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The Affordable Holiday Dream: 4 Necessities To Remember

If there is one thing you can be sure of in life, it’s that nothing comes for free. This idea can be extended further still, if you acknowledge that no good deal comes for free either-- you’re going to have to be willing to put the work in if you want to grab yourself a bargain.

Nowhere in life is this truer than with vacations. If you’re trying to take your family away for a relaxing break, you’re going to want to get a good deal and stretch your budget as far as possible. You want to ensure you can make the most of your hard-earned cash, but without compromising your enjoyment of the time you will spend away. But as the saying suggests, you’re going to have to put the effort in if you want to ensure the you get the best deal you can. Here are a few tips to keep in mind that can help you achieve this aim for your next travel adventure.

1) Inconvenience Can Save You A Fortune

If you’re trying to find cheap flights, then the best thing you can do to save money is be willing to be inconvenienced. Thankfully, you’re not going to have to endure too much of an inconvenience -- you’re not going to have to sit cramped in the back row of a cargo plane, for example -- but you are going to have to be willing to disrupt your journey. You will usually find that the more layovers and airport delays you’re willing to accept, the better your overall saving will be.

While layovers and connections are irritating, they are only responsible for a small fraction of the time you’re spending away. If you can handle the occasional wait, you could be rewarded with significant savings on your purchase price.

2) Time Your Booking Correctly

There is a general rule for booking a vacation; either book far in advance, or very close to the departure date. The worst time you can make your booking is any time in the middle. Here’s a rough guide as to how this works:

  • Very early = booking three months or more prior to departure
  • The dreaded middle zone = six to eight weeks prior to departure
  • Very late = four or fewer weeks prior to departure

The reason? Simple; everyone wants to book their vacation six-to-eight weeks prior to the departure date, so airlines and hotels put their prices up accordingly. By avoiding these expensive times, you’re sure to be rewarded with the best deals.

3) Reviews, Not Star Ratings, Are What Matter

When booking a vacation online, you will usually be able to select options via the star rating system. It’s important to remember that this system is inherently fallible, and often based on outdated information.

What is important are up-to-date reviews from holidaymakers like yourself. If there is a four-star hotel with bad reviews, and a three-star hotel with good reviews, then you should aim to pick the three-star hotel. Not only is this a better indicator of the actual standard of the hotel as it stands, but it will also save you a significant amount of money.

With these tips in mind, you can be sure to save yourself a small fortune on your next vacation-- have fun!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Swagbucks Cashback Shopping

The Cashback Shopping site Swagbucks is offering big cash back at over 120 different stores all throughout Black Friday weekend. They're also offering big payouts on a varieties of different deals and offers from companies that would make great gift ideas. Get great dealswithout waiting in lines or even leaving your home!  

If you're not familiar with Swagbucks, they offer cash back in the form of points when you shop. Then you can turn those points into gift cards to places like Amazon, Starbucks, Target, or PayPal cash. You can also earn points for discovering deals, watching videos, answering surveys and more!   

Click here to take advantage of the cash back, just create your Swagbucks account when prompted (it takes less than 30 seconds) and then you're all set!  

As a special bonus, if you sign up through me you get a 300 SB ($3) bonus when you earn your first 300 SB before December 1st! This site's a great way to extend your shopping budget, especially around the holidays!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 Review and Giveaway

Hey neighbors!!

Remember  They do some really beautiful personalized ornaments.  We worked with them last year, and again this year.  Last year we had a family of bears in a station wagon, and this year we have a family of polar bears.  I am really impressed with these ornaments.  We have been able to add the family name, each individual name, and the year.  I would LOVE to do this each year, and add a new one to the tree.  My only regret is we did not think of this before.  I mean my youngest is 17.

You would not believe the variety of ornaments that they have available on their site.  Not only are they perfect for family yearly ornaments, they can also be good for marking your child's yearly holiday.  They make wonderful gifts too!!

You can choose from the family ornaments, to ornaments based on an individual's interests.  They have musical, animal, friends, military, baby, and couples.  There are just so many to choose from.  I was amazed how quickly we received ours after ordering.  It arrived in a nice white box with soft cotton inside that you can store the ornament in from year to year.  Once again, perfect for a gift!!

