Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Busy Kit Review

Hi Neighbors,

I thought I'd stop by At the Fence for a few minutes to share a really neat company. It is called My Busy Kit. They have pre-made kits you can purchase to take different places when you travel with your children. "Activities for kids on the go." How many times on a trip have you heard, "Are we there yet?" or perhaps "I'm bored!". They have one for girls, one for boys, and even a special one for airports. Now as you head out the door to an appointment you can grab a busy kit and know you will have something on hand to entertain your child as you drive or perhaps while you are in a waiting room. Another great idea is to bring one of these when you go out to dinner with friends. How many times have you been out to eat and as the adults linger on to talk the children get bored and restless. With My Busy Kit you have activities with you to keep them busy. You can check out the kits here.

Here is how it all got started:

"Founders Lorraine Akemann and Annabel Heinemann met through the Redwood City (California) Mothers Club when their children were toddlers. My Busy Kit started from an idea Annabel had while traveling with her three children in Mexico. Her mother-in-law had packed them a clear bag full of interesting gadgets to help keep the children entertained. From the road, Annabel called Lorraine to announce, “I think we’ve got something here – let’s team up!” With five kids between them, they started finding and testing items that kids found interesting. Their goal was to assemble a kit that would keep kids o
ccupied, making travel a little easier on parents, and a lot of fun for kids.

For the first several months, Lorraine and Annabel sent out tester kits to everybody they knew. The results were very positive! They launched the product at a preschool fair in spring 2007, and two years and 2000 kits later they are still going strong!

Their combined 2008 travel itineraries included Alaska, Vermont, Oregon, Illinois, New York, Mexico and Nicaragua. Both families survived airport security lines, travel delays, and even third-world hospital visits, thanks to the contents packed in their kits."

My Busy Kits has a blog that you might like to visit. You can also follow them on Twitter at Keeps Me Smiling. My Busy Kits has offered my readers a 20% discount by using the code "mommyblogger" when ordering through My Busy Kit Google Checkout. So stop by and check out My Busy Kits.

Want to share At the Fence? If you purchase a kit or if you have purchased one previously, leave a comment and let my neighbors know what you think. Thanks!

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