Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Little Pim Review

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Here's a great product for teaching young children Foreign Languages. Little Pim is recommended for children ages 0-6years old. This is a DVD series and they have, Spanish, French, Chinese Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, English, Arabic, German and Russian available. Each of the languages have complete sets you may buy, or you can purchase them individually. They cover, 1. Eating and Drinking, 2. Wake Up Smiling (brushing teeth, dressing, etc.), 3. Playtime, 4. In my Home, 5. Happy, Sad,and Silly, and 6. I Can Count.

Little Pim also provides video downloads that you may purchase, parent guides, coloring pages to download, and some games. You can also push a small plush Little Pim. Little Pim has won 10 Consumer Awards. Little Pim has a blog, and may also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

We were given the Spanish I Can Count. The program had Little Pim, a cute Panda Bear, Bob a Bobcat , and Lola and Elephant. My daughter really enjoyed them. They counted dogs, cats, toys, food items, etc. so really they are learning other words too, not just numbers. This is a program that really would help a young child with a foreign language. This is a product worth sharing At the Fence.

History of Little Pim:

"Little Pim was created in 2006 by Julia Pimsleur Levine, a mom who grew up bilingual and was looking for fun ways to introduce her young son to the French language. When she discovered there were no high quality videos/DVDs for teaching toddlers a foreign language, she decided to create them herself— something for which she was uniquely qualified as a filmmaker, language teacher, and mother. Pimsleur Levine was inspired in part by having grown up in the language teaching business. Her father, Dr. Paul Pimsleur, created one of the most popular and acclaimed audio teaching language methods for adults.

Pimsleur Levine created a series that delights kids as much as any purely entertainment show, and treats play and learning as seamless activities. The Little Pim DVDs and products all make language learning fun and easy for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and their monolingual or bilingual parents.

Little Pim’s unique Entertainment Immersion Method leads with distinctive fun and high quality, and provides total immersion in the language. The method uses proven repetition techniques that help children retain the new vocabulary.

Little Pim is the most comprehensive series available today for introducing a foreign language to young children between the ages of zero and five. The series has won ten awards, including iParenting, Mom’s Best, Creative Child and Mr. Dad."

You can purchase Little Pim right through their website. The Deluxe Set that includes 3 of the DVDs, the plush Little Pim, the little Pim Spanish Music CD, Little Pim Word and Phrase Cards, all in a Little Pim Tote Bag. ($89.95) The individual DVDs run $17.95. Take a look around, see if there is something you like.

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