The ornaments are well made and should last for years unless they are not well taken care off.  Be sure to visit their site and look around.  Then enter the giveaway.  You main entry will be telling us your favorite!!  One neighbors will be receiving their own Personalized Ornament from

Be sure to follow them on their social media!
Facebook - HERE  
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This one ends in one week!  Be sure to enter!!

Another Holiday Giveaway

Hey neighbors!!

Here's our newest giveaway.  We have a set of Dolomite Decorative Diffusers.  There are three, circular diffusers. One say Pure, the next Peace, and the last Joy.  The diffusers each have twine ties to hang them with.  Also included in the giveaway is a small bottle, 0.17 fluid oz.  Merry and Bright.  Only the diffuser and oil are included in the giveaway.

Make sure you have also entered our Happy Holidays Giveaway for a $10 Amazon GC. It has 7 days to go.

Must-Have Thoughts Before Taking The Puppy Plunge

The three most awesome things about joining the adult world are 1) you can eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you so want, 2) you can binge watch all of favorite series in one sitting if you so please and 3) you know longer have to plead with your parents in order to get a puppy. You’re a big person now - you can do as you please. And seriously, who doesn’t want a puppy in their lives? A constantly happy furball that can turn even the most steadfast frown upside down. Exactly, right.

But before you get a rush of blood to the head and hurry of to the puppy store, take a deep breath because there are some home truths you really want to know about and consider before you take the puppy plunge.

They Cost A Bunch To Keep
It isn’t just the purchase of a puppy you need to weigh into this month’s budget, it is everything that follows, vet bills, food, paying extra on your rent as per the contract you never read, family dog training, kennels for when you go on holiday, immunizations and a dog walker-slash-sitter. All these things add up. We’re not saying this to put you off. We’re saying this so that you can start looking for each of these services and start the preparation period.

They Take Up A Chunk Of Time
Believe it or not, puppies are pretty demanding on the time front, which can be a tough pill to swallow since most people don’t have enough time in their days as it stands. It’s the house training, taking them for walks and teaching them tricks (you’re gonna want to teach them tricks) and knowing what you are going to do with them the nine hours you are at work each day. One solution is to have a sitter-slash-walker come in, or maybe your parent could pop over at lunch-times. Just some things to think about.

Puppy-Proofing Your Home
Puppy-proofing is partly to do with their health and mainly to do with your sanity. To give it to you straight, anyone that is proud of their home’s cleanliness should probably forget about getting a dog. The same goes for those that home a lot of expensive and breakable objects. In the same ways babies put everything in their mouths, so do puppies - the big difference is the sharp teeth and claws thing. Then there is the whole peeing wherever they want thing, which can take some time to overcome.

Make Sure You Know Your Breeder
We’re not going to tell you to go down the breeder route or urge you to shelter a rescue dog because there are amazing benefits to both. However, if you do go down the breeder route, then you really need to do your due diligence to make sure the breeder you are going to is part of an ethical breeding program. Puppy mills are one of the most horrendous facilities society has ever dreamt up, so it is imperative you avoid these at all costs. That means talking to your breeder and asking them twenty-one (thousand) questions, see the breeder’s home and meet the puppies mum. Basically, don’t buy from pet stores, flea markets or people in parking lots. It is part of your responsibility as a dog owner.

Helpful Tips For Your Holiday Shopping

Christmas is well and truly around the corner. By now, a lot of people will have started thinking about the gifts they’re going to give their loved ones and may have even started to make the all-important purchases. Of course, though, there will be at least one or two people you haven’t gotten around to, yet. To help you out with your gift hunting, this post will be taking you on a journey to find an option which will enhance the lives of those receiving it.

The Key Concepts

During this process, there are several key concepts which you will have to follow if you want to have an easy time of buying your gifts. Below, you can find some examples. Along with this, though, you will have to think long and hard about the person getting it, too.

