Friday, November 5, 2010

Savvy Rest Pillow Review

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O.K. This is not really a gift basket review.  You would need a really large basket for this pillow.  Although you could put it together with a sheet set and tie a ribbon around it.  The Savvy Rest Pillow I received is a shredded latex pillow.  Their pillows are organic.  Now, the way the pillow came in is too hard for me.  I like my pillows soft.  My husband on the other hand likes it the way it arrived.  He likes firm pillows.  If you notice in the description you can remove some of the filling to make the pillow as soft, or as hard as you would like.  The pillows are $79 for Standard, $89 for Queen, and $99 for King.  They also have a Body Pillow for $159. 

Savvy Rest Pillow (Shredded Latex):

"Soft, shredded latex (blended Dunlop and Talalay) conforms to your neck and shoulders for secure yet moveable support. These pillows are intentionally overstuffed so you can make your own perfect, personal fit. Just unzip the inner and outer casings and remove any amount of fill to create just-right height and density. Approximate height: 4-8”

Savvy Rest Story:

"The Savvy Sleeper – a Sleep Solutions Store What would lead a yoga-practicing, organic-food-eating marathon runner to start a mattress company? He couldn’t sleep. Michael had insomnia, ironically at its worst while he was working for a futon company. In part, what he’d learned about materials and practices in the mattress industry was keeping him awake.
Most mattress stores were full of chemically treated fabrics covering cheap padding or noxious chemical foams, atop flimsy foundations. Stories of rip-offs, shoddy quality and deceptive product descriptions abounded.
It occurred to Michael that many people approached mattress shopping in a state of fear. So he resolved to create a new kind of mattress company that offered a new level of quality and service. In 2003, The Savvy Sleeper, our flagship store, opened in Charlottesville, Virginia, drawing customers from as far away as Baltimore and North Carolina.
Finding an organic mattress to sell was a tall order. We found one natural latex mattress, but the casing was synthetic. Even the biggest companies in the ”natural mattress” niche were using only some organic materials, or making mattresses that weren't very comfortable. We decided to make our own.
Savvy Rest – Organic Mattress Manufacturer
Our mission was to create an organic mattress that was comfortable, nontoxic, versatile and reliable—and to give customers a level of service they’d never experienced before from a mattress company.
For the core of the Savvy Rest Organic mattress, we chose natural latex for its wonderful feel and longevity. We designed customizable layers to make the mattress adaptable for every individual. We chose certified organic wool and certified organic cotton fabric for a soft yet sturdy casing. And to ensure quality, we required materials certifications from all our suppliers.
We wanted customers to feel safe with our product and confident in our company. So we also decided to allow customers to exchange layers of latex to adjust the firmness even after purchase. Our product and our practices--integrity and service—have led to our growing reputation as America’s leading natural mattress manufacturer.
The Savvy Rest Standard
It may seem just common sense that whatever your mattress is “breathing out” all night, you’re breathing in. But awareness of toxic mattresses is relatively new. Savvy Rest was the first mattress company to take concern for indoor air quality to the logical conclusion: what you and your family sleep on should not harm you with off-gassing chemical fumes, pesticide residues, or allergens.
We’re proud of our history and our success. From a few trend-setting retailers just a few years ago, we now have a large network of dealers who have responded to Savvy Rest’s reputation for quality, integrity and service."

I have never tried a Savvy Rest Mattress, but they do look like the natural latex mattress might be quite comfortable.  For now I will have to be satisfied with a pillow.  For those interested they even carry a baby mattress.  For: Savvy Rest Reviews.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation.  I did receive a Savvy Rest Pillow for review purposes.  All quotes are from the Savvy Rest website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.


Colleen M said...

This sounds like a great pillow! I like the fact that it's organic and not made with chemicals. I like firm pillows because they give more support.

Shiela said...

Sounds like a great product - I love firm pillows and I love the fact that this one is organic. I would love to try it! :)

Charity said...

I really like that you can take some of the filling out:) Very nice.

rubynreba said...

It makes me tired to read about it! It looks so comfy. I've never heard of a pillow where you can take some of the filling out. Sounds like a great product.

Eileen said...

Im due for a new pillow, but am like you...they cant be too hard. Mine has to be super squishy and I take it everywhere! I have seen these on sites before and thought they looked way too firm for my mean my head. THANKS for telling us about how you can take out some of the stuffing! I might consider it now!