Friday, October 29, 2010

ImagiPLAY Review

Hey Neighbors!

I received the cutest wooden puzzle from ImagiPLAY  It is called ColorMeUp Pandas.  They are so cute!  And not only does your child get a puzzle to play with, but they also get to paint it.  It comes with a small set of paints for your child to use.  It is a 14 piece puzzle, that measures approx. 6 x 4.5 x1/5",  So after using their creative talents to paint, they then get to take the puzzle apart and put it back together.  As, a side note, we painted one side and then used washable markers on the other side.  I think the markers gave a little better control over where the color went.  The ColorMeUp Pandas run $14.99

Choosing the right color.

Hard at work painting!

ImagiPlay has dozens of toys and crafts to choose from.  Push and Pull toys, Playsets, Lacing Sets, Bead Mazes, and even Food Play Sets.  I really like the quality of the puzzle we received.  And of course being made of wood this puzzle will last.  There is also a Learning Center you can visit where your child can choose different animals and learn a little bit about them as well as see pictures.
A little about ImagiPLAY:

Regular side.

Colorful side!

Producing toys using only materials and processes that show respect for the planet and all the people and creatures upon it has remained ImagiPLAY's promise and challenge. All of ImagiPLAY's toys are made from eco-friendly materials, with plantation-grown rubberwood being a favorite. Rubber trees produce a sap that is used to make latex products. At the end of their latex-producing years (generally 25-30 years) the trees are harvested and new ones planted. But these wonderful trees have one more gift to give us -their beautiful, splinter-free hardwood, from which ImagiPLAY makes many of its award winning, heirloom quality toys. Products for which Rubberwood is not suitable are made from wood from managed forests. ImagiPLAY's factories are placed close to the neighborhoods where its craftsmen live so that the majority of them can walk or ride their bikes to work each day, enabling its craftsmen to maintain quality relationships with their own children while they make toys for others.

You can find ImagiPLAY on Facebook and on Twitter. Like and Follow ImagiPLAY to keep updated on the latest news from their company.

ImagiPLAY has plenty of indoor toys for fall to help keep your children entertained on a cool day.  And it is educational as well!  ImagiPLAY is concerned about quality toys for your children that do not harm our environment.  Toy's with integrity!

Disclaimer: I received no Monetary Compensation for this post.  I did receive the ColorMeUp Pandas for review purposes.  All quotes are taken from the ImagiPLAY website or email.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.


Niecey said...

There are a bunch of things from that site I'd love to get my kids. You guys did a great job with the painting/coloring!

Heavensent1 said...

Oh...I love how its can decorate in your own style then have fun putting it all together...great idea~!!

traci said...

Spinning tops never go out of style. The spinning tops are my favourite.

Go Long! Go Green! said...

Wow, what a great toy!!! PS> New follower, love the blog, LOVE the salvation message!!! PSS> would love a follow back!! :)

sunnymum said...

It's nice to find toys that are well loved as they're being made. I know my daughter would love painting a puzzle like this. Fun gift idea!

Eileen said...

OH how I love that little farm set! I really like wooden toys and puzzles and I know ImagiPlay has lots to offer. I could spend half a day there!