  • Something They Can Use: When you give someone something they can use, you are doing a great deal more than just making them happy in the moment. Along with this, you will be giving them an item which will enhance their normal life, giving them a chance to explore something they never have before. This is great when you’re looking for an option which will give them something to remember you by.

  • Something Unique: Along with the gift being something they can use to some level, it should also be something unique. If you get a gift which someone else may have also bought, there could be some embarrassment or uneasy feelings when it comes to giving it to them. To avoid this, you should always try to think outside the box when making this sort of decision, even if it takes longer to find the right choice.

A blurry view of Christmas lights on Pismo Beach Pier.

Some Inspiration

With the basics covered, it’s time to start thinking about some of the options you have before you go shopping. Below, you can find some examples to give you some inspiration when looking for the gifts you’re going to be giving out. Of course you will want to do the real research yourself.

  • Home Decor: Giving someone a gift which will be displayed in their home is a nice gesture. If you choose the right product, you can help your friend to make a statement about themselves. Thinks of their personality before shopping. A Luvin Life Himalayan Salt Lamp is a great example of an option you have here. Without changing a room, this sort of product will add to it, giving it a new feel with very little effort.

  • Pet Provisions: It’s becoming more and more popular to own a pet, and this has caused the range of products you can buy for them to also rise. This makes this field great for gift givers struggling for options. For most of the people you know, it will be easy to find out what sort of pets they might have. A dog, for example, could use some chew toys, whereas a cat would prefer a scratching post or cat nip toy.

  • Their Hobbies & Interests: While you’re thinking about someone’s pets, you could also start to consider their general interests. Most people have unique passions which will show through in the way they spend their free time. Taking advantage of this is nice and easy, and you just have to make sure that you’re buying them an upgrade or something they don’t already have. Most people will greatly appreciate this sort of effort on your part.

  • A Historical Connection: Time is a wonderful thing. As long as you know someone’s birthday, it should be easy to buy them a gift with a little slice of history wrapped up along with it. A newspaper from the day they were born or another birthday-themed gift can still have a place under the tree, even if it isn’t directly related to the holiday at hand. There are loads of options out there which can make an excellent present.

  • Books, Music, & Movies: Finally, as the last option on this list, it’s time to think about media, and the sort of gifts you can be giving. You will be able to tell if someone you’re giving gifts to likes to read, listen to music, or watch movies. This makes it nice and easy for you to find an option for them, as long as you understand the sort of genres they like. Of course, a subscription service like Netflix could also work here.

Buying Your Gift

With the above information in mind, you will be ready to take one of the final steps in this journey; purchasing the gift. To help you out with this, you can find some ideas below to help you get unique presents quickly.

  • Time Is Of The Essence: Christmas is very close by, and this will make it quite stressful for a lot of people if they haven’t bought their gifts, yet. This pressure will only increase as you put this off. Online shopping will always be faster than going out and shopping. So, it could be worth trying to find ways to do your shopping through the power of the web.

  • Using Speedy Services: In addition to this, there are loads of online services which are designed to make your shopping faster and easier. Amazon Prime, for example, can often get your items to the door within 24 hours of making the order, and there are loads of other companies out there with similar options. This makes it nice and easy to avoid the rush at the mall.

  • Finding The Best Deal: Finally, there is one last thing to consider, getting good deals can save a huge amount at this time of year. When you’re making so many purchases, it can be easy to run up your total expenses. To avoid this, Black Friday sales, coupons and other deals are your very best option.

Hopefully, this post will give you all the help you need to make your holiday shopping a lot easier. Holiday shopping is always made easier when you put a little preparation into it. Hopefully these ideas will help you cut down on some of the stress of your holiday.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Holistic Animal Care Will Show Your Pets How Much You Care

Holistic Animal Care Will Show Your Pets How Much You Care

Your pets are truly a part of your family. You take care of them, feed them, play with them, and worry about them when they appear to be under the weather. Part of this concern carries over to their long-term viability, so holistic pet care should be seen as a must in the daily routine taking place in your home. When you go to get cat worming products online, or you are just wanting to contribute to your pet's overall state of health, holistic care has its advantages.

