Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lip CLear Lysine+ Review and $2 Coupon

I was offered the chance to review the Lip Clear Lysine+. It couldn't have come at a better time. My nine year old gets cold sores when she is sick, and wouldn't you know, she has been sick recently. The Lip Clear Lysine+ really helped. She is even asking to apply it through out the day. Her cold sore is already drying out and clearing up. And one of the best things is it is all natural. Another product to share At the Fence.

"Cold sores are painful, unsightly blisters that form on the lips or just outside the mouth as a result of the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV1). While many people may carry this virus (it lies dormant in some), upwards of 60 million people get cold sores annually as a result. Cold sores can last for up to two weeks, in some cases, and are very contagious. The virus can be spread through kissing, touching, sharing cups and utensils, towels, etc. Cold sores can be triggered by sunlight, arginine rich foods, fever, illness, stress, food allergies and hormonal changes. In addition to being embarrassing for sufferers, cold sores are often very painful, causing itching, burning and other discomfort.
While there is no cure for HSV1 and the resulting cold sores, the best solution is to heal them as quickly as possible. LIP CLEAR Lysine+ Cold Sore Treatment utilizes the active zinc oxide, as well as lysine – an essential amino acid – and 14 other natural ingredients to help treat cold sores faster; according to a Southern California University of Health Sciences study. It is clinically shown to cut healing time in half, median time to complete cold sore healing was four days, and a remarkable 40% of participants had full cure by end of third day. LIP CLEAR’s unique combination of natural ingredients provides immediate relief from symptomatic burning, itching and tingling upon application. LIP CLEAR Lysine+ is all-natural, has a non-chemical flavor, goes on clear, can be worn under lipstick and doesn’t burn on application. It provides immediate soothing relief of burning and itching.
Suggested retail price is $6.99 for a 7-gram tube; available at drug stores, supermarkets and health food stores nationwide, and online at www.LipClear.com. The makers of Lip Clear Lysine+ are also offering a limited edition of $2 coupons for my neighbors. Click here to get yours!"

You can also check their website for articles and other information on cold sores, their causes and methods to help avoid them.
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Disclosure:I received no Monetary Compensation for this review, but I did receive product to review. All quotes are from the Li Clear Website. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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