Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Ideal US Family Great Getaway!

Hey Neighbors,

Here is another post brought to you through Social Moms and Alamo. Now I have to tell you that the best family getaway we have experienced is camping. You get away from home and the cares and get to spend quality time together.

As a family we have experienced all varieties of camping from tent camping to renting cabins, and of course an RV. I am going to list some of our favorite locations to visit.

St Augustine Beach in Florida. We stayed at the state campground in an RV. You do have to book early during the prime season. There is a beach area, where you can sit and relax while the children play, either in the sand or in the water. You can also rent bikes, but we brought our own. While out there one day we even managed to watch some whales go by with borrowed binoculars. Next time we will take our own! Not far away is an old fort that my husband and some of the younger children visited. They had a great time. And then, you can stroll through the shops. Anything from seashells, blown glass, clothing, homemade bread (it was great!), t-shirts, and of course souvenirs. We also found a really great pizza shop while there.

Another great place to visit was the Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. We had to stay at a hotel for this one. Arches is a drive through park. You would not believe the gorgeous views. The children loved looking through the arches. Delicate Arch, Double Arch, Balanced Rock, were a few of the sites we were able to see. And we heard several jokes about the Gossiping Women.

Then we were able to visit the Grand Canyon. A first for all of us. We managed to get there a little before lunch and wander a few of the sites. Looking over the first time was simply breath-taking. We did manage to see some wildlife also, when a snake visited along one of the sidewalks, several squirrels were more than a little friendly and then to our surprise several Elk were right by the side of the road and we were able to take pictures.

I could go on and on about parks we have visited. This would make a great family getaway to pack up and plan a trip to anyone of these sites, or perhaps you could plan to hit more than one.

Our family enjoys the camping because you spend a lot more time together talking, playing and just having fun. You put away tv, video games even the distraction of friends and just enjoy your family.

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rubynreba said...

We haven't camped for a long time but I remember how much fun we always had doing it! It is great for a family.

Mickey said...

We took an RV trip a few years ago when we only had a 1 year old. Now we have 3 little kids and would love to do it again. Thanks for the ideas!

Colleen M said...

My favorite childhood memories are the times we spent at our rustic lake cabin with no TV or phone and an old woodburning stove. We depended on each other for our fun which made it very quality time together.