Keeping your Pets Happy and Healthy

Just like humans, pets get sick and they need recovery time. Holistic pet care is designed to rehabilitate animals and return them to a healthy state, and help them to stay that way.  This is done in much the same way that we take care of our own bodies, but with the realization that animals have a unique internal organ system that is delicate and requires care. You do not want to wait until your pet is sick and must pay a visit to the vet. Be proactive and engage in a life of holistic health care so that they stay healthy longer.

When a pet is expressing symptoms that they may be becoming ill, a diagnosis needs to be sought out right away. As your pet cannot speak up, it is important to be their advocate, in addition to their provider.  Get the animal to a qualified and professional animal doctor right away to determine what course of action should be taken. Also, when pets are well is not time to neglect your role as a caregiver, as this is a perfect opportunity to ensure that the pet of your choosing is healthy and vibrant throughout his or her lifespan. Look for products online that you will help you do this. Your pet will surely be grateful.

Treatments Now Available to your Pets

There are many holistic pet care treatments now available to your pets that are designed to provide maintenance and structure contributing to long-term health. These include, among other, such varied treatments as acupuncture, flower essence care, food therapy, laser therapy, and Myers Cocktail IV therapy. These are all designed to give your pet what they need to overcome any ailments that they might have.

There are many medical issues that can affect your pet, but traditional medicine containing chemicals and drugs do not often work, and they are not in the best long-term health interest of animals. With this in mind, treatments such as Myers Cocktail IV Therapy has been developed to provide a natural alternative to traditional approaches used too heavily in the past.  This approach is designed to solve many common health issues affecting pets, and all of this can be done without using medicine that might be harmful to your pet and cause serious side effects to boot.

Many pet owners do not know where to turn to help their pets develop a healthy and vibrant lifestyle that can lead to many happy and productive years. Turn to your local veterinarian and ask for some of the therapies mentioned here and work to determine a plausible course of action that should work wonders for your pet.  Your family’s best friend will certainly appreciate the fact that you are looking out for them.

5 Traits Of An Organized Mom

Before you have children, you live in a way that suits you. You sleep when you want, you eat when you want, you go to work on time and you spend your free time in the exact way that you want to. When you have children, your life becomes a regimented routine and for some, the organization that comes with a routine is difficult to get into. The thing is, children have a way of forcing you into a routine, and you don’t get much of a choice in that as children need a routine to thrive.
If you’ve ever looked around at your friends and wondered how they could be super organized but you aren’t, don’t worry. People love to put on a face and pretend they have it all together, and yet there are still those who are naturally and unflappably organized. If you want to learn what makes a mom super organized, we’ve put together five key characteristics you could learn to adopt to be considered the same.
  1. Good habits are crucial for those who are organized. Set routines, habits and schedules that are stuck to by moms can give that air of calm at all times. These didn’t spring up automatically in their lives. Creating good habits takes some time and a will to want to do better in daily life. Having a timetable and routine is key for everything from getting ready to researching websites like when it comes to big jobs like moving to a new house. The habits work so well because they are honed over time, so give yourself some time to get properly organized with your life.
  2. Giving up is never an option. For an organized individual, there is no option except a backup plan. Contingency planning is in the nature of someone who is organized, and preparation is key. Don’t just assume that you only need one pathway; you need several to stay on track and on plan!
  3. Deadlines can be created for pretty much anything, and if you want to be organized, you need to set your own. Do you have a hard time keeping track of holiday gifts or house moves? It’s time to break out the notebook and start making lists. Lists are your best friend when it comes to planning and being on the ball. Don’t be afraid to use them and stick to them!
  4. Baby steps are going to make such a difference to changing your out-of-sync life and making it more organized. Don’t expect to change things overnight when you are so used to doing everything in chaos – even if that chaos feels organized to you.
  5. Maintaining your new organized persona is important, and that means keeping up with your new habits in every area of life. Set alarms and keep the routine the same for the whole family, so that you can lead by example.
Organization is going to make a huge difference to the way you manage everything at home, at work and with the kids. Don’t let it slip!

