you can create a beautiful etched look to your glazing at a fraction of the price. The entirely bespoke design is strong and long lasting, creating the added privacy you need without forfeiting on the style of your home and creating something that is both unique and visually appealing.

3. Screens And Shutters

The look of your windows externally can be transformed by giving your windows a makeover internally. Consider the use of screens with ornate fretwork and intricate carving. Or perhaps shutters are more your style with crisp lines and simple design. Both of these potential additions to your windows can be custom made to measure, creating a bespoke facet to your window design.

4. Stained Glass

Colored glass is not just for churches and chapels. The nature of stained glass allows you to create a customizable design to place into one window as a statement piece. This could be something sentimental like a family coat of arms, or it could be something more generic such as a geometric pattern or design. Whatever you choose, the benefits are not just seen externally. Internally, as the sunlight streams through, a colorful reflected image from your stained glass will appear on your walls and flooring. Simply beautiful.

The windows of your home can be as decorative and as stylized as you wish to make them. Whatever age they are, whether they are single glazed or double glazed, wooden framed or metal framed, you can make them a unique aspect of your home’s design.