Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some more winners!

I just wanted to post some of the recent winners.  After this, I have started a page where I will add winners.  It goes from the most recent and works back.  That way you can see who has won recently!  You can find the page in the sidebar.  Also a quick announcement: when the Fall Festival ends At the Fence will be having a Gift Basket Bonanza!  This will include reviews and giveaways of Gift Baskets and items for gift baskets.  Make sure to stop back by.

Doody Digger-Jennifer
Laser Xpressions-Tim
Ayala's Herbal Water-Michele
Baby Go Go-Samantha

Thanks to all who have entered!  Please continue to stop by At the Fence, and be sure to leave a comment on each Bake for a Cure post.  2 more next week.  One comment per post and for each comment you leave you can enter the $10 and $5 GC giveaway, winners choice of either Starbucks or McDonalds.

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