A Green Home, A Green Business, A Green Future

Why is going green today so important? Well, just last week fifteen thousand scientists released a shared doomsday memo. Essentially, they stressed that if we continue living and treating the planet the way we have been, then it will lead to catastrophic consequences in the future. In short, the planet will become uninhabitable within the next century. Now, it is important to understand this is not the first time the importance of correcting the course for society has been mentioned. The note referred to is a continuation of one that was released in the 80’s.

As well as this, there is the issue of power outages. The world population continues to grow at an alarming rate, and this puts a lot of pressure on energy sources, making things difficult for energy providers who are helping people keep the power on.

On top of this, there’s trouble with costs. It’s fair to say that if you’re struggling with costs of your home and your daily life or even to run your business, energy costs are having an impact.

So, what do you do about this? Well, there are both large and small ways you can change things and do your part to go green.

Small Changes

Small changes are almost endless. For instance, you can start by switching the bulbs that you are using in your home or business to the energy-saving variety. LED bulbs are best for this, and it’s certainly something that you want to think about when you’re decorating your home in fairy lights this festive season. There are LED options that you can purchase.

Do you constantly forget to switch off the electronic devices in your home? If so, you may want to consider getting timer plugs. Timer plugs will allow you to ensure that devices are switched off automatically and ensure that power is not wasted.

Or, how about electrical devices in general? This is certainly going to be an important consideration for business owners. What we’re talking about here is replacing the electrical devices with machines that are far more energy friendly. You’ll certainly see a difference in your electric bill if you do this.

Bigger Changes

Businesses and homeowners can also make larger changes to go green, like improving the exterior of their home. An example of this could be changing garage doors on both business properties and homes. Garage doors are often sturdy, but they don’t always trap warmth in the home. This issue can be corrected with insulated roll up garage doors. These can be added to business properties and homes to ensure that heat is indeed trapped inside and even be a higher resistance to wind.

Another major change you can make would be to the windows. You can get double or triple pane glass to ensure that heat doesn’t escape this way either keeping things warm and cosy in your home and the office.

We hope this helps you see why it’s so important to stay green and how you can build up a greener home or business.

Soothe Your Stressed-out Kitty With These Steps

There are many reasons to love cats, but they're not always the calmest of animals. They can be pretty sensitive, which means they can get stressed easily. If your cat is stressed, you might notice them grooming a lot, hiding more often, not eating, or being aggressive. Other signs might show that they're stressed too, and if you're not sure, your vet can help you. If you have a stressed-out kitty on your hands, there are ways to help them out. You can calm them down by improving their living environment and making sure their needs are met.

Keep Strange Cats Away

Strange cats can be stressful for any kitty. If your cat goes outdoors, he or she could come across other cats outside. But even if you have a house cat, they still might end up meeting some neighbors through the window! If you're not careful, some cats can even follow your kitty into the house. One option to solve this issue is to use a microchip cat flap, so only the cat (or cats) that have their microchip programmed into the flap can go in and out. Find out more about them here on Tuxedo Cat to see if they might work for you. You might also consider higher fences around your home. Cats can jump, but they can only go so high.

Try a Pheromone Diffuser or Spray

If you talk to your vet about a stressed cat, they might recommend a pheromone diffuser or spray. These use synthetic pheromones which mimic those given off by mother cats. Don't worry, there's no smell to humans! It should be calming for your kitty and can help in a range of situations. The diffusers can be plugged in and left to work. You don't have to use them all the time, but they're especially useful during stressful times, such as when there are fireworks, you've moved into a new home, or you have a new pet or baby in the house.

kitten cat mammal closeup close up pets cats whiskers paw animals vertebrate cute cat cat face tabby cat bengal european shorthair small to medium sized cats cat like mammal american shorthair

Make Sure Your Cat Can Hide Away

Many cats love a cuddle, but they also need their own space. They're independent creatures and don't usually want to be bothered all the time. When they're stressed out, they want somewhere to retreat so they can be alone and calm down. If you have multiple cats or pets, or you have children, it's especially important that your cat can find their own space. They should have places they can jump up into or climb into where no one else can get to them.

Consider Your Vacation Plan

Sometimes certain situations can make cats feel stressed. If you're going away, you might consider taking your cat to a cattery or boarding facility. However, this can be super stressful for some cats. You have to take them somewhere new, then they have to stay somewhere unfamiliar and finally deal with another journey. Consider planning for a sitter at home instead next time you go away. You could get a house sitter or just have someone pop in once or twice a day.

Cats can get stressed easily, but there are ways you can help them calm down. Pay attention to their behavior, and speak to your vet if you're not sure.

Military Vet, Dan Anton, Turned CEO Of His SEO Company

** this is a sponsored post **

Military service is difficult, demanding and dangerous. But returning to civilian life also poses challenges for the men and women who have served in the armed forces. Challenges for some but success for others. I want to share a successful story of one military vet in particular named Dan Anton. Why is Dan important?  His story is of duty and embodying the strength of what military men and wom are all about. He’s able to adapt to his surrounding and overcome public and private challenges that come his way.
Image: RankCrew
Dan currently runs RankCrew, a successful and well established business and manages a team of software developers and marketing specialist. His services and products are used by thousands of businesses each and every day and as a byproduct, he has successfully become a multi-millionaire. Of course, his success didn’t happen overnight of course.

Dan is the oldest of three boys and grew up in Neptune, New Jersey. His father installed a work ethic that resembled an obsession which manifested as Dan began loving boxing and became a Junior Olympic Boxing Champion of the New York and New Jersey area. Dan’s father decided to pull his son out of boxing however after several big blows to the head began to take place. Instead of boxing he decided to channel his creative problem solving elsewhere.

Dan, Matt’s younger brother began explaining how he had discovered a large community of individuals online who were searching for video games in large forums and they were going to be paying for his convenience to finding the game buying it and then shipping it directly to them. In other words, Dan had just discovered the basics of arbitrage, buy low, sell high and then find a market. He began to buy video games from local stores and sell them online with a markup. This spun off into finding popular games like World of Warcraft which was on popular demand for people all across the country. Although he wasn’t making a ton of money with these, he was making thousands of dollars and for a part time high-schooler, it was all he needed.
After the Twin Towers fell, Dan wanted to sign up among his fellow American’s to help protect our country. He felt an overwhelming sense of protecting the innocent and bringing justice to those that attacked America. Putting his career on hold as an internet entrepreneur and enlisting to go to basic training, Dan graduated with honors from Montclair State University. He was a natural leader and went on to Officer Candidate School and then becoming a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army.
Image: Dan Anton
With Dan now starting his first deployment in Iraq, he called his father after his convoy was hit by a series of IEDs and his friend Salie was killed in combat. The story was so compelling that Dan and his unit were featured in a book; The Gods Of Diyala by Caleb S. Cage and Gregory M. Tomlin. His story is one that several individuals resonated with.

After his first deployment was finished, Dan began to get interested again in internet marketing. In 2006 he began chatting with his brother Matt about building a social network for gamers which was similar to MySpace at the time. He wanted to take risks and while other networks received funding or had a large team, the two-man operation relied on learning every aspect of internet marketing there was including SEO, Social Media, PPC and Email Marketing. He actually ended up turning into a full time business by accident.

With Dan’s Computer Science background, he began seeing inefficiencies in repetitive human-based tasks and began to develop software to help assist in the process of increasing the ranks in Yahoo, Bing and Google. The military experience has taught him the importance of detail which made it simple and useful when it came to effective software. He felt comfortable in this new career path and knew he would be able to make a difference with everyone around the country.

Thanks to the success and help with his family and friends, RankCrew is now an extremely successful company and it all started almost by accident! We can’t thank the brave woman and men that continue to serve and put on their uniforms everyday, and to those that have transitioned the freedom to their own path of success and excellence. Daniel Anton also founded BacklinkedIndex and CrowdSearch. You can follow him on is social media accounts as well; Facebook, Youtube and Twitter!